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Misty World: Start with SSS skill


After Hikaru calmed down, he thought about how he could find more materials. Hikaru wanted to build a Storage Chest first. Although he could quickly get 1,000 Soul Points, he didn't know where to find a100 Space Stones.

Hikaru also left a message on the world chat channel that he needed to buy a Space Stone. Although the odds of other players having Space Stones were very low, he wanted to try it.

[Ding! It is currently 00:00. The event of the first night has begun.]

Suddenly, an announcement appeared that took Hikaru by surprise. He thought: "First-night event? Is something going to happen?"

"Master, a giant gate appeared outside." Saraya suddenly spoke up.

Hikaru looked outside through the window. Outside, a huge gate was visible in the thick mist.

[Ding! A Dungeon Gate has appeared. Players can enter the Dungeon through the Dungeon Gate. The dungeon has 5 levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. The first person to pass the Dungeon will receive a special prize from the Event.]

"Dungeon?" Hikaru saw the notification from the System. He immediately knew what kind of Event this might be. He thought that maybe the players didn't dare to leave the room, so the System created this Event.

Vuni said: "It's probably about 1,000 meters from this room to that gate."

When Hikaru heard that, he thought deeply. One thousand meters is not a very long distance, but that is under normal conditions. This place is Misty World, in the fog, there are many monsters, and there is also the monster that guarded the Treasure Chest before.

Hikaru used his thoughts to talk to Rika: "Rika! Is the monster that guarded the Treasure Chest before still around?"

[No. Something has already lured it away.]

Hikaru heard Rika's reply and was overjoyed. If the monster left, he wouldn't have to worry too much. The next thing he had to do was face other players.

Hikaru hurriedly took out two random cards that Hana had given him earlier. Hikaru hopes these two random cards will give him more ability to protect himself.

[Ding! To use the random card, please pay 100 Soul Points.]

Hikaru didn't think much and directly replied: "Okay!"

[Ding! Payment success.]

[Ding! You successfully used a random card, and gained Skill Card - Healing - R.]

[Ding! You successfully used a random card, and gained a Jewelry card - Golden Ring - SR".]

Name: Healing

Type: Skill

Rarity: R

Description: When using skills, increase the healing of yourself and your allies by 50%. Limit up to 5 allies within a 10-meter radius.

Name: Golden Ring

Type: Items

Rarity: SR

Description 1: The owner of this ring can master the melee ability level 5 (Max is level 10).

Description 2: Double endurance.

Description 3: Resistant to all poisons or curses of SR-class or lower.

Description 4: If Dark or Shadowy type Monsters are nearby, they will be weakened by 50%, limited to Monster level SR or lower.

Description 5: The Golden Ring works even when placed in the System inventory.

Hikaru saw that the skills and items he had just received also belonged to the support type, making him feel a bit desperate. Fortunately, the Golden Ring has a lot of support, so it can be considered manageable.

As for the "Healing" skill, Hikaru didn't know what to do with it because this skill did not affect him. Hikaru could use Soul Points to level up. When leveling up, all his wounds will disappear. Monsters Hikaru possesses can also use Soul Points to heal.

Therefore, this Healing skill is almost useless.

[Ding! Dungeon Gate is open. Each Dungeon can only allow 1,000 players to enter. After enough players enter, the Dungeon will automatically close.]

"Limit the number of players entering the Dungeon?" Hikaru saw the announcement from the System and realized he would have to compete with other players.

Hikaru didn't know how many Dungeon Gates there were and how many players there were. But he knew for sure that the number of players was huge, and the number of Dungeon Gates would undoubtedly be minimal.

Hikaru said to Saraya and Vuni: "That Dungeon Gate. We will go there. prepare you have to be at your best because we will have to fight."

Vuni and Saraya nodded solemnly. Hikaru looked at Vuni. He didn't even have time to buy her a good set of clothes.

Vuni saw Hikaru looking at her. She realized what Hikaru was thinking and reached out and touched her chest. A light flashed and disappeared. She no longer wore a rough cloth but wears a robe, like a magician.

She looked at Hikaru. She said with a smile: "Is this okay, Master?"

Hikaru was also a bit surprised to see Vuni use magic so skillfully. He also felt that it was pointless for him to buy clothes for Vuni.

Hikaru replied, "Excellent, you look like a witch in Harry Potter, Vuni."

"Harry Potter? Who is Harry Potter?" Vuni tilted her head and asked. Her face showed a silly and lovely expression.

"Nothing." Hikaru laughed. He also didn't have time to explain much. "Getting ready to go." He said: "However, don't let yourself get hurt. If we are in danger, we will run away directly. Understand?"



Saraya and Vuni nodded. Hikaru also felt there was no shame in running away. If there is real danger, life preservation must be prioritized.

Hikaru took a deep breath, then opened the door, leading Saraya and Vuni outside.

Rika instructs Hikaru to follow the best route, without any problems. The three quickly approached the Dungeon Gate.

As he approached the Dungeon Gate, Hikaru saw its greatness. Above a stone gate about 100 meters high, many images of angels, dragons, and other creatures were carved

In the middle of the Dungeon Gate, a skull-shaped lock with two horns, there was a glimmer of purple light in its eye sockets.

There was no fog in a 20m radius around the Dungeon Gate, revealing a plain. Hikaru did not see any players or monsters near the Dungeon Gate.

However, Hikaru did not rush to approach the Dungeon Gate because he knew many players were around. The other players were like Hikaru, lurking inside the fog, waiting for an opportunity.

Vuni whispered into Hikaru's ear: "There are many people around, over 10,000 people. The number is still increasing."

Hikaru was startled and didn't expect the number of players to be that much. And these players were all very close to this place.

Over 10,000 players, but all was quiet, a deadly silence. All of them are waiting for the right moment. No one wants to be the first to be targeted.

Even Hikaru . Although the air was icy, perhaps 15 degrees Celsius, Hikaru was sweating like he was in a sauna. This was his first time fighting with other players, and he was both nervous and excited.


Suddenly, an explosion broke the silence, followed by the sound of metal colliding within the fog. Hikaru knew the other players had started fighting.


Suddenly, a voice rang out right after that. Hikaru looked up and saw a young man riding a four-winged falcon.

The wingspan of that bird was about twenty meters, like an airplane in the sky.

"Hahaha! Let's keep fighting each other. The first person to enter the Dungeon will be me."

The young man sitting on the bird's back spoke wildly.

"Crack crack crack…"

Suddenly, a chain appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around the falcon. The young man groaned in fear: "What the hell?"

The chain was so tight that the giant falcon could not flap its wings and was pulled down.

Hikaru looked towards the end of the chain. He saw a man over 2 meters tall, muscular like a Greek god, with a mustache.

The man shouted: "Young man, you must yield to the elders. That is the bare minimum of courtesy!"

"Who are you?" The young man sitting on the bird's back shouted in fear. He clung to the back of the four-winged falcon.

"Hahaha, it's been a while since someone asked for my name. Remember the name of the strongest man in this world, Dogish!"

As soon as Dogish finished speaking, the muscles in his hands swelled up, and he pulled down the four-winged falcon with all his strength. Dogish was so strong that the four-winged falcon which probably weighed more than 10 tons but was still dragged down by him gradually. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn't defeat Dogish's power.




A lot of explosions rang out; the players were all fighting. Not only the young man on the bird's back and Dogish, but all the other players had also started fighting.

They didn't want other people to be the first, nor do they want to be the last. Any player that gets close to the Dungeon Gate becomes the target of an attack.

Hikaru also saw an armored tank slowly moving closer to the Dungeon Gate.

"What the hell is that? Is that another player's weapon?" Hikaru saw the tank and was a bit startled.

That tank was so sturdy that even other players could not pierce it with bows and arrows, swords, or any other weapon.

The firepower of that tank was also terrible. Any player who gets close to the Dungeon Gate will be blasted to pieces by it.

Hikaru was surprised that the players' abilities had many different shapes and types.

Suddenly, Hikaru sensed danger. But before Hikaru could dodge, Saraya took action.

Saraya saw a figure approaching the three of them. Saraya, without hesitation, released a bolt of lightning that hit the person.


Before the other player could see Hikaru's group of three, he was struck dead by lightning. Hikaru turned his head and saw a corpse lying on the ground, convulsing.

However, he did not show any pity. If Saraya didn't kill this player, the one who died would probably be him.

"Look, those two girls are so pretty."

"Hahaha, look at those breasts, so big."

"Damn it! I'll play with them twice, no, three times."

"Didn't you see that girl just killed someone? She has the power of thunder."

"What are you worried about? Could she possibly kill us all?"

"Little girls obediently serve my master. He will make you feel happy to death."

Hikaru saw about 20 players surrounding him. They wielded weapons, hurled insults at Saraya and Vuni, and laughed cruelly.

Hikaru looked at the other players and realized they weren't too strong. Perhaps they could gather as a team because they contacted each other first.

However, he found it odd that Saraya had killed one of them quickly, but the other players were not afraid. In addition, who is the one speaking?

"I didn't expect to be able to meet two beautiful angel like girls in this place, and it seems that the gods have blessed me."

A male voice sounded, and the other players parted to reveal a young man. The young man was about 1.8m tall, wearing heavy white armor, blond hair, and a handsome face like an actor. The young man also held a large sword nearly 2m long in his hand.

"Capture those two girls… wait… You're Hikaru?"

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