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Chapter 11: A Life-and-Death Struggle, Revealing the Inside Story

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just before the second system message, there were still people who swore that the person who sold the poison was Mike and not Trudeau.

Now, those people felt as if they were being strangled. Instantly, there was no sound. All the chat channels had obviously paused.

Then, countless angry voices appeared.

“Didn’t Trudeau sell real goods? Why have they been blocked now?”


“Is it my eyesight? Why can’t I find Mike’s name? It must be my fault. Time to get a pair of glasses.”

“I can’t read. Might I ask what the first name on the banned list is?”

“I was wondering how such a good thing could happen. Selling resources with the same effect for half the price. Tsk tsk, such things were really just too good to be true.”

Those who had been tricked by Trudeau jumped out to fight back.

Many of them had been poisoned and they were quite dissatisfied with Trudeau, but more people had not been poisoned, so their voices were repressed.

After all, the camp could still restore energy.

Most of the people had only been saving up on the Special Materials and not using them, so they naturally did not find out if theirs was poisoned or not.

Now that the hammer had been dropped, these victims finally had a chance to seek justice for themselves.

[Private Channel].

Private Channels could be set up in the game. This way, the chat interface would have a Private Channel interface, that would be equivalent to the Guild Channel of other games.

Currently, there was a Private Channel called [Hunt Down Mike].

There was absolute silence.

Then, a voice emerged and broke the silence.

“What should we do? Are we still hunting down Mike?”

“Although Mike was selling at an expensive price, I’m actually very relieved. It’s considered quite fair if you look at it in detail...”

“If you don’t know, then ask... how do I remove people from the blacklist on the Trade Market? Why can’t I find the button to remove it?”

“That seems to be temporarily unable to be removed...”

“Then what should I do!? Don’t tell me that I won’t have enough Special Materials to go out?”

“It seems that I only have the option to respawn... if I respawn, no one will be on my blacklist anymore.”

“What a scam.”

“Sob, sob, sob, sob.”

“Who did you block?”


“I almost blocked him too. Thankfully, I didn’t. Haha...”

“Me too. I didn’t block him because I wanted to scold Mike. Hahaha, I hope he hasn’t seen my messages scolding him.”

“I’m leaving, this place isn’t worth staying in anymore. Let’s meet again if fate permits.”

“Me too. I’m leaving the channel.”


“Don’t tell me I’m the only one who stupidly blacklisted Mike?! Hey, help me think of a solution. I’m so anxious!!”


The public’s opinion had taken a huge turn.

Everywhere they looked, all of their words had turned to praises for Mike.

They originally thought that it was too expensive, but now everyone was relieved. Good things should be priced that way. There was no such thing as being too expensive. If it is too expensive for you, find your own replacement.

In the exchange, Mike’s account had a large number of followers.

Currently, 10,025,225 followers.

10 million followers.

His was the first account to break through 10 million followers. At the same time, it is also the only account that has more than 10,000 followers among the rest.

In short, in first place was Mike with 10 million followers and 8,000 followers in second place.

The difference in popularity was absurd.


Somewhere in a canyon.

A figure flashed past quickly like the cliffs were as flat as ground. Anyone who saw her would believe that she was not an ordinary person.

She approached an Exotic Beast and swiftly killed it.

The Exotic Beast’s huge body fell to the ground with a ‘thud’.

The loot was bountiful.

The game was a virtual projection, but her appearance and figure were the same as in real life. If she showed herself, she would be described in many different ways.

The waves tumbled, the mountains rustled, and a tsunami roared.

When seen from afar, it looked like a mountain range with different heights, enticing people to commit crimes.

She took out her energy restoration materials.

It was the Special Material that Mike had sold, which was about to be used up. She frowned and took out the Special Material that she had bought from Trudeau.

She noticed that the World Channel had erupted with denunciations towards Trudeau.

“There is indeed a problem.” She frowned. “I felt that there was a problem since the beginning. The Special Materials that Trudeau sold were drastically inferior. It seems that Mike isn’t someone as simple as I thought.”

“There are at least dozens of people on Trudeau’s side.”

“But the difference between the quality of the resources is so big.”

“Everyone else said that Mike just got lucky... but wouldn’t the natural resources that were picked by luck have been discovered by others already?”

“I think there must be a lot of secrets behind this.”


She looked at her private messages.

Once again, she rejected an invitation from a party of more than a hundred people.


At this moment, the one who was suffering the most was none other than everyone from Trudeau’s side.

Originally, the profits kept rising and they were very happy with their daily income, but all of a sudden, they were blocked from trading!

Fortunately, their accounts were not blocked and could not be blocked.

There were rumors on the Internet saying that the reason for the emergence of such a powerful game came from the acquisition of some alien technology.

In fact, humans could not control the content of the game too much at the moment.

Otherwise, they would not have warned the players that they could kill each other the moment they entered the game.

“They said that our Black-Striped Grass is poisonous and cannot be sold. Could it be that Mike’s Black-Striped Grass is not poisonous?! On what basis?” Trudeau was quite unhappy.

It was clearly a Black-Striped Grass that was just dyed.

On what basis could they ban them and not ban Mike?

“It’s too unfair.”

“How about... we fight Mike to the death.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since we can’t benefit from the Black-Striped Grass, we’ll expose this inside information. If we can’t earn this money, Mike shouldn’t be able to earn it either!”

After discussion, they felt that this was not a bad method. Since there was no way for them to earn money, why should they let Mike earn all of it alone?

They released this inside information in the World Channel and the Regional Channel.

Trudeau’s reputation had caught up to Mike’s.

Now whenever he spoke, naturally, countless people paid attention to him.

Everyone understood the inside information.

“So Mike and Trudeau are selling dyed Black-Striped Grass?!”

“F*ck. There’s a pile of Black-Striped Grass beside me. I’ve always thought they looked alike, but it was actually the same thing?!”

“I feel sick.”

“I’ve been spending money to buy Black-Striped Grass that’s growing everywhere.”

“This is evil. Trudeau deserves to be banned from trading.”

“Why shouldn’t Mike be banned? Didn’t Trudeau say that Mike also sells Black-Striped Grass?”

“But Mike’s isn’t poisonous!”

“Could there be a way to deal with the Black-Striped Grass?”

“There must be a special way to deal with it, such as watering or burning it or something else. Let’s brainstorm and explore together.”

“Right! Let’s try to figure out the recipe.”

“I thought Mike was some pro, but it turns out he was just lucky to get rid of the poison.”

“When Mike’s recipe is cracked, he should be worthless.”

“He must just be some herb god who relied on luck in his early days.”

“I’m going to study the Black-Striped Grass. I’ll try my best to pull Mike down from the altar as soon as possible!”

The various chat channels were trending.

Everyone was keen on discussing the method of removing the poison from the Black-Striped Grass.

“Although we haven’t succeeded yet, we’ll find the recipe sooner or later, so that Mike won’t be able to earn any money.” Trudeau was slightly satisfied.

“It’s only a matter of time before Mike steps down from the altar. Without the advantage of the Black-Striped Grass, he won’t be able to advance at all. We’ll be able to manipulate and humiliate him soon enough.”


As the opinions in the chat channel turned around again and again, Mike was oblivious to them.

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