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Mei Gongqing

Chapter 259

Chapter 259: 259

Chen Qian watched Chen Rong’s carriage leave in a daze .

Just after the street was cleared, dozens of acquaintances swarmed around Chen Qian . Seeing that she was still looking at the direction Chen Rong was leaving, a woman said enviously, "that’s the noble man of the Langya Wang family . You’re really lucky, Xiniang . " "That’s it . I’m very happy that such a noble person can see me . Xiniang, she has said a lot to you . " "It’s said that she is the first wife of the Langya Wang family . " "Ah, that’s the royal family who let three people . "

From then on, admiration and exclamation sounded from time to time . Chen Qian listened to them, but somehow she didn’t feel proud at all .

When she thought of being an aunt, Chen’s face was humble and patient . Chenxi couldn’t help saying, "she’s Chen’s," she continued after a pause . "When she was an aunt, she was humble! However, she is a commoner daughter of a commoner who is not supported by others, so she can’t stand on the stage at all . "

She looked back and said to the quiet people, Chen Xi flattened her lips and thought scornfully, "God is really blind, and even let those people who have no face or skin climb such a position . " .

At this time, a woman called out: "Chen’s a Rong? I’ve heard that her majesty made her an official . " "That’s too much for you, assie . When you’re an aunt, it’s not the same thing . A woman’s marriage is the second birth . She’s destined to marry a noble man . How can you be a sister to say that?" "That’s it . "

Unconsciously, the women around Chenxi are dispersing . Before Chenxi can react, she looks at them with despicable eyes .

Faintly, a low voice said, "this Assisi is also stupid . She had a chance to cling to the Langya Wang family . She even slandered others . Bah, no wonder his husband’s head has been adding concubines to the mansion for three days . "

"That is to say, such a distinguished person is not close to him, and he is not important . "

Listen, Chen Qian’s face is getting ugly . With a loud voice, she rushes to open the crowd and rush to the door .

In the carriage, Chen Rong pulled down the curtain .

She smiled coldly, leaned on her back, closed her eyes and thought, "in their hearts, am I always mean?"?

This fact is a little helpless .

Because this is an era in which identity is greater than everything else . The brand of this era is that there is no way to avoid the appearance, and it will never be avoided .

At this time, a rush of horse hooves came .

The sound of a horse’s hoof awakened Chen Rong, who opened the curtain in wonder . You know, this is Jiankang . How crowded the streets are . Few people dare to gallop their horses here .

What appeared in her vision was a fiery red pony, a beautiful girl at once .

When Chen Rong looked at her, the girl also saw Chen Rong . She had a drink and the horse’s hoof accelerated . After crashing two common people, she rushed to Chen Rong in a hurry .

As soon as she rushed to Chen Rong’s carriage, she had a quick drink and stopped the horse .

Lower her head, the girl stared at Chen Rong and asked, "are you Chen’s ah Rong?"

Chen rongpiao followed two guards not far away from the girl too closely, and did not reply .

Seeing that she didn’t reply, the girl wanted to get angry when her mouth was flat . In a flash, she didn’t know what to think of, and forced herself to bear it . She jumped off the horse’s back and said to Chen Rongfu in a quiet voice, "Sima Li has seen her aunt . "

Why do you suddenly talk about etiquette again?

Chen Rong takes back her eyes and stares at the girl .

Maybe her eyes were suspicious . The girl’s face turned red . She continued to be warm and soft . She said politely, "don’t blame my aunt . It was a Li who was rude just now . "

"Are you a princess?" Chen Rong asked

"Yes . "

Chen Rong takes back her eyes, she says lightly: "you rush to come, want to ask me, why not speak up?"

Sima Li’s head is lower, and she says bluntly, "Auntie, it’s Ali who is too headstrong . Please don’t blame auntie . "

Chen Rong said lightly, "I don’t blame you . You have something to say . "

"Yes . "

Sima Li looks up .

She looked at Chen Rong with clear eyes and said: "I heard that my aunt has been married to the king’s husband for many years and never allowed him to take a concubine . Just a few years ago, my aunt gave you the beautiful maidservant concubines that the queen mother and Her Majesty gave to your husband . "

Chen Rong coldly interrupts her words, "you came here in such a rush to say that?"

Sima Li was shocked and said in a hurry, "no, aunt, you must not be angry . You must not be angry . " She was obviously in a hurry . Her eyes were red and her tears were about to come out .

Chen Rong glanced at her with a sneer: these Sima’s children, one by one, are either straw bags or fanatics . They are either scared to pee their pants at the sound of horse hissing, or they are so rampant that they don’t treat the common people as people . I didn’t expect that they would cry too?

For an era when the poor are destined to be prosperous at birth and the noble are always high, the decadence and incompetence of the grandchildren cannot be avoided . Sometimes Chen Rong even felt that without the support of those big families, the dynasty really had no need to continue . When Sima Li saw Chen Rong’s face was not good, he did not know what he had said wrong . After staying in a daze, two lines of clear tears rolled down . She lowered her head and hurriedly wiped away tears with her handkerchief .

Chen Rong said impatiently, "let’s go . "

"No, aunt, don’t go . " Sima Li is in a hurry . She reaches for the shaft and says, "Auntie, auntie, I just want to talk to you . I want you to talk to Xuan Xiaolang . I want to treat me like his father did to you in the future, and I won’t take a concubine . "

This is strange .

Chen Rong waved to Yu Fu to stop . She turned to Sima Li and asked him lightly, "you mean, you will marry Xuaner?"

She said it so directly . Sima Li’s face was red . She nodded her head gently and said, "the Empress Dowager and her mother said that she would make a decision for me . "

"When they say they will make decisions for you, you think it’s a safe thing to do?"

Hearing Chen Rong’s cold voice, Sima Li raised his head in amazement . She looked at Chen Rong, and only a while later said, "aunt is still blaming a li? You, don’t sabotage us . "

Chen Rong chuckled at this .

She didn’t want to talk to such a delicate girl any more . She turned to Yu Fu and shouted, "go!"

"Yes," he replied The whip swung and the carriage moved .

Sima Li didn’t expect Chen Rong to leave without saying anything . After staying, he hurried to catch up with him .

saw that while she was riding a horse, she stretched out her hand to climb up the shafts . Chen Rong looked back at Sima and coldly stared at it . He said, "Your Highness, your marriage with Xuan Er, my motherhood, will not be allowed!" You’d better die! "

Her eyes, this sentence, are full of evil spirit . Where has Sima Li seen it? His face was white with fear, and he took back his hand in panic . As soon as her hand was back, the carriage speeded up, and Chen Rong disappeared in front of Sima Li in a flash . (to be continued . If you like this work, welcome to the starting point( qidian . com )Vote for recommended tickets, monthly tickets, your support, is my biggest motivation . )

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