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Chapter 23: Chapter 23, marry someone else

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

Gong Mochen’s cold personality was angered by the girl. She was the girl he had doted on for 18 years!

The thought of Qin Sheng Kissing Li Ang made him want to destroy her!

He pulled Qin Sheng into his arms. “Don’t anger me anymore, understand? Or else... ”

Or else what? He couldn’t find anything that could threaten her. He couldn’t bear to hit her. His complicated heart was like a net tangled in his heart.

However, the wild cat in his arms had lost its temper. It struggled in his arms and scratched his body with its small claws!

“otherwise what? You believe Qin Yunting’s words! Why do you believe her words and not mine? ”

The more Qin Sheng spoke, the more aggrieved she became. It was already aggrieved enough to meet a duke’s touch, and she was even misunderstood by her own uncle. The key was that her uncle actually did not believe her!

Her tears rolled around in her eyes unyieldingly, but she did not allow them to fall.

She was such a stubborn person. Usually, when she cried, she would only pretend to cry. That was acting coquettishly. When she really wanted to cry, she would not let herself cry.

Gong Mochen silently endured the girl’s small claws, and the deep and shallow red purlins fell on his body.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that... ” it was just that he cared too much about her.

He hugged the girl even tighter, and his big hand held her small hand. “Be careful, your nails will crack, and you’ll cry out in pain again. ”

The man’s gentle voice and doting tone instantly crushed all the stubbornness that Qin Sheng had built up. She nestled in the man’s arms and cried out, feeling wronged.

The girl who did not cry made Gong Mochen’s heart ache. The girl who cried out really gave Gong Mochen a fright. He had never seen her cry like this.

“What happened? Did Li Ang bully you? Tell me, I’ll kill him! ”

He held the girl’s little face with his hands and wiped the tears on her face.

Qin Sheng buried her head in the man’s shoulder, letting the tears wet his sturdy shoulders.

“No, who dares to bully me? Whoever bullies me, I’ll bully them to death! It’s just that you don’t believe me, that’s why I’m wronged. ”

It was the first time she said something that went against her heart. However, when she thought of the time Gong Mochen fought with Li Ang for her, she was so scared that she didn’t dare to let the man risk his life for her again.

Gong Mochen paused for a moment. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I was worried about Li Ang. Why did you meet again? ”

Qin Sheng choked and said, “He donated to the School Library and laboratory, and then they met. The principal asked me to have dinner with the Duke, and then I got drunk and vomited all over him. So he bought me clothes. ”

She briefly explained the reason. She saw her dirty school uniform skirt and Li Ang’s dirty shirt in the trash can in the bathroom. She vaguely remembered that she had vomited.

Gong Mochen frowned. Li Ang was going to donate the library and laboratory?

“Tomorrow, I will go to your school and donate the laboratory and library. I won’t let him do it. ”

How could he give Li Ang another chance to harass Qin Sheng in school?

Qin Sheng got up from the man’s arms. “uncle, are you really going to donate? ”

Gong Mochen wiped the tears from the girl’s face. “When did uncle lie to you? ”

“Then can you ask the principal to waive the tuition fees for Chuxia? ” Qin Sheng asked.

“Sure, whatever my Qin Sheng wants, I’ll give it to her! ” Gong Mochen readily agreed. The principal dared not do such a small thing!

All the misunderstandings were finally resolved, and Qin Sheng was in the mood to admire the handsome man in front of her.

“Uncle, I want another thing. Why don’t you agree to it too? ”

“No! Get up, I’m going to take a shower. It’s time for dinner. ” Gong Mochen refused without waiting for Qin Sheng to say it.

Qin Sheng’s words were held back by the man. “Uncle, aren’t you worried about marrying someone else with me? ”

She hugged the man tightly and refused to let go.

“I’m worried about you marrying an unreliable man! If you meet Li Ang again in the future, I’ll deal with you myself! ” Gong Mochen said and strode into the bathroom.

TCH Qin Sheng rolled her eyes speechlessly. What was this called He didn’t want to marry, and he didn’t want anyone else to marry him.

She took her phone and sent a message to Chu Xia. “A man doesn’t want to marry you, and he doesn’t want you to marry another man. What is this? ”

“Don’t you know that men are all greedy? Otherwise, where did the legend of Zhen Huan come from? ” Chu Xia said sensibly.

Qin Sheng sent a cold sweat emoji. “My uncle doesn’t have that many women! ”

“Is your uncle sick? ”

“Get lost, you’re the one WHO’s sick! ” Qin Sheng said indignantly.

“Does he have a mental disorder? ”

Qin Sheng jumped when she heard that. She looked at the bathroom and pursed her lips into a straight line.

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