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Chapter 3: Chapter three, aboveboard

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

Qin Sheng entered the living room and hid behind the SOFA to eavesdrop. She clearly heard second aunt Zheng Min’s words.

She rolled her eyes. Zheng Min’s tone was like advising Gong Mochen to adopt a puppy or a hamster.

Her father was the son of her grandfather’s ex-wife. Her mother died in childbirth. Her father died in a car accident on the way to the hospital. She had been an orphan since birth and the whole family treated her as a jinx.

Gong Mochen was the first person she saw when she came to this world. He was also the only person who loved her.

“Come Out. ” Gong Mochen pressed his finger on his throbbing temple.

Qin Sheng crawled from the back of the Sofa to the SOFA and looked at the man with a fawning face. “No one wants me. Why don’t you continue to take care of me? ”

Gong Mochen pursed his lips into a straight line. “Don’t you know that you have to wear clothes in front of a man? ”

A ray of sunlight shone on the girl’s body. The white shirt faintly revealed all of her beauty. He forced himself to look away.

Qin Sheng tugged at the man’s shirt on her body. “D * MN, am I not wearing it? Besides, when I was young, you changed my diapers and bathed me. Where have you not seen and touched me before? Oh? Uncle, you have to be responsible for me if you see me naked. ”

Her finger poked at the man’s chest.

Gong Mochen flicked the girl’s forehead with his long finger. “You’re only 18 years old. What are you thinking about? ”

“I’m already an adult. ” Qin Sheng rubbed her forehead in pain.

“I’m ten years older than you, ” Gong Mochen said coldly.

“I don’t think you’re old! ” Qin Sheng opened her eyes wide like a hamster and looked at the man obediently, showing off her hundreds of millions of tons of cuteness.

Gong Mochen’s lips twitched. “I think you’re young. ”

He said fiercely, “let Nie Feng Send You back to your grandfather’s house. If I see you again when I come back, don’t blame ME FOR BEING RUDE! ”

Qin Sheng bit her lip. You want me to leave?

I won’t leave, I won’t leave, I won’t leave She wanted to see what he could do to her?


At night, Gong Mochen walked into the villa.

Nie Feng reported, “President, Miss Qin locked herself in the bedroom. I can’t take her away. ”

Gong Mochen strode into the bedroom. His body was filled with a biting coldness as he kicked open the door.

Qin Sheng looked at the furious man in astonishment. This was the Gong Mochen she had never seen before, like an Asura in hell.

“throw her out. Don’t let Qin Sheng step into the villa or the company. ” Gong Mochen ordered his men coldly.

A few bodyguards walked forward. “Miss Qin, please. ” The bodyguards said respectfully.

Qin Sheng’s lips twitched and her eyes widened. She glared at Gong Mochen. “If you have the ability, don’t BEG ME TO COME BACK! ”

After saying this, she pushed the bodyguard in front of her away and ran out. She would never go back to her grandfather’s house.

Run away from home Yes Run away from home. She didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be anxious. 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Gong Mochen stood in front of the window and watched the girl run out of the villa. Mou Ran turned around and said, “Nie Feng, Pack Miss’s winter clothes and throw them to her! ”

Nie Feng quickly agreed and ran into the changing room to get his clothes. There was a pile of black threads on his head. Was He going to throw them or give them to her?

The wind whistled in the winter and made Qin Sheng Tremble. She secretly regretted not bringing her luggage out. However, even if she was frozen, she wouldn’t go back and Beg Gong Mochen for clothes.

“Miss Qin. ”

Qin Sheng turned around and saw Nie Feng who was chasing her. He got someone to chase her so quickly?

She was delighted. She put her hand in her pocket, raised her head and asked, “he asked you to pick me up? Let him come and pick me up personally! ”

Nie Feng looked embarrassed. “The president didn’t ask me to pick you up. He asked me to pack your clothes and throw them out. Miss Qin, get in the car. I’ll drive you wherever you go. ”

To be honest, he didn’t understand what had happened. It turned out that no matter what trouble Qin Sheng had caused, the president wouldn’t treat Qin Sheng like this.

He remembered that when Qin Sheng was in primary school, a female classmate bullied her because she was an orphan and beat her up. Gong Mochen brought him and a few other brothers and blocked the girl at the school gate. The scene scared the girl so much that she immediately peed. Gong Mochen even forced the girl to Kowtow and apologize to Qin Sheng.

When she was in junior high school, Qin Sheng was so late that the principal bumped into her. The principal punished her to stand at the school gate for an hour.

Gong Mochen drove over, threw down a check and bought the school. He fired the principal and told Qin Sheng how to sleep.

Even if Qin Sheng tore the school down, Gong Mochen would only ask her if her hands were tired?

Qin Sheng’s lips twitched. F * Ck, even her clothes were thrown out!

“Give me my clothes. I’M NOT TAKING HIS CAR! ” She said stubbornly.

She pulled her luggage and left. She knew him very well. She wanted to anger him to death and make him regret it!

Nie Feng had no choice but to follow Qin Sheng in secret. He only completed his mission when he saw Qin Sheng walk into her classmate, Chu Xia’s house.


The next night, two girls walked into the nightclub amid the lights, wine, and greenery.

“Qin Sheng, let’s go back! I’M SCARED! ” Chu Xia said.

“PFFT! What are you scared of? OUR WORK-STUDY PROGRAM IS ABOVEBOARD! ” Qin Sheng mustered up her courage. To be honest, she also felt guilty.

“F * CK! Sister, work-study program is aboveboard. The problem is, can the things you sell be aboveboard? ” Chu Xia was on the verge of tears.

This was the only job they had found after a day of searching. For this job, they had even paid a 500 yuan deposit. If they couldn’t sell it for 500 yuan, they would lose all their money. That was the pocket money that she had saved for a long time!

“F * Ck, isn’t the birth control product aboveboard? The country promotes the need to love life and prevent the spread of AIDS every day. This is the country’s call! Besides, if I don’t earn money, what am I supposed to eat? ”

“Your uncle didn’t waste your black diamond card. Do you have any upper limit on that card? ” Chu Xia tugged at her work clothes. That d * Mn boss still wanted them to wear work clothes to buy.

However, this work clothes was similar to a piece of cloth around the body. It was either too much of the top or too much of the bottom.

“I ran away from home! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t use his money! ” Qin Sheng said with great ambition.

She looked around the nightclub. It was her first time entering this place, and she was a little dumbfounded.

Her gaze swept across the hall and the single rooms in the corridor. “Let’s go to the single room. The expenses there are high, and it’s all because of the money. There’s probably a princess sitting there. ”

Chu Xia almost vomited blood. “entering the single room? There won’t be any danger, right? ”

“Damn it, how would I know if there’s any danger? We’ll know after we take a look! ” Qin Sheng randomly picked a single room with Chu Xia and knocked on the door.

“Sensei... ” Qin Sheng’s words instantly stopped.

In the middle of the single room sat a mixed-race boy. He had thin eyebrows, red Phoenix Eyes, brown-red hair, purple eyes, Red Lips, and a diamond earring on one ear. That kind of feminine beauty was so noble and elegant that a woman could bang her head against the wall However, people could see the manliness between his brows. He Sat Lazily on the Sofa as if he was a demon who had accidentally fallen into the mortal world.

A man walked over and dragged Chu Xia and Qin Sheng to the purple-eyed man’s side to sit down. “What took you so long? Hurry up and DRINK WITH THE DUKE! ”

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