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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 29 Mystery Player??

Morital's face was obscured by his cloak, so his emotions couldn't be seen. He threatened the mud with a deep voice: "I don't care what your plan is, but if you dare to interfere with my plans..."

Morital hadn't finished his words when suddenly, an enormous pressure pressed down on the mud, causing it to explode into small pieces of mud that were scattered all over the cave.

Morital coldly left without looking back at the exploding mud. After a while, the mud scattered all over the cave, as if having a mind of its own. They crawled like worms and entwined together.

When all the mud had gathered, it instantly transformed into a woman with a beautiful face and a seductive body.

"Haizz... You are really impatient. "

The woman licked her lips, then took out a set of clothes from her inventory and wore them. Then, she took a "mist lamp" in her hand and left the cave. 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮


The following day,

Hikaru was taking a dip in the pool when he received a notification from the system.

[Ding! After 60 minutes, the system's shield will disappear. Players need to prepare for the monster's attack. The number and strength of monsters that raid your territory will be proportional to the player's level.

[Players who successfully defend their territory will receive system rewards. [The player who destroys the Hidden Boss first gets a special reward.]

[Start the countdown.]





Hikaru, seeing the system message, wasn't too surprised either. He had predicted that something similar would happen when the protective ring disappeared.

Like in the strategy games that Hikaru used to play, the player is protected for a short time when the game begins. However, that does not mean that the game publisher is helping them experience the game better, but just giving them time to prepare for something terrible.

Hikaru knew that the past seven days had been nothing but the calm before the storm. Although there were many players, he thought there would be very few remaining after this event. At least half of the players would die.

Hikaru opened the World Chat channel to see the situation. Just as he thought, the players were panicking.


[What the hell is happening here? A Monster attack?]


[Everyone, don't worry after you die; there's nothing to worry about.]

[Yeah, I'm lying on the ground. For what? I won't be surprised if I die later, lying on the ground as long as the skeleton remains.]

[I'm different from the player above. now that I'm killing myself. [I don't have to bear the feeling of being eaten by a monster for a while.]

[What the hell is going on with everyone? We can fight against the monsters after all.]

[I have no skills, nor power. I also don't have the strength to live anymore. Is this the same as being dead?]

[I've been fasting for three days. The last drops of water are gone. I don't dare commit suicide, but if those monsters end up coming, I'm willing to open the door and invite them in.]

[Trash, will humanity fall because of monsters?]

[Even if you leave the territory, you can't escape the fog. If you walk around in the mist, if you don't starve to death, you will be killed by monsters. Either way, I'll kill myself.]


People were lamenting and giving up, but there were also people filled with confidence who dared to fight monsters. However, there was one person that caught Hikaru's attention.


[Oh, deluded ones, praise our God.If you pray sincerely, you will survive. The gods will protect you, giving you the strength to fight your enemies.]

Is the player above retarded?




Although many people cursed, the other player continued to persuade other players to pray. Hikaru frowned. He found out what the other player's name was.

It wasn't that Hikaru believed in gods, but he was thinking of a case where the other player had some unique ability. In the misty world, there are many types of skills or talents that we cannot fully understand or imagine.

Hikaru looks at the player's information and only knows that the player's name is Himari.

"Himari? There's no such name in the list of players I've met that were saved by the Scrutiny skill. "

Hikaru muttered, frowning because he couldn't see Himari's information and he felt that her skills were terrifying.

In Misty World, sooner or later, he will have to fight other players. If you don't have information about the other players, your odds of winning will be very low.

Hikaru silently memorized Himari's name, waiting for later. If he had a chance, he would collect the player's information. If a player had a skill that affected many other players, he would have to be careful.

Although Hikaru didn't know for sure if Himari had any skills or talents related to "praying to God", he would rather believe it than not.

Hikaru looked at his left arm. It was still amputated. The last time he fought against Sherwin's Copy, he lost. Although the Hell Lotus can heal Hikaru's other wounds quickly as for the left arm alone, it cannot regrow.

Hikaru sighed. Because he played with fire, he burned his whole body. He secretly blamed himself for being overconfident, thinking he could win against Sherwin, so now he had to suffer the consequences.

"Rika, other than the Reborn and Regenerative cards, is there a way to regenerate my arm?"

There are many other ways. However, the best way to restore an arm to its original state is to need a player or monster with healing or another similar skill.

Hikaru heard Rika's words and sighed because it was hard to find such a monster nowadays. The monster cards Hikaru received were all random monsters, and most of those monsters had no growth potential or other special skills.

What Hikaru had was an SSS level skill and lots of resources. He tried contacting Larry. However, Larry also couldn't find any items or cards capable of helping Hikaru regenerate his left hand.

"The first time I fought Sherwin, I lost my right hand. Now I've lost my left. " He sighed.

After that, he used his mind communication ability through Talent to order everyone to return to their territory, preparing for the battle.

He had no intention of fighting , leaving the defense to Vuni and Saraya.

However, what surprised Hikaru was that ordinary farmers could fight. Hikaru observed those farmers through Vuni and Saraya's vision. He saw 15 regular farmers, all wearing armor and wielding iron swords.

"Isn't the normal farmer incapable of fighting?"

[Master, thanks to Mika creating the armor, they have acquired some fighting ability . Although their combat ability is not high, it is still enough to fight N-rank monsters.

"What about their weapons?"

I used to trade food with the other players . Although the price is relatively high, we are not short of food.

Hikaru: "...

He felt a little useless. He didn't know if he or Rika was the master. With or without his input, the territory will still develop.

[Master, what are you worried about?]


Hikaru sighed, then added the attribute points he received from hibernation to his stats. After six days of hibernation, he received 18,000 attribute points, which he immediately distributed evenly among his three types of stats.


Name: Hikaru

Level: 30

Territory's level: 02

Agility: 68,000 (+340,000).

Strength: 68,000 (+340,000).

Intelligence: 68,000 (+340,000).


Hikaru watched his stats increase, but inside he was still not happy. He had high stats but couldn't defeat Sherwin .

Hikaru opened the information panel of the skill "Follow" to see the situation of the players he had selected.


[Dogish is dead (fake)].

[Petran Awakens Talent-Hawk Eyes.]

[Petran acquired a new skill.]

[Petran has leveled up his domain. Petran's domain has now reached level 01.]

[Sherwin successfully attacked another player's territory.]

[Sherwin has opened the "Gate of Skeleton".]

[Petran has returned to the territory.]

[Dogish has revived.]

[Dogish meets a mysterious figure.]

[A mysterious person kills Dogish.]

[Dogish has revived.]

[Dogish transforms into Lavern.]

[Sherwin has promoted the territory to level 02.]

[Hana is hypnotized by monsters.]

[Hana has left the territory.]

[A mysterious person has kidnapped Hana.]


Sherwin and Petran's journey is truly remarkable. What baffled him the most was that Sherwin couldn't find his way back to his territory, but Petran could.

Hikaru felt that the reason Petran can return to his territory is thanks to his new talent, Hawk Eyes. Besides, Dogish is also very mysterious. Dogish transformed into Lavern, so is it Dogish Lavern or is Lavern masquerading as Dogish?

Hikaru chose to view Lavern's information. However, he could only see Lavern's current profile picture. which was of a beautiful woman, not a man. In addition, he could no longer see any other information, including Lavern's stats.

Hikaru shook his head. He didn't want to think about Lavern anymore because Sherwin's problem alone gave him a headache.

However, what made Hikaru more upset was that Hana was kidnapped by someone else. He frowned at the information board and pondered. His card factory was stolen by someone else, and he doesn't know who that person is or where Hana was taken to.

The only thing that he can do is try to contact Hana through the system and see if Hana's status is updated by the "follow skill."

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