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Chapter 17: Large Fireball Cleanup

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Mike arrived at the bottom of the mountain, and because he took the initiative to attack, he had been discovered by countless Exotic Beasts in berserk state.

[Exotic Beast (Elite)]

[Overview: Melee Physical, Long-Ranged Magic]

[Level: Level 23]

[HP: 4,800/4,800]

[Attack: 350/350]

[Dual Defense: 280/280, 230/230]

[Agility: 70/70]

[Skills: Venom (Supreme), Berserk Claw (Advanced), Bite (Advanced), Sprint (Advanced)]

[Status: Berserk]

[This is an Elite-Tier Exotic Beast in a berserk state. It spits venom from a distance. Threat: Low.]

Elite-Tier Exotic Beasts were always followed by many ordinary Exotic Beasts.

When they discovered Mike, they all went from being berserk to furious.

Instantly, streams of venom and a group of barbed tentacles came charging over.

Although the threat wasn’t high, getting hit for no reason might still be disastrous. Mike immediately reacted.

“Large Fireball!”

Mike finally had a chance to truly use this skill. Previously, he had only used it to fight one or two Exotic Beasts, but now, he could kill a group of them instantly.

With Mike as the center point, a wave of fireballs flew out.


Fireballs ignited from all sides, forming a wall of fire, and many Exotic Beasts were caught in the sea of fire.

– 1,205.

– 1,167.

– 1,522.

– 924.

The Large Fireball spell caused a bunch of Exotic Beasts to fall onto the ground on the spot. Rewards such as experience, silver coins, and materials kept coming. Mike was not paying attention to the sea of fire.

Wisps of green smoke dissipated, which were all the burnt venom. The Elite Exotic Beasts struggled in the fire, but they weren’t dead. Soon enough, they fell to the ground.

However, this was only the beginning.

After killing one Elite-Tier Exotic Beast, more Elite-Tier Exotic Beasts discovered the situation.

They surrounded him from all directions in a vast and mighty manner that could make scalps go numb.

Mike continued to cast the Large Fireball spell.

No matter how many Exotic Beasts of this level came, it would be useless. They were all at the level where the Large Fireball spell could wipe them out instantly.


Exotic Beasts just came group after group continuously, and they all succumbed to the wall of fire. The entire scene was extremely spectacular.

Fireballs were shot and extinguished all around Mike and one after another they reappeared again.

It was as if Mike was the grim reaper. Wherever they went, the Exotic Beasts were crushed like washed-up dust on the ground.

– 1896!

– 1562.

– 1426.

– 1602.

Mike used both the Fireball and the Large Fireball spell, and the experience points for the two skills kept shooting up. It was only a matter of time before he would level up.

Then, the highlight of the battle happened, and more than a dozen Elite-Tier Exotic Beasts had suddenly appeared in a certain direction. Normally, they wouldn’t move together unless there were stronger Exotic Beasts gathered around them.

[Exotic Beast (Elite)]

[Overview: Melee Physical, Long-Ranged Control, Burst]

[Level: Level 30]

[HP: 9,500/9,500]

[Attack: 650/650]

[Dual Defense: 400/400, 400/400]

[Agility: 120/120]

[Skills: Entanglement (Supreme), Roar (Supreme), Berserk Claw (Advanced), Bite (Advanced), Sprint (Advanced)]

[Status: Berserk]

[This is an Elite-Tier Exotic Beast in a berserk state. It can use its strength to form tentacles to bind its enemies from afar. Roar will increase its own strength and cause the enemy’s status to drop. Threat: Above average. Hint: Killing this Exotic Beast will drop Level 30 Gold-Tier equipment!]

It led over a dozen Elite-Tier Exotic Beasts in an imposing manner.

Although they were Elite...

They were already comparable to Level 20 bosses.

Mike was very excited that they would drop Level 30 Gold-Tier equipment. He was still wearing a full set of Level 10 equipment. He did not have the time to forge anything else yet, but it seems that whatever he lacked was being delivered to him.

He cast a Fireball spell to begin.

Because of the long-distance, the Exotic Beasts had a lot of time to react. It dodged the Fireball spell and ran over.

Mike let the Fireball spell spread across the ground like a sea of flames.

– 402.

– 522.

– 346.

A black shadow suddenly emerged from the wall of fire. Mike’s eyes widened slightly and he cast the Flash spell. Then, a deep pit appeared at the place where he was originally standing. A Level 30 Elite Exotic Beast was on a completely different level.

Because it failed, the beast roared angrily and its aura spiked. Mike felt a little dizzy from it. However, by using the purification spell, he could also handle it. Not only can purification cleanse foreign objects, it could also purify his negative status.

Tentacles shot up from under Mike’s feet, which were full of barbs and poison. Mike used the Fireball spell to burn them.

– 924.

– 1067.

– 991.

The long-ranged tentacles were of little threat.

The Fireball and Large Fireball spell continued to be used in turn, and occasionally Flash was used to avoid the threat that came towards him. The only thing that could be seen here was raging fire and how the temperature spiked like crazy.

[Hint: The Exotic Beast has weakened and three fatal points have appeared.]

He suddenly saw a hidden message.

Actually, Mike could smother this beast to death. But since it had a weakness, it would be a waste not to use it. Mike found an opportunity to use the Fireball spell.

– 3012!

And then, Ignite followed it.

– 1203.

– 884.

– 912.

It dealt almost double the damage.

The reward for attacking a weak spot was huge, and Mike cast another fireball.

The Level 30 Elite Exotic Beast was on the verge of collapse. Its HP was almost fully depleted after Ignite had been applied to it. Then, it swayed and fell to the ground with a thump.

[Obtained: 30,221 EXP]

[Obtained: 102 Gold coins]

[Obtained materials...]


[Obtained: Level 30 Gold staff!]

Something dropped!

And it was a staff!!

Mike really liked things that increased damage.

[Level 30 Gold Staff]

[Magic Attack + 500]

[Magic Penetration + 200]

[Magic Critical Hit Rate + 1%]

[Magic Critical Hit Effect + 5%]

[Skill Damage + 15%]

His attributes increased dramatically, and needless to say, his attack power was even higher. It was a huge gain and he could even Armor Break!

What did that mean?

That would be equivalent to lowering the opponent’s defense by 200 points, which also increased his critical strike by 1%!

Previously, Mike did not have the critical strike attribute. Now that it was added, it meant that he had an additional variable. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

The critical strike damage was 200%, and his critical strike effect had increased by 5%.

This meant that his skill damage had increased by 15%.

Such a godly piece of equipment.

It was definitely worthy of being called godly equipment!

Once these combined sets of skills were used, the damage numbers displayed would be unimaginable.

It was evident that Mike’s combat power had increased from 5,200 to 8,100.

A single piece of equipment had increased his combat power by nearly 3,000.

“I’m climbing higher and higher. As I said before, who else is there?”

Mike held the Gold-Tier godly equipment in his hand, feeling pretty good about everything. Then, it just so happened that an Elite-Tier Exotic Beast came looking for its own death.

A Fireball was cast.

– 5,109!

This Exotic Beast only had 5,000 health points so it was instant death.

Previously, Mike’s damage had been around 2,000, now it had more than doubled.

[Exotic Beast (Boss)]

[Overview: Long-Ranged Physical, Long-Ranged Magic, Recovery]

[Level: 25]

[HP: 10,500/10,500]

[Attack: 700/700]

[Dual Defense: 500/500, 500/500]

[Agility: 150/150]

[Skills: Claw Pierce (Bronze), Poison Rain (Supreme), Regeneration (Supreme), Berserk Claw (Supreme), Bite (Supreme), Sprint (Supreme)]

[Status: Berserk]

[This is a Boss-Tier Exotic Beast. It can extend its sharp claws to hurt people from afar and can also release poisonous rain. At the same time, it has an extremely strong regeneration ability. Threat: Low-level. (Hint: After killing this boss, it can drop skills!!)]

It was stronger than a Level 30 Elite Exotic Beast.

It could also drop skills!

Had Mike finally reached the moment he was thinking about?

Mike cast his Fireball with anticipation.

– 4,161!


– 1,502.

– 1,702.

– 1,562.

Another Fireball spell.

– 8,579! (Critical hit)

The boss was gone just like that.

It was only distracted for a moment and the next thing it knew, it had completely left this world.

With the godly equipment in hand, Mike could already kill Exotic Beasts of this level at will.

It was too easy, and he wasn’t taking this seriously at all.

Finally, the last of the experience rewards flashed.

[Obtained: Doppelganger Skill.]

“Interesting, let’s go back and study it.” Mike’s eyes lit up and he Flashed back to the mountain to study the skill.

A group of Assassins arrived.

They were one of the stealthiest fighters who could easily leave their battlefield full of Exotic Beast corpses.

“Holy crap... This is an Elite-Tier Exotic Beast!! I fought one of these with a group before and it took 50 people to kill it. This thing died here just like that?” One of the Assassins was carefully analyzing the situation and was instantly shocked.

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