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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 228 You Still Have One Arm!

"Great, you won't regret your decision today."

Guhi sighed and shook her head, "I hope so. But… will you use the slave contract on me?"

"Hahahaha…there's no need. Besides, even if we use a slave contract on you, you still have a way to cancel it, right?"

Guhi didn't object as she nodded slightly. Just as Selvih said, Guhi was an existence that had lived since ancient times, she had many ways to cancel the slave contract.

Sherwin was the most typical example, with just a card from Guhi, Sherwin easily canceled the slave contract with Hikaru.

Selvih of course didn't do such useless things, besides, she had other much more interesting plans.

"Aren't you worried that I'll tell Duraxi your plan and run away?"

"Hahahaha…" Selvih suddenly laughed, her smile was similar to thousands of black roses blooming, making her look seductive and beautiful: "Guhi, do you think you can escape? I thought you couldn't leave Duraxi until you acquire a new body, right?"

"Duraxi is the son of the will of the world, he is very lucky, he will receive many opportunities and find huge treasures. Even if he is in danger, he would still survive. Therefore, to others, he may be a very lucky person, and a very formidable opponent."

"But to me it's different."

"Guhi, think about it, if I keep stealing what that idiot achieves, wouldn't he be like an infinite treasure chest to me."

Guhi shuddered hearing that. As Selvih said, if Selvih knew that Duraxi was a lucky person, all she had to do was track Duraxi, then rob him of what he earned.

Selvih of course wouldn't kill Duraxi, because if the process was repeated over and over again, the real Duraxi would be nothing more than her infinite treasure chest.

What about Duraxi? He would be like a cattle locked in a giant cage but with his stupidity he certainly wouldn't realize it.

Guhi firmly believed that Selvih had 1,000 ways of robbing Duraxi of what he had achieved. In the end, Duraxi and Guhi would both have nothing, and all their efforts would only fill Selvih's treasure chest.

At this point, Guhi realized why people called Selvih the Black Queen.

Guhi sighed, "Haizzz, I got it."

"Good! I trust you, let's exchange some communication methods."

When Guhi heard that she took out the Fire Lotus and one of her ID cards. When Selvih saw Guhi's card She was a bit surprised and asked: "Do you also use ID cards?"

Guhi was a bit annoyed and said, "Shouldn't ghosts use ID cards?"

"Hahaha… No, I mean there were ID cards in ancient times too?"

"Are you looking down on the ancients? What you are using right now is technology leftover from ancient times."

Selvih was surprised to hear that, then the two exchanged contact information via ID cards. Although the shape was different, the basic functions of the two ID cards were similar.

Selvih, who received the Fire Lotus from Guhi, wasn't in a hurry to use it either because she wanted to give this to Hikaru.

Guhi now said, "Okay, everything is done, can we go?"

Selvih nodded, Guhi instantly disappeared. Even though the transaction was complete, Hikaru still locked the space around Duraxi and the others, preventing them from escaping.

Selvih now approached Hikaru and said: "Kiki, I will handle things on my own terms, are you mad at me?"

Hikaru shook his head: "No, I trust you won't do anything that is detrimental to me."

"Ooh! Kiki, I love you the most!" Selvih didn't mind that there were other people around, as she immediately rushed into Hikaru's lap and hugged him tightly. Selvih pressed her face against his chest like a child's.

"Kiki, I know Duraxi is very lucky, that's why I made Guhi our ally. She will constantly provide information about Duraxi, and as long as he finds a good treasure or item, we will appear and take it."

"Kiki, Duraxi will become a treasure chest for us."

Hikaru felt that Selvih was really the Black Queen, she could easily turn the main character into a caged animal. Hikaru also felt lucky that he wasn't her enemy.

"Kiki, am I good?" Selvih's voice was full of tenderness, as if she was saying that he was quick to reward her.

Hikaru smiled and said, "Very good!"

"Hehehe… will there be a reward?"

Hikaru started sweating, so this was Selvih's main goal. However, he couldn't refuse a beautiful girl like this. Hikaru patted Selvih's head and said, "Of course there will be."


Hikaru now glanced at Savuo's group who were sitting in the crystal ball and said: "Selvih, I also want to let Savuo and Duranka, not to mention Bryen, live."


Hikaru smiled: "We are building a Kingdom, so when is a kingdom most united and developed?"

When Selvih heard that, she understood what Hikaru was talking about, and she immediately replied, "when there is a common enemy."

"That's right." Hikaru nodded: "After seeing the inhabitants of this Kingdom plotting to overthrow you, I realized that they do it because their lives are too safe and leisurely."

"When they don't have any enemies, they create an enemy of their own. At that time, as long as the government does anything to make them unhappy, they would immediately rebel."

"That's why I want to let them go, I want them to hate me, and build things to get their revenge on me again."

"Kiki, that's a bit… dangerous." Selvih said worriedly.

"Don't worry, they don't know my exact location but I do know their exact location. Besides, the growth rate of the players is very fast, they will not be inferior to the locals." Hikaru said confidently.

That's right, in just one month, the players had grown tremendously. If there were enough resources for them to use, Hikaru was afraid that their growth rate would be more terrifying.

Their speed of development was fast but without any enemies, the players would ultimately point the tip of the sword towards the lord, which is Hikaru.

Like on Earth. Countries that relied on history, dissent, race, and skin color to create conflicts, help unite the people in the country because they have a common enemy.

At that time, the people will unite, they will put aside their small conflicts or mistakes and fight the enemy.

Now too, Hikaru was trying to create enemies that threatened his domain. However, he will limit the growth of his enemies.

Although it was difficult and he did not have the ability to manage it, he believed that Selvih, Anno and his other women could do it easily.

Especially Anno, who had luck related abilities, as long as her ability affected the territory, he believed that his territory would never be threatened by an enemy.

Of course, Hikaru did not completely rely on Anno's ability but besides that, he also possessed Tsuraguki, Selvih, Saraya and Vuni. As long as he continuously evolved and leveled them up, they would surely be overwhelmingly strong and control everything in their hands.

Selvih also felt that Hikaru's words made sense, because she was so protective of this kingdom, she had made them feel so safe that the people of this kingdom had forgotten about the dangers beyond the city walls.

"Kiki, you are right. Then… I will help you with the rest, you don't need to do anything, you just have to be my lover."

Hearing Selvih's words, Hikaru was a little scared. Selvih's words certainly meant that since everything was done by his woman, his job was to turn into a machine that provided them with 'milk'.

"Before letting them go..." Hikaru finished his sentence as he waved his hand, a light suddenly flashed and then went out.

Everyone didn't realize what was happening when Duraxi's left hand suddenly fell, even Duraxi didn't realize that his arm was severed.

He was smiling because Guhi told him that the negotiation between her and Hikaru was successful, so he could survive.


When his arm fell into the lava lake below, the pain was transmitted to his brain causing him to cry out in agony. Duranka saw that his son's arm was cut off but he did not dare to speak.

He saw that not only his son's arm, but also the fog on his back, was cut into a line that was more than a thousand meters long.

Duranka even realized that the fog couldn't instantly recover.

He was afraid, such an existence that could cut the fog that covered the world for more than 10,000 years was not someone he could offend.

"AAA! Bastard, I'll…"

When Duraxi yelled at Hikaru, Duranka immediately covered his mouth, he felt frightened in his heart, as he started sweating profusely. He glanced at Hikaru who was standing in the distance, realizing that Hikaru had no intention of continuing his attack, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Duranka shouted: "You want to die but I don't want to die, don't drag everyone with you if you want to die."

Duraxi was angry but he also realized that Hikaru could easily kill him so he tried to keep quiet. However, the pain from the severed arm made him unable to control himself and he cried like a baby.

Duraxi screamed in his heart: "Guhi! Guhi! Didn't you say your negotiation was successful? Why? Why did he cut my hand? Why? quickly speak! Damn it! Damn it!"

Guhi angrily said, "Shut your mouth! Compared to losing an arm and dying, which would you choose?"


"Come on, you still have one arm. We still have a chance to take revenge later, don't worry. we will return this favor by a hundredfold." Guhi said. 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

"That's right!" Duraxi gritted her teeth, his eyes filled with murderous intent as he stared at Hikaru as if carving Hikaru's face into his head: "I will take revenge! I swear I will take my revenge! I will make him watch me rape his women, and I will cut him into a hundred pieces."

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