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Chapter 2303: Chapter 2303: Being a husband

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

“I think you’re thinking too much. Do you really think that Willam will be able to leave this place alive? “. “Even if all of us leave this place, he won’t leave this place. He wants to stay behind and blow up the entire underground city. There’s a 50% chance that he will be annihilated along with this city. ” Nangong ye said.

This was definitely not an exaggeration. This was because Willam had to place all the bombs properly before he could leave this place.

During this period of time, it was very likely that some unforeseen problems would occur. For example, if he was discovered by ye Wei or ye Xinghun’s people, he would activate the explosion mode ahead of time.

If that was the case, Willam would be annihilated along with the entire underground city.

When Willam activated the bomb and ran towards the secret passageway, if any problems occurred and he didn’t escape according to the original time, he would similarly be annihilated along with the entire underground city.

For such a high difficulty mission, the probability of escaping alive was only 50% . This was also the reason why he wanted to stay behind to help Willam back then. Because it was too dangerous, Willam would very likely die here.

If he and Willam moved together, their speed would be faster. Moreover, if they were discovered by others, the two of them would attack the others together. That would also be safer. Therefore, the probability of the two of them escaping together would increase to 80% .

However, the problem now was that he still had to save Qin Sheng together with Gong Mochen. Therefore, it was very likely that he would not be able to return in time to help Willam. Willam would have to complete the bombing of the entire dungeon by himself.

When he saw how arrogant little green tea was, he could not help but tell the truth.

When Ai Yuan heard Nangong ye’s words, the corner of her lips twitched violently. Was Willam going to die in this operation If that was the case, all her thoughts would be wasted.

Willam was dead. The person who could inherit Willam’s throne was Xin ba. However, Xin Ba was still so young. Her wish to become a queen would be dashed.

“You bad people actually want to kill His Majesty. I will tell His majesty everything you said. I will let him know that you are all bad people who want to kill him, ” she said fiercely.

“If you want to let Willam know that Gong Mochen and Nangong Ye really want him dead, I think you can save this sentence. Because Willam already knew that the two of them wanted him dead. Whether you say it or not, the effect will be the same, ” said Willam B.

Ai Yuan’s heart seemed to be hit by ten thousand points. She did not expect Willam to know that Gong Mochen and Nangong Ye really wanted him dead.

“What did you say? That’s impossible! His Majesty knows that the two of them want to kill him. Would he spare their lives? ” She asked unwillingly.

“Of course he would spare their lives. Moreover, he would be very polite to the two of them. Don’t forget that the person that Willam loves is Lian Lian. One of them is Lian Lian’s father and the other is Lian Lian’s younger brother.

Willam would definitely be very polite to the two of them. After all, he liked Lian Lian so much that he wanted to marry her. “How could he do something like killing his father-in-law and brother-in-law? ” Willam B said.

Ai Yuan clenched her fists. It seemed that it was impossible for her to use this reason to sow discord.

After all, Willam knew everything. It was useless for her to say it again.

“You are too daring. I don’t believe that His majesty will spare you, ” she said.

“It’s okay. You can tell Willam now, ” Nangong ye said generously.

Although he and Willam fought every day, he knew that Willam would not really take his life.

Just like how he would not really take Willam’s life. In fact, no matter how the two of them fought, he would not really take Willam’s life. No matter how bad Willam was, no matter how much he hated Willam, Willam was still Xin BA’s father He would not really kill Willam.

And Willam also thought the same way. No matter how much he fought with them, he would not really take their lives.

Ai Yuan heard Nangong Ye’s clamor and immediately pursed her lips. How was she going to find Willam now Moreover, it was useless to look for Willam. This time, she had lost all her face.

“His majesty is in Ye Wei’s villa. How am I going to look for His Majesty now? If I look for His Majesty, won’t His Majesty Be Exposed? ” She said.

Nangong ye suddenly looked at Ai Yuan’s face and stared at Ai Yuan without a single word.

Ai Yuan’s hair stood on end from Nangong Ye’s stare. “Why are you looking at me? ” She questioned. She was afraid that Nangong ye wanted to kill her.

Nangong ye snapped his fingers. “Father, I have an idea. This idea is absolutely feasible. We can all leave safely. “

“What idea? Quickly tell us! ” Willam B asked excitedly.

“speak. ” Gong Mochen ordered. 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

“We can let ai yuan pretend to be ye Xinghun and bring her into the villa. ” Nangong ye said.

Gong Mochen instantly understood what his son meant. “You mean to say that we can let ai yuan pretend to be ye Xinghun and go to the basement to rescue Qin Sheng? “

“Then, we can follow the original plan. We’ll leave the underground city first. You and Willam will then blow up the entire underground city? “

“Yes, that’s what I’m thinking. We’ll change the mission for the night to daytime. We’ll save my mother before dusk. You guys can safely withdraw from the dungeon first. “.

“Willam and I will go and plant the bombs. We’ll also have to place all the bombs before dusk. Then, we can withdraw from the dungeon and detonate all the bombs, ” Nangong ye said.

This was the best solution he could think of. This way, everyone could safely leave the dungeon.

“This method is feasible. Take Ai Yuan to the villa now and follow your method, ” Gong Mochen said.

“Ai Yuan, wear the human skin mask and mask and return to the villa with me now. ” Nangong ye said.

“No way. His Majesty didn’t give me this mission. I can’t go back with you. ” Ai Yuan hid backwards. Wouldn’t going to Ye Wei and Ye Xinghun’s villa at this time be courting death If she were to bump into Ye Xinghun, this imposter would be exposed in an instant.

Willam B suddenly placed a dagger on Ai Yuan’s neck. “Are you still waiting for His Majesty’s orders? I’m afraid his orders aren’t as fast as mine. “

Ai Yuan felt a chill on her neck as her entire body trembled in fear. As long as William B exerted a little strength, her neck would be severed by the dagger.

“I’ll go with you guys, I’ll go with you guys. ” She hurriedly replied.

Nangong ye shot a glance at Willam B. “let her go, let her wear the human skin mask. “

“You better behave yourself. If you dare to play any tricks, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to leave the room. ” Willam B threatened.

“I know, I’ll put on my makeup right away. ” Ai Yuan said as she took out her leather bag. From within, she took out the human skin mask and the fake head cover.

She began to dress herself up, disguising herself as Ye Xinghun.

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