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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 24 Player From Another World?

"Rika, is there a player who has promoted their territory higher than me?"

[No. Right now, you're the one with the highest territorial rank in this world.]

Hearing Rika say it firmly, Hikaru did not doubt her. Hikaru chose to view Dogish's information but was blocked by the system's notification.

[Ding! You cannot see the information of players from other worlds.]

"Another world?" Hikaru was startled as if struck by lightning: "Is it possible that besides this world, there are many other worlds? Wait, just now, Rika said that I am the highest-level territory owner in this world. Does that mean there are other worlds and many other players?"

Hikaru was blown away by this news. If it were as Hikaru thought it was, this was too unfair because the players in the other world were so high-level that they were utterly superior to the users in Misty World.

However, the more Hikaru thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. Firstly, if Dogish had such a high level, he could easily defeat Sherwin. Anyway, Sherwin is just a newbie, and his level is only 20. Dogish's level is 60, much higher than Sherwin's.

But, Dogish was defeated by Sherwin, which is entirely absurd. Hikaru did not believe that Sherwin had defeated Dogish.

Second, if the players from other worlds were so dominant, why didn't they directly appear and dominate or enslave the players in Misty World? Dogish, on the other hand, acts in silence.

"Is Dogish the only special player who can go to Misty World, or are there many other players?" Hikaru frowned in wonder. Too many doubts appeared in Hikaru's mind, and he felt a hand manipulating everything.

Then, Hikaru sighed and shook his head. He didn't want to think about it anymore. Currently, Hikaru believed that no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't do anything.

"Okay, let time tell. What I need to do now is become stronger." Hikaru decided not to bother with the matter anymore.

However, to be safe, Hikaru added Dogish and Petran to the list to follow.

Before looking at the third card, Hikaru decided to open the resource bags that Rika helped him to store because Hikaru's Soul Points were now exhausted. Of course, this is the time to use the 12-sided dice.

Hikaru didn't need to see how many resources there were or what kind of resources they were. He directly used the "12-sided Dice" to open all those resource bags.

Following Rika's guidance, Hikaru easily multiplied all resources x100 times.

Hikaru's resources once again significantly increased. In it, Hikaru received over 17,000,000 Soul Points and many Elemental Stones.

However, the System suddenly popped up with 3 notifications that interested Hikaru.

[Ding! He used the "12-sided Dice" for the monster card bag successfully. You have 2 options: 1) Get 100 SR Monster cards; 2) Get 1 SSR Monster card.]

"SSR Monster?" Hikaru rubbed his chin, finding it difficult to choose.

Hikaru wants to choose 100 SR Monster cards to help Hell Lotus produce more Soul Points and Elemental Stones, and help Hikaru get more attribute points while hibernating.

But Hikaru also wanted to choose the SSR Monster card because the combat power in his territory was relatively low. In the end, Hikaru decided to ask Rika.

[Master, you should choose (1) because option (2) will give you a very normal SSR Monster with low potential.]

Hikaru nodded, followed Rika's advice, and chose (1).

[Ding! You chose option 1 and got a 100 SR Monster cards.]

Hikaru turned 100 SR Monster cards into 100 lotus seeds and placed them inside the Hell Lotus. Thus, the next time Hikaru hibernates, the attribute points will be significantly increased.

Hikaru continued to open the third card.

Name: Disable

Type: SR

Description 1: This card only works when combined with an attack skill. Skill equipped with Disable will carry the [Disable] effect.

Description 2: [Disable] effect will nullify all beneficial effects or buffs of the opponent. Note that the [Disable] effect only works with SR or lower effects.

"This is…" Hikaru was delighted to see this card. This is the key to his victory over Sherwin.

However, Hikaru needs to evolve this card into UR to maximize its effects.

[Ding! To evolve [Disable] into SSR, you need to spend 30,000,000 Soul Points; 300 Space Stones, 300 Fire Stones, 300 Lightning Stones, 300 Wind Stones, 300 Water Sontes.]

After looking at the request to evolve the [Disable] card, Hikaru decided to put that intention on hold. Currently, Hikaru has enough Elemental Stones, but he only has 17,000,000 Soul Points left.

Hikaru also wanted to call Larry back. It's been 5 days, Larry had probably collected a lot of resources. However, Larry cannot return because he is tracking a huge treasure.

Hikaru sighed, prepared a bit, and teleported back to his room.

Hikaru came out from the private room. Vuni and Saraya saw him and were overjoyed. Saraya and Vuni started reporting on the territory's situation in the past 5 days. Even though Hikaru knew the situation's specifics, he still listened to Saraya and Vuni's report.

After saying that, Vuni led 3 Farmers with supporting occupations to enter. They consist of 2 women and 1 man. Hikaru saw these three people and immediately opened their information boards.

Name: Mika

Rarity: SR

Job: Costume Creator

Description: Mika has the ability to craft costumes and embellishments. The costumes made by Mika all carry their attributes, supporting the wearer.

Name: Darnag

Rarity: SR

Job: Builder

Description: Darnag has the ability to design and build buildings for the territory. Every day, Darnag will have a 30% chance to produce an SR blueprint or lower.

Name: Shala

Rarity: SR

Job: Trader

Description: Shala is fluent in many languages and is a negotiation expert. Shala also has the ability to trade with other races.

"Mika and Darnag can be kept in the territory for development. As for Shala…" Hikaru knew that to maximize Shala's potential, she could only go out and find

potential races to trade.

However, Hikaru has two significant problems: he has no items to trade and can't follow Shala to protect her.

Suddenly, Rika spoke up.

[Master, I have a way to solve this problem.]

"Oh! What way?" Hikaru used his thoughts to communicate with Rika.

[Currently, there are many other players around you. It's okay if you let Shala trade with those players as a resident of Misty World. In addition, the current players are most lacking in food, and you possess a vast amount of food and water.]

Just like Rika just explained, Hikaru possesses more than a thousand tons of food. In addition, Hikaru also has the "Lake of Eternity". Which Rika installed in the territory.

Food and water, Hikaru did not lack these so he could take out some for Shala to trade. However, Hikaru asked Rika another question: "It's too dangerous for Shala to go alone. If she encounters another player or monster, Shala is defenseless."

[Master, did you forget you have the skill to solve this problem?]

"Can that skill solve this problem?" Hikaru wondered, then he realized he had forgotten about that skill.

That's right, and it's the Teleport skill. Before, Hikaru didn't have enough Space Stone to evolve it, but now it's different. Hikaru decided to evolve the Teleport skill.

[Ding! You have successfully evolved the Teleport skill.]

Name: Teleport

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: You can Teleport to anywhere you see. Teleport distance depends on your Intelligence and Mana stats.

Description 2: You can teleport anything.

"So… the problem is solved." Hikaru let out a breath, feeling that he was defenseless now.

However, the enemy out there is too strong and too mysterious. Sherwin, Dogish, Raito, and the mysteries of Misty World. Hikaru felt small even though he was probably the top player in Misty World.

Hikaru began to distribute the work, but Vuni was the one to handle everything. However, since Hikaru was a Landlord, it was necessary to make a little impression.

Hikaru originally planned to reward Vuni and Saraya by leveling them up to level 30. However, Hikaru suddenly remembered that his Soul Points were also low. Although he could level up Saraya, Vuni was a different matter.

After everyone left, only Saraya remained. She wanted to talk, but then she didn't. However, Saraya did not leave, only looking at Hikaru with apologetic eyes.

Hikaru knew what Saraya was thinking. However, he couldn't sleep with Saraya even though he wanted it badly. As long as Hikaru liked it, Saraya would climb into his bed without hesitation.

However, according to the knowledge that Hikaru had absorbed, he couldn't sleep with Saraya at the moment. Saraya is a Succubus, but she still has an evolutionary stage. If Hikaru gathers enough resources and evolves Saraya. And sleeps with her during that period, the hidden effect will be activated.

That effect will significantly increase the strength of Saraya and Hikaru. That's why He couldn't do anything with Saraya right now.

Hikaru said: "Wait a while. Right now, not the time."

Saraya was delighted hearing that. She bowed her head and said: "Yes, I will wait for Master."

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