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Chapter 7: Chapter Seven, acting cool is death

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

In the hot spring pool, Gong Mochen was lying in the steaming hot water. He placed his arm at the entrance of the hot spring, where the water temperature was the highest. The fight with Li Ang just now had injured the old wound on his arm, so he could only come to the hot spring to treat it.

The girl’s light footsteps sounded outside the hot spring room, and her small head was looking inside.

The man closed his eyes and frowned slightly, thinking about something.

She walked in. “uncle. ”

She deliberately stretched her voice, but the man ignored her.

“Nie Feng told me everything. You asked him to follow me all the time. ”

Gong Mochen opened his eagle-like eyes, emitting a cold light. Nie Feng was courting death.

“Don’t blame Nie Feng. I scared him with flowers. He was sewing a wound in the room just now, so I put the flowers in front of his nose, ” Qin Sheng said.

Everyone knew that Nie Feng’s Martial Arts were the best under Gong Mochen, but no one knew that Nie Feng was severely allergic to pollen, the kind that could kill him. He didn’t need to use martial arts to deal with him. Just waving a flower was enough.

“Say then. ” Gong Mochen asked coldly.

This little Fox had been raised by him for so many years. The moment she opened her mouth, he knew what she was going to say.

“The Blue Queen is it. I’ve decided to forgive you. I don’t care why you chased me away. ” Qin Sheng sat by the hot spring and stuck her foot into the water. She raised her little face proudly. This was her magnanimous forgiveness.

Gong Mochen got up and went ashore. His voice was so low that there was no warmth. “I didn’t forgive you. ”

He strode towards the door. The Little Fox did not admit her mistake. How dare she try to find an excuse for herself?

Qin Sheng retracted her foot from the water and wanted to chase after the man. However, she slipped and fell into the hot spring.

Puff She stood up and spat out a mouthful of water. The water was really hot.

Gong Mochen rushed back like an Arrow and lifted her up from the hot spring. He looked at her nervously.

“Did you hurt yourself? Where did you hurt yourself? ”

Qin Sheng shook the water off her hair. How could she hurt herself by soaking in the hot spring?

However, she turned around and leaned into the man’s arms. “IT HURTS! ”

“Let me take a look! ” Gong Mochen said anxiously.

Mou Ran and Qin Sheng stared at the hot spring. “Uncle, what’s that? ”

She stared at the bottom of the hot spring. A black shadow had just swam past the bottom of the hot spring like a ghost.

Gong Mochen pulled the girl up. “There’s nothing. You’re seeing things. Come back to my room with me. ”

His face was tense. Fortunately, she wasn’t bitten, but she saw it.

Seeing things?

Qin Sheng was puzzled. She clearly saw something. She was brought back to her room by the man. She didn’t know what Gong Mochen was doing, but he insisted that she take a bath again.

She only soaked in the hot spring for a while.

However, looking at the man’s angry face, she wisely chose to listen to him.

When Qin Sheng came out of the bathroom, she saw Gong Mochen taking out herbs and rubbing them on his arms and legs. He had gone abroad for a year and only came back half a year ago. When he came back, he was covered in injuries. Although the scar was removed from the surgery, the injuries were still there He still had to apply ointment from time to time. As for where he went and what he did, no one knew.

“Let me help you apply ointment. ” She reached out to get the ointment.

However, the man blocked her hand. “Don’t touch these. I’ll bring you back to the old mansion tomorrow. ”

Qin Sheng was instantly enraged. “Gong Mochen, F * Ck, I’ve already forgiven you. You’re not done yet! ”

“Don’t swear! Besides, watch how I’ll teach you a lesson! ” Gong mochen roared angrily. He clearly wanted to educate a princess, but in the end, he didn’t know what was wrong. What he taught, what he didn’t teach, this girl already knew!

He paused for a moment. “I’ll go to the old mansion too. ”

Qin Sheng’s forehead drew countless black lines. He was going to the old mansion too Ever since he bought this villa at the age of 20, he had never lived in the old house again.

She only felt that everything was wrong. What was even more wrong was that Gong Mochen actually gave her the bedroom and went to sleep in the guest room himself.

Gong Mochen She was so angry that she stood on the bed and stomped her feet. It was obvious that he was going against her!

“Gong Mochen, if you have the guts to live separately, then don’t come back for the rest of your life! ” She shouted angrily.

Gong Mochen, who had walked out of the door, heard the girl’s fierce voice and drew a bunch of black lines on his forehead. What did she mean by living separately? They were not married yet?

However, they had lived together for too long. He sighed helplessly. It seemed that he still had to work hard to make this girl stop thinking about him.

In the silence of the night, Qin Sheng, who was proudly on the bed, could no longer hold back her pride. She took her phone and sent a message to Chu Xia.

‘How can I make a man admit his mistake? ‘

‘You don’t want your uncle to admit his mistake to you, right? Are you crazy? ‘

‘He was the one who chased me away! ‘

‘Damn! Dear, the point is that you want to stay, not that he wants you to stay. ‘

“YOU’RE DISGUSTING! ” Qin Sheng sent a left Humph Emoji.

Chu Xia immediately sent a right Humph Emoji, “acting cool is death! Acting cool once is B, acting cool twice, you’ll become an idiot. ”

“Then I can’t apologize to him, right? My Pride! ”

“But it’s no use, you can hold your pride for the rest of your life! I’m an ‘An, you continue to be proud. ”

“Don’t, think of a way for me, or I’m not sure I can get your pocket money back. ”

“relying on it, can you be more ruthless? Or you can be more ruthless to yourself and apologize to him? Anyway, you haven’t admitted it since you were young, just treat it as experiencing life. Remember to return the money to me! ” After saying that, Chu Xia immediately went offline She was determined not to give Qin Sheng the chance to say no.

Experiencing life Qin Sheng turned off her phone.

This was good, she just wanted to experience it?

She crawled up, rushed out of the room to the guest room, and entered the man’s room like a cat.

The man slept very peacefully, like a harmless baby.

Qin Sheng stood beside the man and moved her mouth for a long time, but she didn’t say a single word of apology.

“Am I dead? I’ll let you admire me for three minutes? ” The man’s words came out from the corner of his lips, and he opened his eagle-like eyes.

Qin Sheng was shocked. That d * Mn man was pretending to be asleep!

In the blink of an eye, she was deeply absorbed by the man’s gaze.

“Well, uncle, I was wrong. Please forgive me. ” She grabbed the man’s arm and shook it, coiling around the man like a puppy.

“then? ” Gong Mochen asked coldly. This little Fox admitted her mistake and pretended to be a puppy. As long as he forgave her, she would turn around and guarantee that it wasn’t her.

“So, I’ve decided to compensate myself to you! ”

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