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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 16 Kill The Gorilla King

Suddenly a black shadow appeared in front of Saraya and hugged her. Saraya was startled when that shadow hugged her, but when she saw who it was, Saraya was even more surprised.

"Master?!" Saraya exclaimed.

"Leave it to me." Hikaru didn't look at Saraya, as he said coldly.

Saraya's face turned red. She nodded and whispered like a cat nestled in her Master's lap: "Yes!"

Hikaru hugged Saraya and saw the giant mace coming and didn't panic. He hugged Saraya with his right hand and held the Thunder Spear in his left hand.

Hikaru used the Thunder Spear to fend off the oncoming Gorilla King's giant mace.


A crash sounded. Hikaru was naturally unable to stop the Gorilla King's attack, so he was sent flying. He was like a baseball being hit to the ground.


Hikaru collided with the ground with an explosion. The dust rose, and the ground sank nearly a meter. However, Hikaru was not injured. He still hugged Saraya tightly, standing firmly in the middle of the pit.

"Master?!" Saraya looked at Hikaru, feeling shocked. She didn't understand why her Master suddenly became so powerful.

"" Hikaru let go of Saraya, much to her disappointment. She felt that the time she spent with Hikaru was getting less and less. They let go when the two held each other for less than 10 seconds.

Hikaru didn't know Saraya's thoughts right now, and of course, he didn't care about them. To him, Saraya's attitude towards him is due to the System implanted in her brain, not her true feelings.

Therefore, Hikaru also put aside the matter of taking a step forward in his relationship with Saraya. Hikaru is an ordinary young man, but whenever he thinks of Naomi, He doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with another woman.

Not because He still loves Naomi, but because He hates her. He swore to himself that he would not find love until he kills Naomi and Raito with his own hands.

Hikaru released Saraya and gave her some Soul Points so She can recover herMana. Hikaru held the Thunder Spear and looked towards the dust, but his gaze seemed to be able to see through the dust.

At this point, Hikaru was highly calm because his stats had changed. In the System, a string of messages appeared.

[Ding! You have successfully leveled up to level 10.]

[Ding! You have successfully evolved Talent - The Master into The King - SSR.]

[Ding! You have successfully evolved the "The Pioneer" medal into the "The Summoner" medal.]

Landlord: Hikaru

Level: 10/10

Job: None

Agility: 2,000 (+10,000)

Strength: 2,000 (+10,000)

Intelligence: 2,000 (+10,000)


Name: The King

Rarity: SSR

Description: All monsters you own will receive the [Bless] effect. You can convey your thoughts to other monsters or allies instead of using words.

[Bless] Effect - Increases allies' strength by 40%, recovery speed by 40%, and reduces mana needed to cast magic by 40%.

The owners of this Talent gain 50% increased strength, 50% recovery speed, and 50% reduction in mana needed to use magic in battle.


1. Maximum Evolution - SSS

2. Scrutiny - SR

3. Thunder Spear - SSR


1. The Summoner Medal

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: The effect of the medal will be active when you wear it or place it in the System inventory.

Description 2: The player who owns this medal will get x 5 all the stats.

Description 3: Monsters in your possession will gain x 3 all stats.

Name: Angel Ring

Type: Items

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: The owner of this ring can master the melee ability and is proficient in using all weapons that are level 10 (Max),

Description 2: During melee combat, you will receive the [Fighter] effect, which increases your strength by 5 times.

Description 3: Resists all adverse effects of SSR level or lower.

Description 4: If Dark or Shadowy type Monsters are nearby, they will be weakened by 80%, limited to Monsters of SSR level or lower. Your or your allies' damage to those monsters will ignore their defenses.

Description 5: The Angel Ring works even when placed in the System inventory.

Hikaru felt a vast amount of power inside his body. He felt so strong that he wanted to meet Sherwin again to let him feel his power immediately.

However, right after that thought, Hikaru took a deep breath and exhaled. Hikaru suppressed the exploding confidence in his mind. He knew that if he let his ego inflate, the consequences would be the same as when he met Sherwin.

In this world, there were a lot of players who possessed more strength than Him. He was just an ant in the world of giants.

However, for now, Hikaru wanted to test his strength a bit. He wanted to see if he faced an SSR-Class monster. If He could defeat it with his power. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

Hikaru held the Thunder Spear over 2 meters long, and countless lightning bolts danced around him.

The dust was still there, but much had dispersed. Hikaru could see a shadow over 100 meters tall, holding a spiked mace and shield, standing in the dust.

That's the Gorilla King.

It looked at Hikaru. Hikaru was also looking at it. Although separated by dust, Hikaru and the Gorilla King looked at each other, there was no fear in both their eyes, only the will to fight.

"Stupid monkey!"

Hikaru scolded, but the Gorilla also seemed to hear Hikaru's words, so it roared angrily. The Gorilla's roar echoed everywhere, that it made the space tremble.

Hikaru smiled, and swung the Thunder Spear upwards, and let it float in the air. Suddenly, Hikaru waved his hand, 20 magic circles appeared behind him. From the center of each magic circle, a Thunder Spear slowly appeared.

"Feel my power."

As soon as Hikaru finished speaking, twenty Thunder Spears shot out. Those Thunder Spears weren't aimed at the Gorilla but random Skeletons.

When the Thunder Spear touched any monster, it instantly turned to dust. Twenty Thunder Spears continuously created a chain reaction.

According to the effect of the Thunder Spear, if the enemy dies, the Thunder Spear will automatically attack the next enemy. Each time the Thunder Spear kills an enemy, its power will be increased by 10%, and the maximum is 200%.

Twenty Thunder Spears continuously destroyed the weak Skeleton monsters. The remaining Skeletons were enough for the 20 Thunder Spears to upgrade their power to 200%.

Thunder Spear's base damage is 5,000%. It could be raised to 10,000% if it reached maximum power. Currently, Hikaru's total power, including bonus effects, is 12,000.

20 Thunder Spears, each dealing 10,000% damage. That was a vast number, and Hikaru didn't believe the Gorilla King could withstand it either.

As Hikaru predicted, the twenty Thunder Spears attacked before the Gorilla could attack. There was no terrifying outburst, nor was there any resounding lightning.

A soundless attack. Only twenty lightning bolts entered the Gorilla's bones. After that, the Gorilla's body gradually disintegrated into dust.

In just a minute, the Gorilla's body was left with only a pile of ash piled up to dorm a small mountain more than three meters high.

[Ding! He successfully defeated the Skeleton Gorilla King. You get 1,000,000 Soul Points, 1 SR skill card, 1 random item card.]

[Ding! Congratulations on being the first to pass the Dungeon. The System rewards you with a legendary item - Hell Lotus.]

[Ding! Congratulations on being the first to pass the Hell Dungeon. The System rewards you with the "Necropolis Key".]

Saraya and Vuni were surprised to see Hikaru easily use the Thunder Spear to destroy all Skeletons and Skeleton Gorillas.

Saraya said while trembling: "Vuni… Master just… destroyed all the monsters. Even that giant Skeleton?"

Vuni nodded and replied: "That's right."

"But…" Saraya still didn't believe what had just happened. She continued: "The skill master used… is very weak, isn't it? But why is it so easy to defeat those monsters?"

Vuni smiled and replied: "It's the same skill Thunder Spear, but it seems the Thunder Spear master used differs from us. The Thunder Spear that we use mainly destroys enemies with lightning and explosives. However, the skill used by master is different. There is no explosion. All the monsters are decomposed to ashes."

Hikaru looked at the items he had just received, feeling a little bit happy. Hikaru a understood that if it weren't for the Talent "The King", he wouldn't have been able to trounce these monsters.

Hikaru expended all his mana to create twenty Thunder Spears. Hikaru did not want to prolong the fight because this was the experience of someone who had read many novels.

In the novel, however, a person whose strength is far superior to his opponent's does not fight at full force. And Waits until they are in danger, then use the definitive word "Now the war begins".

Hikaru was not an idiot. If given the chance, Hikaru would destroy the enemy in the blink of an eye so he wouldn't have time to counterattack or defend.

Why didn't Hikaru do the same when fighting Sherwin?

Because at that time, Hikaru didn't have any skills to use to attack, and Hikaru was very weak. Hikaru also ordered Vuni to use the most vital skill. However, Sherwin's defense was too strong.

Hikaru looked at the sky in the Dungeon with dark clouds, secretly hoping that the next time they met, Hikaru would also easily defeat Sherwin like this.

He also thought about the weakness of the Thunder Spear, which is that it has to destroy many monsters to reach the highest level of power. If fighting a duel, Hikaru would not be able to use that effect of the Thunder Spear. It was also a big problem that caused Hikaru a headache.

Hikaru sighed: "Looks like… the road to the future is too long."

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