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Chapter 12: Overlord Exotic Beast Egg, Precious Blueprints Drops!

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Mike had been busy with his own matters.

Since the beginning when the whole world was filled with rumors about Mike and Trudeau, to the time Trudeau got banned, to the time when Mike’s reputation was reversed and countless praises were bestowed upon him, to the end where the matter of the Black-Striped Grass was leaked, which resulted in countless people researching for the recipe in an attempt to drag Mike down from his position.

As Mike had not paid attention to the entire process, he was not aware of anything.

He had been searching for other materials needed to upgrade the purification spell and made good progress.

He had basically found all the materials. It was just a matter of quantity.

This meant that in the area where Level 20 Exotic Beasts roamed, he could easily complete the gathering of materials needed to upgrade the purification spell to the Intermediate-Tier.


“What’s that?”

Mike glanced at something from the corner of his eye and found that he spotted a form of an Exotic Beast that he had never seen before. At first glance, he thought it was a normal Exotic Beast, but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t.

It was a very strange thing.

Mike approached it carefully.

He checked the hidden message.

[Exotic Beast Egg (Overlord)]

[Overview: Poison]

[Level: Level 0]

[HP: 76/100]

[Attack: 0/0]

[Dual Defense: 100/100]

[Agility: 0/0]

[Skill: Deadly Poison (Supreme)]

[Status: Incubating]

[Description: This is an egg hatched by an Overlord-Tier Exotic Beast. The shell contains deadly poison and touching it will endanger one’s life. Breaking this egg would alert the Overlord-Tier Exotic Beast. Overlord-Tier Exotic Beasts usually have many subordinates, including Boss and Elite-Tier ones. Hint: Breaking this egg will allow you to obtain important blueprints. Recommendation: Please proceed with caution. It is dangerous, but not threatening.]

So this was an egg!

It was actually placed in such a location.

It was true that Exotic Beasts were not aliens. They had crazy strength but lacked intelligence. If they had both, Earth would have been destroyed long ago.

It was normal for an Exotic Beast to lay an egg in such a dangerous place.

Breaking it would bring about big trouble. It was dangerous, but not life-threatening.

‘Should I take a gamble for the important blueprint?’ Mike began to think.

He could choose the cautious route, or he could be reckless.

If he was cautious, he could slowly obtain the materials and gradually increase his level. It was relatively safer. Either way, sooner or later, he would be leveling up anyway.

If he was reckless and if he survived, the materials and experience would definitely grow exponentially.

Like for example, even if Mike were to search for half a day, he wouldn’t necessarily find a boss, but if he offended an Overlord...

It would send bosses coming to find trouble with Mike.

As long as Mike could defeat them...

The bosses would come straight to him like delivery packages.

The question was, could Mike defeat them or not? Was he confident that he could survive this?

“If this isn’t a hopeless situation, then I’ll give it a try!”

Mike made up his mind quickly.

The Overlord’s egg was right in front of him.

If he broke it, an important blueprint would appear right away.

Wasn’t this reckless?

That would be too cowardly.

Even Mike looked down on himself.

“F*ck it!”

Mike conjured a Fireball and threw it.


– 1522!

The egg was broken by the Fireball and the pus inside flowed out. Then, the eggshell and the pus Ignited, and turned into a raging fire.

Chirp, chirp!

In the blink of an eye, the entire egg turned into ashes on the ground.

EXP, silver coins, materials, and other rewards were very common. Mike had a large pile of them in his backpack and he was already used to ignoring them by default.

The focus was on the blueprint.

[Obtained: Beginner Magic Array Blueprint]

“Magic array?”

Mike seemed to have heard of this thing somewhere before and his eyes gradually widened.

“Could it be?that?magic array?”

After examining the array in detail, Mike took a deep breath.

He was extremely excited.


This was it!

This was it!

[Beginner Magic Array Blueprint: Able to automatically condense and refine the power of the universe. The Power of the Universe is omnipresent in the world, but 99.6% of it can’t be used directly by people. It needs to be refined and modified, and using this array is one of the refining methods. The Power of the Universe had a wide range of uses. Apart from upgrading skills, it can also recover energy. It is also helpful for forging, crafting, and so on. At the same time, it is also used for protection. The camp is a typical example of the condensation of the Power of the Universe. However, the camp is far from reaching the level of a Beginner-Tier magic array. Recommend to use.]

Sure enough, it was this magic array that could upgrade skills!

But it wasn’t just that.

It could also restore energy, increase the success rate and quality of crafting and forging, and it could even erect a safe zone for protection!

It could even be straight up called a Safe Zone.

“So this game also has a Safe Zone, it’s just that I have to create it myself.” Mike suddenly understood and then became excited.

Safe Zone Blueprint.

This was awesome!

At the very least, the trouble with the Overlord-level Exotic Beasts could be solved.

[Creating a Beginner Magic Array]

[Iron Ore: 62,041/1,000]

[Copper Ore: 45,022/1,000]

[Wood: 911,460/10,000]

[Advanced Exotic Beast Materials: 225/100]

[Colorless Crystal: 3/10]

Mike checked the crafting conditions.

The materials he gained from exchanging Black-Striped Grass were like Kryptonite. If it weren’t for the fact that the game couldn’t be recharged, Mike would have recharged at least a million times already.

Exotic Beast materials such as tusks and fur.

Mike hunted many Exotic Beasts that were Level 20 and above and they dropped a lot of Advanced Exotic Beast materials.

It’s only the Colorless Crystals that were a headache.

Not just for now, but in the future, many places would require the use of Colorless Crystals.

In higher-level equipment, skills and job quality.

In any case, in any place imaginable, as long as one’s level increased, one would need Colorless Crystals.

Mike had only obtained three of them so far.

“Other people might have these things. After all, Colorless Crystals are just rare, not difficult to obtain. Maybe someone hunted Beginner-level Exotic Beasts and got them instead?” Mike placed his hopes on the Trade Market.

Should he continue trading the Black-Striped Grass?

Mike felt that it might not be realistic, even though he was clueless about the current development of public opinion.

Either way, it was more or less the same.

Mike still thought that everyone was leaning toward Trudeau and criticizing him, if he traded the Black-Striped Grass for the Colorless Crystals, no one would trade.

But this was already over.

The situation now was that everyone wanted to research the recipe that Mike used to remove the poison from the Black-Striped Grass and they were all trying their best to drag Mike down.

Still, no one would trade Colorless Crystals with Mike in that situation.

Nobody was currently trading with Mike, not even at the expense of iron and copper ores.

They were all waiting for the recipe to be deciphered.

When that time came, the price would definitely plummet. It would be a loss if they bought it now.

“I have enough Colorless Crystals to upgrade the purification spell. Why don’t I use the materials to upgrade the purification spell first,” Mike muttered to himself.

“The intermediate purification spell should be able to purify something that can be exchanged for Colorless Crystals.”

Mike continued to hunt Exotic Beasts.

By relying on the advantage of being able to see the hidden information, he could save time by only hunting Exotic Beasts that would drop materials.

Finally, he had gathered all the materials.

“I have to hurry. If I delay any longer, the Overlord Exotic Beasts might discover that their eggs are broken.” Mike felt a sense of urgency and he didn’t dare to waste any time.

[Beginner Purification Spell: Level-up successful!]

[Intermediate Purification Spell]

Both the purification effect and the content of the purification had been greatly improved.

If he were to purify a stalk of Black-Striped Grass now, it could recover 8-20 energy points.

He could now purify more than just plants and herbs.

“Meat. No matter how I look at it, it’s supposed to be better than herbs, right?” Mike felt that he was headed in a direction with great potential from the start.

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