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Chapter 29: Chapter 29, anger

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

He Fen was a shrewd woman. She had long understood the meaning behind Zheng Min’s words.

She pretended to be angry and said, “have you lost your rules? Why are you saying these things in front of the guests? ”

He Min immediately showed her panic and said, “mom, it’s not my fault. Qin Sheng was too unruly. I was also confused by her anger. She actually told Sir Jue to go to hell! ”

She spoke again as if she was afraid that Li Ang could not hear her.

He Fen turned to look at Roland and said, “I really have to ask Madam to bear with me. My granddaughter is so unruly. She’s not like my eldest granddaughter. She’s very sensible and well-educated. She would never do such an uncultured thing. ”

Roland’s face darkened. This daughter-in-law whom he had not met was really naughty, but this girl was right She somewhat hoped that Qin Yunting would be her daughter-in-law.

“that girl called Qin Sheng, is her father the eldest son of your family? ” She asked unwillingly.

He Fen nodded and said, “he’s the eldest son of my family. He passed away early, so his daughter lacks parents and is uneducated. ”

Roland sighed lightly. He would not be wrong this time. He was secretly annoyed that he should not have agreed to the marriage with old man Yun.

“I don’t think Qin Sheng will be back in a while. Otherwise, I’ll invite Lord Jue and Madam to have dinner at my house! ” Zheng Min said. Of course, it was not for Li Ang and Qin Sheng. She wanted to create time for her daughter to spend with Lord Jue So that Madam Li Ang would like Qin Yunting.

“Okay, ” Li Ang said.

Roland looked at Li Ang in surprise. She wanted to leave, but she did not expect her son to agree.

She pursed her lips. “Well then, we’ll disturb you at the mansion. ”

“How can we disturb you? We can’t even invite such distinguished guests like Lord Jue and Madam! I will cook for them myself. ” Zheng Min walked out of the living room happily and finally stopped Li Ang.

She walked out and looked at Qin Yunting who was standing outside the door. “What are you doing here? Come with me to the kitchen. You can cook for Lord Jue Yourself! ” i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

“hmph, Qin Sheng scolded Lord Jue. Lord Jue is not angry! ” Qin Yunting stomped her feet in anger.

“What are you afraid of? If she is not angry once, then it will be twice. If it doesn’t work twice, then it will be three times. There will be a time when she will anger Lord Jue. You have to act like a good girl. When that time comes, if Lord Jue doesn’t choose you, who will he choose? ” Zheng Min pulled her daughter towards the kitchen.

How long would she have to wait Qin Yunting was already running out of patience.

The corners of her lips curled up coldly. Qin Sheng should have already arrived at school by now. It was a pity that she couldn’t go. Otherwise, she really wanted to see how Qin Sheng would be dealt with by a few male students!

In the school, Qin Sheng’s figure ran straight to her classroom. However, where was the shadow of Chuxia in the silent classroom There was only Ha Siqi sitting on the table.

She walked over. “where’s Chuxia? Has she been taken away? Where is she? ”

Ha Siqi looked up at the girl who had run to her sweaty head. Her eyes darkened. “How would I know where Chuxia is? ”

“PFFT! You’re the class monitor. You didn’t even dare to say a word when you saw your classmate being taken away by the bad guys. Are you still a f * Cking Man? ” Qin Sheng roared angrily.

Ha Siqi’s lips twitched and she grabbed Qin Sheng’s shoulder. “Who are you calling not a man? ”

“What are you staring at? I’M SCOLDING YOU! You B * Stard! What else do you know besides licking women? ” Qin Sheng scolded loudly.

“F * CK! ” Ha Siqi was so angry that she turned Pale. She pushed Qin Sheng back and pressed her against the desk. “Who are you scolding not that man? ”

“You’re the class monitor who doesn’t know how to protect your classmates. You’re not a man! ” Qin Sheng roared angrily.

“Not a man? I’ll let you know today whether I’m a man or not! Is it because that Lord Jue didn’t serve You well yesterday that you’re now clamoring for a man? ” Ha Siqi pressed Qin Sheng against the desk.

The girl lay on the desk with her legs dangling on the ground. This height matched Ha Siqi’s height perfectly.

Qin Sheng had never expected that Ha Siqi would do such a thing to her He usually hated her so much and hated her so much, yet he still had the desire to sleep with her?

F * Ck, it could only be said that men were all animals that thought with their lower bodies. When they were in heat, anything could be pressed under their bodies.

She suddenly kicked her long leg towards Ha Siqi’s hip bone. Ha Siqi’s lower body was kicked to the side, but her upper body was still pressed on Qin Sheng’s body.

He used his strength to press down on Qin Sheng. “You F * Cking Dare to kick me? ”

“Kick you? I dare to hit you! ” Qin Sheng slapped Ha Siqi’s face. Since both of his hands were on her shoulders, she knew he couldn’t dodge.

The crisp sound of the slap echoed in the classroom, and Ha Siqi’s face turned from white to red.

“What are you pretending for? Didn’t you have sex with your uncle and the duke? Why can’t I? ” He lowered his head and kissed the girl’s Lips.

Qin Sheng turned her head to avoid Ha Siqi’s mouth. With her uncle Hehe, if Qin Yunting didn’t say these words, it would be a F * CKING GHOST!

“Husky, you’re Qin Yunting’s dog! ”

“Say it again, do you believe that I’ll strangle you to death! ” No Man was willing to be a woman’s dog, and Ha Siqi was the same!

“Who are you if you’re not? You’ll believe whatever Qin Yunting says. If you’re not a dog, then what are you? You want to fuck me? Do you believe that I’ll tell Qin Yunting to be careful that you’re not dumped by your master!

“She’s currently at home seducing Lord Jue and wants to be his fianc??e! ” Qin Sheng said bluntly. If she didn’t provoke the Husky to death, then it wasn’t her ability.

“HMPH, I was dumped by her. No matter how much she dumped me, I did not want her. She is just my leftover broken shoes. If Lord Jue likes it, feel free to PICK UP MY SECOND-HAND GOODS! ” Ha Siqi said.

Qin Sheng was dumbfounded. She never thought that Ha Siqi would not care about Qin Yunting so much. After all, she knew that Qin Yunting’s first real boyfriend was Ha Siqi.

Zheng Min was very strict in educating her daughter in this aspect. She felt that she should raise the price and sell it at a good price. Obviously, Zheng Min was very satisfied with Ha Siqi. Moreover, the two families were engaged again. Marriage was only a matter of time That was why she would turn a blind eye to Qin Yunting’s matters and just let the couple be happy.

She suddenly remembered what Chu Xia had said. A man only needed one woman.

“But I don’t like second-hand goods. Husky, even if you are a dog, I don’t have the leisure to F * Ck a dog! ”

Ha Siqi’s face was livid. He did not understand why she never liked him?

“F * Ck a dog? I’ll F * CK you first! ” He reached out to grab the girl’s skirt.

Qin Sheng kept pushing Ha Siqi’s chest while the other hand slapped the boy’s face. She did not believe that he would not let go and block her slap. However, surprisingly, Ha Siqi did not know pain and allowed her slap to fall She was also stubborn enough to kiss her mouth.

She turned her head to hide, and her head happened to rush towards the door. “Husky, look WHO’s here! ”

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