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Chapter 16: The Exotic Beasts Are Restless

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the forest, the Exotic Beasts were restless, and Mike was watching from the top of the mountain.

At this moment, a group of people were gathering on a mountain further away. At first, there were dozens of people, then hundreds of people and eventually, there were more than 200 people.

Each of them was above Level 10. The person with the highest Level was at Level 25. The higher the Level a person was, the harder it was to Level up. Level 25 was the highest level among the group.

The group couldn’t see the restless forest, but they could vaguely hear it.

“Why did the boss go over there?” The highest level and leader of the group was called Burton. He frowned.

Not long ago, they had come to this area to hunt for higher-level Exotic Beasts.

At that time, they had encountered a Level 20 Boss Exotic Beast, but the party had split up.

Burton only had around 60 people with him.

He didn’t dare to touch the boss.

After all... they had required teamwork of more than 50 people to barely defeat the Elite Exotic Beast they had encountered before.

The Boss Exotic Beast was far more powerful than the Elite Exotic Beast.

60 people attacking it together could be said to be courting death.

He went back and called for his men. Burton, who had gathered all the people in his party, was ready to launch a general attack on the boss.

However, as the people slowly gathered, the Boss Exotic Beast left.

“He might have gone over to look for food,” said the person beside him.

“That’s good too. We’ll set up an ambush in the boss’ lair.”

Burton nodded. He then spoke in the Private Channel.

“Everyone, pay attention! We’re about to face a Level 20 Boss Exotic Beast. It’s completely different from a normal Level 20 Exotic Beast. Everyone, listen to the instructions carefully. Otherwise, our 200-plus people might be wiped out!”


“It’s Level 20?”

“It was a Level 10 boss before. Now I’m afraid.”

“I’m so nervous.”

“But fortunately, now that we have the Raw Meat that we grabbed from Mike, our attributes have increased tremendously. It would not be as scary as it was before.”

This was also the reason why Burton dared to fight a Level 20 boss.

It was all part of their plan.

Everyone was generally at Level 20. At least ten people would have to break through to Level 30 before they would go and fight a boss of this level.

When Mike listed the Raw Meat, it had changed Burton’s plan.

Burton’s entire party was trying their best to slander Mike and his Raw Meat, but at the same time, they were trying their best to buy the Raw Meat. They were buying second-hand Raw Meat at a high price, and once they considered that they had gathered more than enough meat...

Only then did they dare to fight a Level 20 boss.

After entering the boss’s territory, Burton arranged their battle positions and waited for the boss to come back.


Mike stood on the top of the mountain and watched the Overlord Exotic Beasts go berserk for quite a while. Its subordinates were scattered in all directions.

They wanted to take revenge on the one who broke the egg!

They didn’t know who had broken the Overlord Exotic Beast Egg, so they would kill whoever they saw.

They would dig three feet into the ground, and?kill any suspicious targets they saw!

They were ready to kill a thousand, even if it was a mistake, and not about to let a single person go.

The Exotic Beasts went into a collective frenzy.

“It’s only a matter of time before they find me here...” Mike wasn’t too far away from where the egg had been located.

He would look for a way out near the magic array.

Once the magic array was broken through, he would be in danger. Would he be able to Flash away and leave from there?

Fortunately, because there were more ways out at the top of the mountain, he wouldn’t be trapped here to die.

As expected, it didn’t take long for some of the Exotic Beasts to reach the top of the mountain.

There were a lot of them.

However, there was a clear hierarchy. One could tell with a glance who was the leader of the Exotic Beasts.

[Exotic Beasts (Elite)]

[Overview: Melee Physical, Ranged Physical]

[Level: Level 25]

[HP: 5,500/5,500]

[Attack: 400/400]

[Dual Defense: 310/310, 270/270]

[Agility: 90/90]

[Skills: Tentacles (Supreme), Berserk Claws (Advanced), Bite (Advanced), Sprint (Advanced)]

[Status: Berserk]

[This is an Elite-Tier Exotic Beast. It is in a berserk state, easily angered and explosive. It will attack any foreign life form it sees until it dies. It is good at long-range physical attacks. It will shoot tentacles out from its mouth, dealing extremely high damage and entangle its opponent. If one has been entangled, the Exotic Beast would rush to close in on it and destroy the enemy with its sharp claws and bite. Threat: Low.]

It was the leader of the Exotic Beasts.

A horde of ordinary Exotic Beasts trailed behind it.

The magic array was shapeless and colorless, so they couldn’t see it. However, they could see Mike inside the array. The agitated Exotic Beasts were easily enraged and as expected, they immediately opened their bloody mouths.


A tentacle shot out. The tentacle was covered with barbs and a gentle touch from it would turn this into a bloody mess. Not to mention, it had the ability to bind.

The group of other Exotic Beasts around the Elite Exotic Beast also began to display their abilities.

However, the magic array was one step ahead of Mike in reacting to these Exotic Beasts. The originally invisible and colorless magic array burst out with purple light and every beam of light that shone on the Exotic Beasts caused damage.

– 662.

– 567.

– 477.

– 823.

The purple light burned the skin of the Exotic Beasts and the damage dealt continued to deepen. The purple light wasn’t a one-wave attack, but a continuous wave of damage. Many weak Exotic Beasts couldn’t hold on much longer.


One by one, the ordinary Exotic Beasts exploded. Mike didn’t even make a move. More than half of the Exotic Beasts had already been taken care of. It was only a matter of time before the other Exotic Beasts exploded.

Only the Elite Exotic Beast was more powerful and could hold on.

– 162.

– 219.

– 111.

– 296.

Because the Elite Exotic Beast had relatively high defense, the damage dealt on it was not much, making it difficult for it to die quickly.

However, it was not a problem to restrict its movements.

The tentacles that it spat out twisted under the purple light, turning from red to scorched. The Elite Exotic Beast could only retract its tentacles and change its strategy by sprinting towards Mike to engage in close combat.

For the time being, it was useful, but when the Elite Exotic Beast reached the edge of the magic array, it could no longer move forward. After all, the magic array did have a ward effect.

Using its sharp claws to desperately attack the array, it could not move an inch. Instead, the Elite Exotic Beast’s status became much graver.

Then, the Elite Exotic Beast turned around and ran away...

It ran away...?

“Isn’t it in a berserk state until it dies?” Mike questioned.

He looked again.

It was not a berserk state, and its status had turned into fear.

“You’re changing your status too quickly!” Mike could not help but complain.

He formed a Fireball and threw it out.


– 2,152.


– 702.

– 788.

– 692.


An Elite Exotic Beast that had only 5,500 HP and a lot of health chipped off by the magic array, turned into ashes from Mike’s Fireball.

[Experience gained: 2,016]

[Experience gained: 2,082]

[Experience gained: 10,125]


The information about the experience kept flashing, but it did not drop any good items as Mike had hoped it would. They were all ordinary items.

He checked his personal interface.

[Player: Mike]

[Level: 32]

[Equipment: Level 10 Purple Staff, Level 10 Purple Armor, Level 10 Blue Pants...]

[Skills: Fireball, Large Fireball, Flash, Purification]

[Job: Mage]

[Experience: 7,221/150,000]

[Overall combat strength: 5,217]

His initial combat strength was 5.

Now, it had increased by more than 1,000 times.

The main aspect of the increase in combat power should still be the ‘Silver Class Medal’. That class’s level had brought about a huge increase in attributes.

“Maybe I should take the initiative to attack instead of passively defending.” Mike felt that the magic array should be used as a trump card. He should save it for later.

Otherwise, when more and more Exotic Beasts gathered, the Overlord Exotic Beasts would start to come, and the magic array would really be destroyed.

Mike still wanted to keep his magic array, despite it having a low cost of constructing it.


“Not bad. With this setup, we should be able to ambush the boss.”

For a while, Burton was preparing and now, he was very satisfied with his team.

“Assassin team, you guys go into Stealth to see where the boss is and roughly when he’ll be back. Remember, don’t get too close,” Burton ordered.

Everyone was solemn.

They knew that the unprecedented battle with the boss was getting closer and closer.

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