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Chapter 14: Trudeau: Blocked and Can’t Buy Anymore?!

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“How did Mike do it? He didn’t respawn, so how did he discover two recipes in a row? Plus it’s a meat recipe!”

“Could it be that he has an immortal body, so he can randomly try stuff and make mistakes?”

“Modern-day?Shennong1? That’s amazing!”

“I’m on my knees.”

The World Channel was discussing Mike’s new product—Raw Meat.

The shock was expressed in words.


On Trudeau’s side.

They continued to hunt Exotic Beasts to level up and maintained their focus on the World Channel and the Trade Market.

After being blocked from trading and forced to return all the profits, they hated Mike very much and couldn’t wait to see him go bankrupt.

Although Mike hadn’t offended them, the fact that Mike was the only one that could make money from the Black-Striped Grass was already a huge offense to them.

As long as the recipe was discovered, Mike would definitely go bankrupt.

However, Trudeau and the others had waited not to hear the news of Mike going bankrupt, but instead for a new round of shock.

“Raw meat?! Mike has a new product on the shelves?!”

Someone on Trudeau’s side saw the latest news from the World Channel. His surprised voice was heard by others, including Trudeau.


Trudeau, who hated Mike the most, heard that Mike seemed to be getting better and better. He gritted his teeth and looked over with a murderous expression.

“Mike has a new product? What new product? What effect does it have?” Trudeau asked through gritted teeth.

“It’s called Raw Meat. I don’t know the effect yet. I’ll go to the Trade Market and take a look,” They replied.

Trade Market?


It was already on the shelves.

Trudeau immediately pulled up the Trade Market interface and searched for Mike to see the items on his shelf.

Originally, there were only Special Materials, but now there was a new product on the shelves.

He clicked to see the detailed introduction.

[Raw Meat]


When he saw the first line of the effect, Trudeau gritted his teeth while his eyes widened.

The more he read, the more shocked Trudeau was. His eyes turned bloodshot.

He had seen all of the effects of the item, but what did this mean?

If the description was true, that means that Mike was not only far from bankruptcy, he was thriving!

Compared to this Raw Meat, even if the Black-Striped Grass were to lose its value immediately, Mike would not go bankrupt. Instead, he would be rich!

On top of that, the recipe for Black-Striped Grass had not been discovered.

“F*ck!!! Is this effect real or fake? The temporary increase in attributes is even higher than my total attributes... Won’t eating one piece of it make you invincible?” Someone beside Trudeau exclaimed.

This voice instantly made Trudeau furious.

This person beside him actually had the audacity to suggest supporting Mike!!!!

Despite that, Trudeau was planning to buy them, and lots at that. After all, it would have to take an idiot not to buy such a powerful item.

Even if he bought them, he was not allowed to mention that!

“You shut up!!” Trudeau rebuked angrily.

Everyone did not dare to speak anymore as Trudeau was the leader, so he held authority.

“Buy one to test the effect and see if it’s real,” Trudeau said in a deep voice.

The person next to him clicked on the item to buy.


This person was immediately stunned and said, “It notified me saying that the purchase failed... I clearly have 30 pieces of iron ore.”

“You failed to buy it?” Trudeau was irritated.

Trudeau tried buying it himself and was also notified that the purchase failed.

Everyone in the party indicated that they failed to buy it.

“We were blacklisted by Mike?!” Trudeau found out the reason.


The entire party immediately fell into chaos.

Such a good item like this Raw Meat could be bought to speed up exploration and level advancement. If they couldn’t buy it, they would definitely lag behind by a large margin.

They had an entire party and none of them could buy even one?

“Why? Why did he blacklist us? That b*stard!” Trudeau was going crazy.

“Maybe it’s because we’re competing with him and we’re discrediting him, spreading rumors about him, and attacking him...” Someone muttered.

Trudeau was furious and gave this person a scolding.

Then, he trembled in rage.

“This Mike is petty. Aren’t we just competing with him and scolding him a little? Is there a need to blacklist us?! He’s so narrow-minded. One look and you can tell that his future isn’t promising! He has a terrible character!!” Trudeau cursed.

The others followed suit and spat hate towards Mike.

He had actually blacklisted them and would not sell them anything. Clearly, they were his target.

Too despicable! Shameless!

“Isn’t anyone going to teach this bastard Mike a lesson? Blacklisting us after scolding him a little? He can’t take any criticism. What kind of behavior is that?!” This person was so envious because he couldn’t buy the meat.

He was so anxious that he was scratching his ears and cheeks.

In this moment of desperation, they could only go to the various channels to continue slandering Mike.

Maybe the Raw Meat wasn’t as good as the description.

Maybe it was just a lie.

If they could directly get Raw Meat blacklisted, that would be the best!

Many voices slandering Mike and his Raw Meat emerged on the World Channel.

“Is there no one who doubts the validity of the Raw Meat description? How can you believe such a ridiculous improvement? Do you think Mike really developed such a powerful thing?”

“Exactly. His previous position was based on luck that he discovered the recipe for removing the poison from the Black-Striped Grass. Could it be that he also relied on luck to develop such a good piece of Raw Meat? Where does his luck come from? Is he the son of Lady Luck?”

“I think Mike probably knew that the recipe for the Black-Striped Grass would be discovered sooner or later. At that time, he would be bankrupt, so he deliberately took the last chance to cheat another wave of money!”

“That’s right! He is cheating money for the last time!”

“And even if the attributes really increased, will there definitely be no side effects just like the description says? Do you believe it? I’m afraid that when the side effects appear, it will be too late to even regret it!”

Due to Trudeau’s previous popularity, his influence on the crowd was still lingering.

Now, he took a crazy step in leading the pace.

Immediately, countless people fell into deep thought.

They might not support Trudeau.

But these words were still worth thinking about.

The thought process of the World Channel was disrupted.

In a Private Channel, there were a total of 200 people and they belonged to the same party. Theirs should be one of the largest parties at the moment.

“There is a rumor on the World Channel that the Raw Meat might be a scam.”

“Bullsh*t, I just ate a piece and my attributes have really increased! It’s that b*stard Trudeau who’s messing with the crowd again, isn’t it? Previously, he sold the Black-Striped Grass and cheated God knows how much money from us. Sooner or later, we will kill that party.”

“I had a good impression of Trudeau before, but now? Hehe, Mike is forever a God to me.”

“If only Big Brother Mike was willing to join our party.”

“Trudeau is saying in the chat again that maybe the poison won’t take effect immediately.”

“I don’t care what he’s bullsh*t he’s spewing. No matter how it is, with such a high attribute increase, we should save a bunch first.”

“Ever since I ate the Raw Meat, my attributes have skyrocketed. I’m willing to be Mike’s lackey already!”

“Is Trudeau thinking of slandering Mike? That’s fine, we’ll help him slander as well.”

“Why are we helping Trudeau slander Mike?”

“How much of this Raw Meat do you think there is? Unlimited? Is that even possible?”


“Even if there’s a limited amount of Raw Meat, we must snatch it and keep it with us! How much of an advantage would that be?”

“Right, right!!”

“We’ll slander Mike, then we’ll snatch up all the Raw Meat.”

“Yes!! Slander him! We’ll have the Raw Meat for ourselves. Haha!”

That’s the idea, and not just for this party, a lot of the other big parties also had the same thought.

Countless parties made their appearance.

In every channel, all the messages were about slandering Mike.

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