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At this point, a message from the System appeared.

[Ding! You will be teleported back to the "room" in the next 10 seconds, starting the countdown.]



Hikaru looked at the surrounding graves, feeling a little nostalgic. To others, this place was just a giant tomb, but to Hikaru, this place was a mountain of gold.

Countless Crystallized Souls remained beneath the earth, waiting for Hikaru to exploit, but the System forced Hikaru to return to the "room".

After 10 seconds, Hikaru disappeared and immediately appeared in the standard room. He took a deep breath, then plopped down on the bed. Vuni and Saraya looked at each other and sat on the ground, not daring to disturb Hikaru.

Hikaru felt that this room was safe. It is safe because this room has a defensive barrier from the System, making it invulnerable for 7 days.

Hikaru thought about the battle with the Gorilla King. He felt that if he was strong enough, the skill was good enough. It only took a split second to destroy the enemy. Fighting, in reality, is far different from fighting in Manga or Anime.

He felt there was no need to waste time and directly use the strongest skill to destroy the enemy in the shortest time. If the enemy has a chance to use his skill, it will be like Sherwin's case.

Hikaru thought that the success rate would be much higher if he could immediately use Thunder Spear to kill Sherwin.

Hikaru suddenly remembered something. He asked Rika: "Rika! I am the first to pass the Dungeon, but there is no notification from the System to all of the players?"

[Master! Do you know how many Dungeon Gates there are in this world? That's a lot. You were only the first to pass the Dungeon at that time.]

Suddenly, Hikaru realized something, so he continued asking Rika: "Does that mean that many players used to exist in this place before? We're not the first, are we?"

[Master does not need to worry about that.]

Hikaru nodded but didn't intend to find out much about this. Hikaru understood the saying "Curiosity killed the cat" very well. Currently, Hikaru was too weak to learn the vast secrets of this world. What Hikaru needed to do now was to become stronger and defend himself against all enemies.

Hikaru opened the world chat channel to take a look.

[I can't believe it. I didn't even have time to rush into the Dungeon Gate when other players attacked. Fortunately, I ran in time, or else…]

[The player above is lucky. I saw a lot of dead players. Other players killed them.]

[So, did you get any Crystallized Souls?]

[What's that?]

[What is a Crystallized Soul?]


[After a player dies, a Crystallized Soul will appear. Crystallized Soul contains all the items that the player owns. Whoever gets the Crystallized Soul will get all the items of the deceased player.]

[Is there such a thing?]

[Such miracle?]

[So that means… if we kill another player, then we can get the resources of the person we killed?]


[Hahaha… then I'll kill that bastard Hikaru. He has the UR Treasure Chest. Just kill him to get it.]

[Can you? If Hikaru has a UR Treasure Chest, then he's definitely not weak.]

[Right. A prey that wants to be a hunter? Stupid!]

[Can you leave the room?]

[I'm hungry!]

[Still, nothing to eat.]

[Need to buy food.]

[You can buy food at an exorbitant price from Hikaru.]

[Can anyone enter the Dungeon?]

[Don't it's a Dungeon, even if I leave the room, I won't dare.]

[Yes, at least it is safer in the room.]

[I got out of the room. It's dangerous outside. Not only monsters, but other players who see me want to kill me.]

Hikaru read through the messages in the world chat channel and found that the topic of discussion was still the fact that he owned the Treasure Chest UR. Besides, the players have also realized the existence of Crystallized Soul.

It wasn't a good thing. On the contrary, it was a terrible thing for Him. Although the information about the Crystallized Soul's existence would be revealed sooner or later, He didn't think it would be so soon.

Hikaru also knew that not all players wanted to enter the Dungeon. Only a few players dared to leave the room and participate in entering the Dungeon.

Although only a few people dared to step out of their room, the number of people was not little. At the Dungeon Gate near Hikaru's room, there were already over 10,000 people fighting, so what about other places?

Next, Hikaru checked his private messages, nothing out of the ordinary but people begging for food.

"Stupid!" Hikaru cursed silently.

Hikaru didn't think that even now, there were still people begging for mercy from him. It's funny but also disappointing. There are no valuable things to trade.

Hikaru wasn't upset either. On the contrary, he was happy to see no valuable transactions. Because that meant that the other players hadn't grown too much, they didn't have something of value to trade with him.

Hikaru looked at the information on the items obtained after clearing the Dungeon. He summed it up. He received 1,000,000 Soul Points, 1 random SR skill card, 1 random item card, 1 legendary item - Hell Lotus, 1 Necropolis Key.

Soul Points is nothing to speak of. 1 million Soul Points seems like a lot, but it's not worth mentioning to the current Hikaru. What caught his attention the most were the legendary Hell Lotus and Necropolis Key items.

However, He wants to savour it last because Hikaru has a habit of saving delicious food for later.

"Use random SR skill cards."

[Ding! You have successfully used the random SR skill card and obtained the skill card "Teleport" - SR.]

Name: Teleport

Rarity: SR

Description: The skill user can teleport within a radius of 100 meters. The number of uses depends on the amount of Mana the person possesses.

"Teleport skill?" Hikaru saw this skill and was overjoyed. It was the skill he needed. Being able to teleport 100 meters, He doesn't have to worry about being caught by the enemy or he can quickly chase the enemy.

"Teleport skill evolution."

[Ding! To evolve the Teleport skill, you need to pay 500,000 Soul Points, and 100 Space Stones are required.]

Hikaru saw the evolution request and frowned because the resources needed were a bit too much. For the Soul Points, Hikaru had more than 3,000,000, but Space Stone he only had 30.

Hikaru sighed and left evolving the skill for later and continued working on something else. For Him, the current Teleport skill was already enough.

"Use random item cards."

[Ding! You successfully use the random item card and get the "Farmer House" drawing.]

Name: Farmer House

Rarity: N

Type: Construction

Description: You can only build the Farmer House when the territory reaches level 3. Every day, the Farmer House will produce 2 Farmers. They all have a Rarity of N. The Farmers can't fight. They can only do t activities such as farming and raising livestock.

"So, this world is trying to cultivate Landlords, not solo players, that adventure around." Hikaru thought to himself.

Hikaru tried to use the M.E skills on the Farmer House. Right after that, a bulletin board appeared in front of him.

[Ding! Farmer House evolution requires 1,000 stones; 1,000 logs; 1,000 Soul Points.]

Hikaru thought for a moment and then continued to use the M.E skill to try to level up the territory.

[Ding! To level up the territory, you need to pay 5,000 stones; 5,000 logs; 5,000 Soul Points.]

Even though the number of resources needed was 50 times higher than regular territory promotion, Hikaru still accepted the payment. He believes that the M.E skill will not let him down.

Besides, Hikaru's resources are also highly abundant, thanks to the UR Treasure Chest and "12-sided Dice".


[Ding! Successful payment. Your room has been promoted to a level 1 territory.]

Right after that, Hikaru's room instantly turned into a 100-square-meter house. The house has 4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a shared bathroom, and 2 toilets.

Of the 4 bedrooms, one bedroom is 20 square meters wide, and the other three bedrooms are about 12 square meters.

The outer wall of the house is made of excellent volcanic rocks. Partitions of the rooms are made of wood, but the soundproof ability is extremely good.

[Ding! Congratulations, you are the first to level up the territory successfully. Please name your territory.]

"Name the territory?"

Hikaru rubbed his chin, thinking for a long time, and still didn't know what name to use. Hikaru decided to consult Rika.

[Master, you want me to name your domain?]


[Please think carefully because once the name is given, it can't be changed forever.]

"No problem. I can't think of a good name right now, anyway."

[Then use the name Elkia.]

"Elkia? The name sounds strange. What does it mean?"

[it Does not mean anything. It's the name of a country that perished over 10,000 years ago.]

"10,000 years ago?" Hikaru was startled. According to his understanding, 10,000 years ago, humans only just appeared. How could a nation be formed?

However, Hikaru immediately dismissed the thought because this was another world, not Earth.

[Right. 10,000 years ago, Elkia was the first country where different races could live together peacefully. Because of that, Elkia had a united front, and was almost invincible. At that time, there wasn't any country or power that could defeat Elkia. In particular, the King of Elkia also possessed a special kind of power that frightened the other races.]

[Because of that, the other countries feared Elkia would become a threat, so they cooperated. A war between Elkia and an alliance of 40 other nations broke out and lasted for more than 500 years. In the end, Elkia was destroyed, and all documents and history about Elkia were utterly lost. Now, no one knows the name Elkia except those who lived in that period.]

"So, that country is just a legend?"

[Right.] 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

"Interesting, then the name of our domain will be Elkia."


"Right. Not only me but also you, Saraya, and Vuni. This will be the beginning of a legend that was once sunk."

[Ding! You confirm that you want to name your territory Elkia?]


[Ding! Successful confirmation. Congratulations, you are the first to own the territory. This message will be sent to all other players.]

[Ding! Informing the whole world, Hikaru was the first to own a territory. Congratulations to Hikaru and the First Territory - Elkia.]

[Ding! Informing the whole world, Hikaru was the first to own a territory. Congratulations to Hikaru and the First Territory - Elkia.]

[Ding! Informing the whole world, Hikaru was the first to own a territory. Congratulations to Hikaru and the First Territory - Elkia.]

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