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Chapter 27: Chapter 27, the marriage proposal was exhilarating

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

Li Ang was confused. “Mom, didn’t you take your medicine when you came out? Why did you let her steal my photo? ”

“pfft, your mom’s brain isn’t working. Besides, she took your photo. It’s not stealing, it’s returning it to the owner! ” Roland said.

Li Ang frowned and immediately realized, “could it be that the photo is hers? ”

“Yes, the girl on it is her! ” Roland smiled brightly and did not care about his son’s angry face.

“You know where the girl in the photo is, and you still want me to come to country H to look for her? ” Li Ang was speechless.

“You can’t blame me for this If I told you to look for your future wife, would you be able to come “That’s why your smart mom thought of this brilliant plan. She wanted you to look for the girl in the photo, so that you two could meet naturally. This way, it would be easy for you two to develop a relationship.

“See, didn’t you guys just do that “This boy and girl always have casual encounters, and they just like each other! ” Roland said seriously.

Casual encounters The corner of Li Ang’s lips twitched, and his mind was filled with the image of that stinky girl holding a plane cup and a fake stick, wanting to fuck him.

Damn it, he would rather never meet this kind of encounter.

“I’ve also found the person you’re looking for. After the mission is completed, I’ll return to the country tomorrow! ” His voice sank.

“returning to the country is fine. You must get engaged with her and bring her back with you, ” Roland said.

“even if it’s the girl you’re looking for, I won’t agree. ” Li Ang’s words did not leave any room for negotiation.

“You don’t agree, do you Let me tell you, I’ve already decided on your marriage. Do you know why I only gave you one earring on your ear Because the other thing is that I want to give you a BETROTHAL GIFT I’ll go in in a while and give it to that girl to wear.

This earring is called radiant love. Hey, where’s the top of your ear?”As Roland spoke, he realized that his son’s earring was gone.

“I lost it! ” Li Ang only wanted to curse. What’s wrong with that girl stealing? She stole his earring!

“You lost them? F * Ck, how dare you lose your earrings! These earrings are worth more than 10 million! ” Roland’s eyes turned. “It doesn’t matter if you lost them. I can replace them with something else. As long as you hide it from old man Yun, it’ll be fine. ”

Li Ang was stunned. “Who’s old man Yun? ”

“child, don’t interrupt. Come in with me to propose marriage. Otherwise, I’ll knock myself to death in your car. I’ll see how you’ll answer to your father! ” Roland realized that he had almost let the cat out of the bag.

“Mom, MOM! ” Before Li Ang could think of stopping Roland, he saw Roland get out of the car.

Just then, the door of the zither player opened and Zheng Min walked out. She saw the luxury car outside and the woman in expensive clothes.

The woman was wearing a yellow satin cheongsam with the same tailoring as her body. A tailor who could make such a job must be an old master in Shanghai. Those Antique Masters could only make a few limited-edition Cheongsam in a year But it was really not something you could buy with money.

There was also the Black Pearl necklace around the woman’s neck. From the color, she could determine that it was a natural wild Pearl from the deep sea. With the price, she gasped.

She immediately put on a smile and said, “May I know who this lady is looking for at the Qin Family? ”

“in-laws, I’M HERE TO PROPOSE MARRIAGE! ” Roland opened his mouth and called out to the in-laws.

Zheng Min’s face darkened. Her daughter was already engaged. Could it be for Qin Sheng?

How could Qin Sheng be so lucky?

“which young lady of the Qin family are you proposing marriage to? ” Her words came out from between her teeth.

“eldest Miss Sun. ” Roland said and pulled his son over. “This is my son, Duke Li Ang! ”

Old Man Yun said that she was the only daughter of the eldest son of the Qin family. In this way, she was still the eldest daughter of the Qin family.

Zheng Min’s cold face froze, and in a flash, her smile was brighter than a flower. Qin Yunting’s eldest daughter!

“Oh my God! It’s Duke Li Ang! Please come in! ”

Zheng Min’s heart was beating fast. Yesterday, she was jealous of Qin Sheng, but today, the Duke proposed to her daughter!

As if she was afraid that the duke would not come in, she quickly made way and ran in, informing her mother-in-law to come and welcome the duke.

There was really no one else who felt helpless. Li Ang was speechless at his mother.

“Mom, you bring it up. Anyway, I don’t agree! ” He said to his mother.

“Tsk, if you have the ability, don’t call me this mother! ” Roland was still confident in himself. No matter what, this son of his would still listen to her in the end.

He Fen did not expect the Duke to come to propose marriage, so she came out to welcome him.

“Sir, please take a seat. Madam, please take a seat. ” He Fen raised her hand and gestured for everyone to sit down.

“You’re the in-law’s grandmother, right? I brought my son to propose marriage to miss sun, ” Roland said.

He Fen’s face was full of smiles, but she immediately felt troubled. “Miss Big Sun of our family is already engaged. She’s from the Ha family of Country H. Her family was originally from the Royal Family. ”

She did not forget to raise a little for her granddaughter. To be able to get engaged to a descendant of the royal family, it showed how high her granddaughter’s status was.

Zheng Min hurriedly pulled her mother-in-law and lowered her voice. “How can the HA family be more powerful than the Duke? If not, then break off the engagement of the HA family! ”

“Ah? What Ha family? More powerful than our Lord? You dare to Betroth your granddaughter to the Ha family. I think you don’t want to live anymore! Son, destroy them! ” Roland said arrogantly.

Li Ang’s worried heart finally relaxed. That girl was engaged?

Although he was puzzled by the zither player’s words, it was the best for him.

“Mom, she’s already engaged. WHY SHOULD WE PROPOSE MARRIAGE? Let’s go! ” He reached out and pulled his mother.

Roland glared at his son and said, “no way. I want to see who dares to fight with us for the person the Duke’s family has taken a fancy to! ”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. Don’t worry. As long as the Duke Proposes Marriage, I’ll break off the engagement with the HA family! ” Zheng Min hurriedly said, afraid that the marriage would fail.

The maid walked to her side and reported to her that Miss Sun had returned. She immediately left the living room to find her daughter.

“Tingting! You’re back just in time. The Duke has come to propose to you! Hurry up and change clothes with mom. Mom will bring you to meet the Duke! ” Zheng Min’s mouth couldn’t close.

Qin Yunting was about to refute Zheng Min’s words when she saw Qin Sheng walk into the door. Thinking of the humiliation yesterday, she immediately said.

“The duke has proposed to me, of course I will agree! ” She turned to look at Qin Sheng. “Did you hear that? Even if you accompany a man to have sex, a man will not like a slut like you! You still want to propose to me! ”

She raised her Chin arrogantly and walked past Qin Sheng, following Zheng Min to change her clothes.

Qin Sheng was stunned. Li Ang wanted to propose to Qin Yunting?

Hehe, the corners of her lips curled up into an evil smile. She did not know whether Qin Yunting would cry back to her parents when she realized that the duke was a lipstick man and a victim after rolling into bed with him?

She felt all kinds of pleasure when she thought of the image of Qin Yunting collapsing in her mind WAHAHA!

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