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Chapter 28: Chapter 28: I don’t want to marry her anymore

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

When Qin Yunting walked into the living room in her long lace dress, she raised her proud chin. Since she came to ask for her hand in marriage, she would use the word “ASK” to the extreme!

Zheng Min proudly introduced her daughter. “Madam, this is my daughter, Qin Yunting. ”

She dressed Qin yunting up like a flower. Although it took her some time, it was definitely worth it. Even she liked it.

Roland was stunned. Didn’t old man Yun say that this girl’s mother was dead?

Of course, if her Mother did not die, it would not be her son’s turn to marry her. But where did this mother come from?

“Am I wrong? Isn’t her mother dead? ”Shee blurted out.

Zheng Min almost scolded back. Your mother was the one who died!

But for the sake of her daughter’s marriage, she endured it.

“who spread the rumor that I died? I’m clearly alive and well! Madam, DON’T BE DECEIVED! ”

Roland was suspicious. Could old man Yun have even gotten this wrong?

“Well, does your Qin family have a granddaughter? ”

Zheng Min’s heart sank. Were they looking for Qin Sheng Qin Sheng’s mother was dead.

She looked at her mother-in-law and winked.

He Fen nodded knowingly “We have a granddaughter, but she’s very mischievous. She’s not worthy of the attention of the Duchess and Duke. She’s probably in school with other boys... ” she deliberately paused. “I mean, maybe she was detained by the teacher or went out to play.

“And aren’t you looking for Miss Big Sun “Tingting is Miss Big Sun. ”

Qin Sheng, who had been peeping in from outside the door, twitched the corner of her lips. This grandmother was really good at talking. With one sentence, she made her sound like a bad student. Moreover, she insinuated that she was fooling around with other boys.

She took a deep breath. Only this time, she was not angry. Just now, she heard that evil mother ask Qin Yunting if her mother was dead. She guessed that Li Ang was looking for her.

Obviously, her grandmother would not give her any chance to be with the Duke. She was looking forward to it.

She smiled and turned around to leave. Her Grandmother and second aunt had framed her here, which guaranteed that the duke would never want to marry her.

Roland’s face stiffened for a moment. With another boy?

No matter what, her family could not marry an unclean girl, right?

“It’s Qin Sheng. Call her out. She’s at home, ” Li Ang suddenly said.

He knew he was wrong when he saw Qin yunting come in. He deliberately did not say anything. Anyway, he did not want to get engaged to that stinky girl. It just so happened that he was wrong, so he let his mother torture him slowly.

Who knew that he would turn around and see a small head leaning against the door. She hid very well. If it was not for the fact that he could see a little bit outside the door from his angle, no one would have been able to discover her.

What made him the most angry was that when she left, she actually had a bright smile on her face.

She was so happy to know that his mother had found the wrong person How much did she not want to marry him?

His lips pursed into a straight line. If he let her succeed, he would not be Lord Jue!

He Fen’s face twitched for a moment before she ordered the servants to find Qin Sheng.

Zheng Min said reluctantly, “IT turns out that I’ve got the wrong person. I’ll go find her. Otherwise, when that girl goes crazy, these servants won’t be able to control her. Tingting, isn’t young master HA coming later? Go prepare some desserts. ”

She helped her daughter out of the predicament so that the embarrassed Qin Yunting could leave.

Qin Yunting’s face stiffened with her own smile. She forced herself to walk out of the living room with Zheng Min. In the corridor, she snapped the necklace in anger. She hated Qin Sheng to death.

The pearls on the necklace fell all over the ground. Zheng Min complained to Qin yunting with heartache.

“What are you doing? This necklace is worth hundreds of thousands! Your father bought it for me on my birthday! Hurry up, come and look for the pearls! Can’t you throw one at me! ” She shouted to the servants to pick them up.

Qin Yunting kicked the pearls under her feet in frustration “All you know is money. You’ve completely embarrassed me. If you had used the excuse that I have a fianc?? to reject Lord Jue just now, I would have dumped him. No matter how Qin Sheng and Lord Jue are, Lord Jue is something I don’t want.

“But now, I’m engaged, and I even went to look for Lord Jue Eagerly, but he didn’t want me. I don’t know how Qin Sheng will laugh at me. If Ha Siqi finds out about this, where will I put my face? ”

“You only know how to blame me. I did it for your own good. How can the Ha family compare to Lord Jue? ” Zheng Min’s gaze hardened “Qin Sheng wants to marry Lord Jue. Does she have that fate? Don’t be anxious. Back then, mother could snatch Ha Siqi for you, and today, I can snatch Lord Jue for you too! ”

Qin Yunting rolled her eyes. “yesterday, I said that that SL * t hooked Lord Jue onto her bed. Grandfather didn’t believe it. If she doesn’t go to bed, Can Lord Jue come and propose marriage? Lord Jue asked for her by name. What can we do? ”

“Hehe, isn’t she not engaged yet? Why are you in such a hurry? ” Zheng Min said.

“Now that Lord Jue wants to see that SL * T, can you stop him? ”QinnYuntingg growled.

Zheng Min was also in a dilemma. It seemed that Madam had a quick temper. If they really met, she would most likely be engaged immediately.

Just as the mother and daughter were worrying about how to deal with it, Qin Sheng walked out of the kitchen, chewing on the sugarcane in her hand.

She glanced at the pearls on the ground, and a wicked smile appeared on her lips. “Aiyo, the aura of my cousin who just got engaged to the duke is different. Even such a Pearl Necklace is not worth looking at! ”

The Pearl Necklace was on Qin Yunting’s neck. If she did not break it herself, who could break the thing on her neck. It could be seen that Qin Yunting was in a bad mood. However, if Qin Yunting was unhappy, she was very happy.

The corner of Qin Yunting’s lips twitched. What the F * Ck? was Qin Sheng mocking her for not getting engaged?

The thing that made her most angry was the way Qin Sheng ate the sugarcane. She did not look like a lady from a noble family at all. Even with this kind of behavior, she was still taken in by the Duke.

She had pretended to be a lady for eighteen years. was she not more attractive than a Ruffian Her Mother did not allow her to touch these things. If she wanted to eat them, she would let the servants use the juicer to extract the juice and drink it. Of course, the feeling was different from eating sugarcane. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Her gaze shifted. “Qin Sheng, didn’t you know that something happened to your best friend, Chuxia? ”

Qin Sheng was stunned. “What did you say? How did you know that something happened to Chuxia? ”

“Did you forget that my fianc?? is Ha Siqi? Today, he brought some people to write the bulletin at school. Chuxia is in charge of illustrating on the bulletin, ” Qin Yunting said.

Qin Sheng spat out the Bagasse in her mouth and took a step forward. “What did you do to Chuxia? ”

Qin Yunting sneered. “What can we do to her? Is She even worthy? It was that Mr. Sikong who came to the school to cause trouble for her yesterday. I’ve brought the message. It’s up to you whether you save her or not. ”

Qin Sheng threw the sugarcane into the trash can. That duck wouldn’t really force Chuxia to pay for sex, would it She ran straight out of the villa to save Chuxia.

Qin Yunting twisted her back as she ran away. She took out her phone and sent a message to Ha Siqi. “Get a few boys to teach Qin Sheng a lesson! ”

Zheng Min turned around and walked back to the living room. “Mom, Qin Sheng is too unruly. I told her to come and see Lord Jue, but she ran away like a cigarette. She said to tell Lord Jue to go to Hell! ”

Li Ang’s face twitched. Stupid girl, I think you don’t want to live anymore!

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