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Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 11 The Power Of The Hero Class

Hikaru saw that the Blonde's fist hadn't reached him and was stopped because many vines tightly wrapped around it. Vuni stood from afar using magic, and many magic circles appeared around her moving like giant gears.

Hikaru realized that this was his chance to get rid of the Blonde, but the Blonde still held onto his right hand.

"You son of a b*tch! I will kill you all!"

The blond man was entangled in the vines, screaming in anger like a wild animal.

Hikaru knew he couldn't get rid of him. If things continued like this, Vuni wouldn't be able to attack. Hikaru hesitated for 3 seconds, then shouted: "Vuni, Saraya… cut off my right hand, right now!"

Saraya and Vuni were both startled when Hikaru gave such an order.

"No!" Saraya immediately spoke up.

"This is an order." Hikaru shouted again, "If you don't cut it, I can't get rid of this guy, and Vuni can't use her full strength to attack him."

The Blonde heard Hikaru's words and was ascared. He felt how determined Hikaru was to say such words as he just said.

"No!" he shouted: "You can't!"

The Blonde, of course, knew the consequences if Hikaru escapes from his grasp. Currently, Vuni couldn't attack at full force because she's worried Hikaru will also be affected.

If he doesn't hold Hikaru's hand, Vuni will attack him with all her strength. And Vuni's power is tremendous.

Hikaru was afraid that the Blonde would use some other Hero skill, so he shouted: "Hurry!"

While Saraya was scared and didn't want to hurt Hikaru, Vuni took action. She swung her arm, and a blade of wind shot out like a bullet.


The wind blade cut off Hikaru's right arm as easily as cutting cake. Blood from the wound splattered. Even some blood sprayed onto the Blonde's face.

"No!" the Blonde screamed, but he could only watch Hikaru escape from him. He tried to catch Hikaru, but the vines bind him tightly.

"Damn it! Hero Buff!"the Blonde screamed.

3 rings of dazzling light surrounded the Blonde's body. Hikaru could feel his power growing.

Saraya rushed to hug Hikaru and tried to escape. Vuni also did not stand still but continuously combined the magic circles floating around her into one.

Then, a sphere of energy ten meters in diameter appeared above the Blonde's head. The orb emitted a deadly purple light, the energy emanating from it was so great that it created a gust of wind with the speed of a Category 7 hurricane.

The Blonde saw the sphere of energy and got scared. He felt the shadow of death standing behind him, the scythe of death against his neck.

Vuni shouted: "Elemental Explosion!"

The purple sphere energy radiated such a dazzling aura that it also attracted other players fighting around the Dungeon Gate to it. When the players saw the purple sphere of energy in the distance, they were horrified because they all sensed danger.


The purple sphere of energy exploded and a spherical explosion that wiped out everything within 1,000 meters occurred. The shock wave generated by the blast shot out for several thousand meters before disappearing.

The excess energy killed all the players around 2,000 meters in one second. Players who stood further away also had their eardrums perforated from the shock wave.

The ground shook like an earthquake, with cracks spreading like a spider's web.

After a minute, everything quieted down, and the dust covering the surrounding area gradually subsided. All the players present around the Dungeon Gate looked on in horror .

Hikaru and Saraya were also blown away by the shockwave from the explosion into the forest. Saraya was only mildly injured. Hikaru was weaker, so the shockwave damaged his internal organs.

Hikaru tried to breathe, but he felt a terrible pain every time he inhaled and exhaled.

"Master!" Saraya saw Hikaru lying on the ground, trying to catch his breath, and rushed over. Saraya was confused about what to do when Vuni appeared.

Vuni sat down next to Hikaru, then put her hand on his chest. Vuni's hand radiated a soft blue light, and it seemed that light helped Hikaru recover.

Vuni said worriedly: "I can only heal some internal wounds and stop the bleeding of the severed arm."

Hikaru's eyes, ears, and nose were all bleeding because the shockwave had broken through the weak parts of his body. Fortunately, Vuni could regenerate those parts, or Hikaru would die.


Hikaru spat out a mouthful of blood, finding it easier to breathe. He didn't examine his wound but tried to say: "Is he dead?"

Vuni shook her head and replied: "I don't know! The explosion just now was so big that everything turned to ashes."

Hikaru silently lamented that it was not good. He asked Rika. However, Rika's answer made him even more desperate.

[Master! The Blonde is not dead yet! He just used the Hero Buff, which can sacrifice an entire level to preserve his life. In addition, the Blonde is a Hero, so if he dies, there will be a special announcement.] i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

"Damn it! He's like a cockroach!"

Hikaru didn't check his wound, but he still tried to check the System's message first. Just like Rika said, many players died because of Vuni's skills but the Blonde was still alive.

Hikaru glanced at Vuni, seeing that she was also panting. Hikaru realized that she had run out of Mana.

Hikaru gritted his teeth in anger and said: "Let's go! Enter the Dungeon Gate. He's still alive!"

surprise could be seen on Vuni's face. She didn't think there would be any survivors from the "Elemental Explosion" skill.she also did not doubt Hikaru's words because she completely trusted Him.

Hikaru also didn't want to stay here. Vuni was exhausted and using Soul Points to restore her Mana would take a long time. But now, it was different, Hikaru didn't know how much longer the Blonde could fight, and Hikaru didn't want to find out.

Why didn't Hikaru go back to his territory? That's like leading a wolf to a rabbit hole. Therefore, running into the Dungeon is the best way.


A scream echoed through the air. Hikaru immediately recognized it as the Blonde's voice.

"Damn it. He still has the power to fight!" Hikaru heard Blonde's screams and knew that something was wrong. He hurriedly said to Saraya and Vuni: "Hurry! Run into the Dungeon."

Vuni and Saraya hurriedly took Hikaru and started running away.

"Fucking bastards!"the Blonde shouted: "I will chew your bones, drink your blood!"

The Blonde's scream scared the other players, so no one noticed Hikaru, Vuni, and Saraya trying to run to the Dungeon Gate.

The Blonde came out from the ashes. The heavy armor on his body was also broken. His body was covered in black spots and he was covered in blood. The blonde's hair was also burned black.

However, his ferocious face and terrifying strength made him look more like a Devil from Hell.

But if you looked closely, you could see the Blonde's wounds healing at an unbelievable speed.

"I - Sherwin, swear to capture you and make you regret ever being in this world."

It turns out the Blonde's name is Sherwin. Sherwin swearing by his name was enough to show how angry and resentful he was of Hikaru.

Of course, Hikaru didn't stop but continued with Saraya and Vuni to the Dungeons Gate.

[Master! Hurry up! Sherwin already has a Hero Buff, so all of his wounds are healing. If we continue to fight, we will surely die!]

Hearing Rika's reminder, Hikaru quickened his pace and continued running towards the Dungeons Gate.

Suddenly, Hikaru noticed that his muscles were emitting white light. Not too dazzling but enough for Hikaru to stand out among thousands of players.

Sherwin shouted, his voice echoing across a wide area.

"The one shining is Hikaru! Kill him. And the items he has will drop!"

The players who heard Sherwin's words looked at Hikaru, their faces contorting with greed.

[Master! Sherwin used the skill "Mark" on you. If the distance between you and Sherwin is within a 1,000 meters, your body would start shining. This skill does not affect you, so the Golden Ring's effect doesn't stop it.]

"Damn it!" Hikaru scolded silently. He didn't think Sherwin had such a bizarre skill that even the Golden Ring couldn't stop.

The players seemed to be going crazy, everyone rushed towards Hikaru.

"Is he Hikaru? Hahaha, the UR Treasure Chest is mine."

Out of the way! I'll kill him!"

"Kill! Kill him! His items can be divided equally among us ."


Hikaru suppressed the pain and ran frantically to the Dungeon Gate.

The tank Hikaru had seen before pointed its gun at him, but Hikaru wasn't aware.

"Master! Beware!" Saraya suddenly pushed Hikaru away.


In the blink of an eye, a shell came and exploded at the spot where Hikaru was standing.

"SARAYA!" Hikaru saw Saraya buried in the explosion and shouted.

[Master! Hurry up. If you enter the Dungeon, the monsters you summon will also be teleported into the Dungeon if they are still alive.]


[No but… Hurry! Run into the Dungeon first!]

Hikaru didn't want to leave Saraya lying there but only when he entered the Dungeon could he save her.

Suddenly, Vuni stopped, standing in front of him. Facing the numerous attacks from the players, her Mana was exhausted, but her voice was calm.

Vuni smiled as she waved her hand: "Master, I will stop them."


"MASTER!" Vuni shouted, interrupting Hikaru's words. From Vuni's hand, a magic circle appeared. Vuni didn't turn to look at Hikaru but said: "The best way to save Saraya and me is to run into the Dungeon Gate."

Hikaru gritted his teeth, holding back a glance at the players. Hikaru looked at Sherwin's fierce face, then back at the tank in the distance. He looked at all the players attacking him.

looking at the players intently he tried to remember them to get his revenge.

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