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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 14 Thunder Spear!

"Is it a Bug?" The white shadow whispered to himself.

Suddenly, Hikaru's consciousness and body returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. Before Hikaru could understand what was going on, the white shadow split a finger and pointed at him. Right after that, He exploded again.

"It's weird," the white shadow muttered again. He rubbed his chin to show that he didn't understand what was happening either.

Less than 10 seconds later, Hikaru's body returned to its original state. He looked at the white shadow in puzzlement. He didn't understand what was happening to him. Why did that person attack him?

The white shadow continued to cause Hikaru to explode, after which Hikaru returned to his original state. That process went on for about twenty times continuously before the white shadow stopped.

Hikaru was sitting on the ground, feeling like he was going crazy. Hikaru didn't want to feel the pain of exploding like a balloon again.

The white shadow rubbed his chin at him and then spoke to Hikaru in a different language that Hikaru had never heard before. Even though Hikaru didn't understand the language, the strange thing was that he still understood what the white shadow was saying.

"You are so weird. Maybe… I can bet on you."

After the white shadow finished speaking, he pointed his finger into the void. After that, Hikaru's consciousness once again sank into darkness.

[Ding! Reborn failed. The system is trying again…]

[Ding! Reborn failed. The system is trying again…]

[Ding! Reborn successful!]

[Ding! You got a new Talent - The Master.]

[Ding! You got a new Skill - Scrutiny.]

Hikaru tried to open his eyes but couldn't. Suddenly, a large number of memories appeared in his mind. The headache was so intense that he felt his head was about to burst.

Luckily the pain didn't last too long. The pain passed, and in Hikaru's mind suddenly appeared lot of knowledge, making him both excited and scared. He didn't know where this knowledge came from, but now it was in his head like he had learned it before.

The Reborn process ended, and Hikaru's cocoon was also slowly dissipating. Hikaru fell from the cocoon to the ground, his legs shaking as he struggled to stand up. Hikaru took a deep breath. He felt a tremendous amount of strength in his body.

Name: Hikaru

Level: 01/10

Job: None

Agility: 200 (+400)

Strength: 200 (+400)

Intelligence: 200 (+400)


Name: The Master

Rarity: SR

Description: All monsters you own will receive the [Bless] effect. You can convey your thoughts to other monsters or allies instead of using words.

[Bless] Effect - Increases allies' strength by 20%, recovery speed by 20%, and reduces mana needed to cast magic by 20%.


1. Maximum Evolution

2. Scrutiny: You can view the basic information of other players or monsters.

Hikaru smiled when he saw that all of his stats were 200. Even though his level was reduced to level 1, it didn't matter.

Hikaru discovered that the new Skill and Talent he had just received were both Support types, which disappointed him. Up until now, He hadn't had any good attack skills.

Hikaru sighed. He looked at the time that the Dungeon challenge began, only 1 minute left. He then used his M.E skill on the Golden Ring.

[Ding! To evolve the Golden Ring, you need to spend 50,000 Soul Points. Do you agree or not?]


[Ding! Payment successful.]

[Ding! Golden Ring has evolved successfully. You get Angel Ring.]


Name: Angel Ring

Type: Items

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: The owner of this ring can master the melee ability and is proficient in using all weapons that are level 10 (Max),

Description 2: During melee combat, you will receive the [Fighter] effect, which increases your strength by 5 times.

Description 3: Resists all adverse effects of SSR level or lower.

Description 4: If Dark or Shadowy type Monsters are nearby, they will be weakened by 80%, limited to Monsters of SSR level or lower. Your or your allies' damage to those monsters will ignore their defenses.

Description 5: The Angel Ring works even when placed in the System inventory.

Hikaru looked at the description of the Angel Ring and wasn't surprised either. Hikaru didn't understand why he knew that if the Golden Ring evolved, it would turn into an Angel Ring.

"Is it because of the knowledge that appeared in my head?" Hikaru wondered. He also didn't know the reason clearly.

Vuni and Saraya saw that Hikaru had come out of the cocoon and approached. They didn't say much either, taking the Crystallized Souls and giving it to him.

Hikaru smiled, holding 55 Crystallized Souls, feeling extremely excited. Afterward, Hikaru used 100,000 Soul Points to level up Vuni with the M.E skill.

[Ding! To level up Vuni from level 01 to level 10, you need to pay 100,000 Soul Points. Do you agree or not?]


[Ding! Payment successful.]

[Ding! Level up successful.]

Vuni went from level 01 to level 10. She felt the power in her body increase dramatically. Adding the unique effect of the medal "The Pioneer", Vuni's power was currently incredible.

Name: Vuni

Race: Ancient Fairy Dragon

Rarity: UR

Level: 10/10

Agility: 12,500 (+12,500)

Strength: 12,000 (+12,000)

Intelligence: 25,500 (+25,500)

Seeing Vuni's stats, Hikaru asked, "If you see Sherwin now, I mean Blonde, can you guarantee that you will defeat him?"

Vuni felt the power inside her body, and thought for 5 seconds, and then replied: "It's hard to say. His skills and Talents are weird. But if Blonde's power doesn't change, I will definitely defeat him with my current state."

Hikaru nodded. He knew he couldn't ask much from Vuni either. Hikaru smiled and said: "Next time we meet, we'll defeat him."

Vuni and Saraya nodded. There was a burning fire in their eyes.

[Ding! The Dungeon Challenge begins. The person who successfully passes the first Dungeon will receive a special reward from the System.]

The system announcement just ended, and the ground suddenly shook violently. Hikaru saw, not far from him, a monkey over a hundred meters tall approaching.

More precisely, it was a skeleton of a monkey, a giant skeleton over 100 meters tall, holding a shield in his right hand and a hundred-ton mace in his left hand. In the center of its chest was a blue flame that was burning fiercely. Every step it took made the ground tremble in waves.

At the foot of that monkey, there are many remains of other animals. Although they are not as big as that giant monkey, they are also highly aggressive.

Saraya and Vuni saw the approaching monsters and were on high alert. However, Hikaru was the opposite. He thought: "So the Hell difficulty is facing a bunch of Dark and Shadowy monsters."

[It seems that Master has come to the right place this time. With the Angel Ring, defeating these monsters is as easy as turning a hand.]

Hikaru used his mind to speak to Rika: "Is this place full of Dark and Shadowy-type monsters?"

[Right! On the surface, this place is a giant tomb. For other players, Dark and Shadowy monsters are the most annoying monsters. Their vitality is powerful. They only die when they are crushed, or the fire in their chest is hit.]

[However, the most effective magic against them is Lightning. Vuni and Saraya can use Lightning-related skills, especially Saraya.]

Hikaru smiled. He remembered the faces of Sherwin, Naomi, Raito, and the players who wanted to kill him, thinking in his heart: "I will come back and become your fear."

Right after that, He shouted: "Don't worry. Saraya, Vuni, use your Lightning skill and attack freely."

"Yes, Master!" Vuni and Saraya said in unison.

At this moment, Saraya suddenly looked toward Vuni. Vuni smiled and said: "You go first."

Saraya nodded and flew high. She spread her wings, and a magic circle appeared above her head. Saraya reached into the magic circle and pulled out a long spear.

The spear was made of countless fusion of lightning it was 3 meters long and gave off a dazzling auraIn the murky space, Saraya flew in the sky, her hand holding a thunder spear, and countless lightning appeared around her, which was extremely dazzling. At this point, Saraya was similar to a Goddess of lightning.

Saraya threw out the thunder spear. The spear-wielding tremendous destructive power rushed towards the monsters. However, the spear didn't rush at the monsters but flew back into the sky.

Hikaru was confused, and he thought that Saraya had missed. However, five seconds later, He realized he had misunderstood.

The sky above the monsters suddenly formed a cluster of dark clouds. From within the dark clouds, countless lightning bolts descended continuously. The monsters hit by the lightning instantly turned into dust.

Hikaru knew that Saraya couldn't be that strong, but because of the Angel Ring's effect - [Description 4: If there are Dark or Shadowy type Monsters nearby, they will be weakened by 80%. Limited to Monsters of SSR level or lower. Your or your allies' damage to those monsters will ignore their defenses.]

She could Ignore the Skeleton's defense, Saraya's lightning quickly destroyed the Skeletons below. Vuni saw this and smiled, her smile conveying satisfaction and a touch of mystery.

[Ding! You kill…]

[Ding! You kill…]

[Ding! You kill…]

[Ding! You kill…]

Countless notifications appeared. Hikaru found it annoying, so he hid all the notifications. He also didn't have much time to look at the announcements and information about each type of monster.

Although the thunder and lightning struck down brutally, many Skeleton monsters died, but the monkey was still uninjured. However, that monkey still couldn't move much because Saraya's lightning stopped it. The monkey used a shield to cover its head, taking slow steps to get out of the area of lightning.

Hikaru frowned, using his Scrutiny skill to see the monkey's information.

Name: Gorilla King

Type: Skeleton

Rarity: SSR

Agility: 15,500

Strength: 50,000

Intelligence: 0

Description: When alive, the Gorilla King was the king of this land. Its power was unmatched. It was recorded in history books that it had defeated 200 Royal Knights and many other adventurers.

After the Gorilla King died, it was imprisoned in the Dungeon and became the Skeleton King of the Dungeon.

"After transforming into a Skeleton, its Intelligence was 0, so its magic defense was also zero." Hikaru felt that knowledge was indeed power. He ordered: "Vuni, assist Saraya in destroying it."

Vuni was a bit confused, but then she understood Hikaru's intentions. It wasn't Vuni that could read Hikaru's mind, but Hikaru used the Talent [The Master].

Hikaru realized that conveying orders with his mind was much more accurate and faster.

Saraya immediately understood what Hikaru meant, so she nodded. Vuni waved her hand; a magic circle appeared in front of Saraya.

She reached into the magic circle Vuni created and took out a large bow and a long spear. The unique thing was they were both made of lightning, giving off a dazzling aura, even more, dazzling than Saraya's spear just now.

That thunder spear was the same as the spear Saraya used just now. She held the thunder spear to the bow and drew it. An arrow with tremendous destructive power was about to be fired.

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