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Chapter 15: Chapter 15, the monster came

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

“Qin Yunting, it’s useless even if you call me. Although we both have the surname Qin, this notebook isn’t mine either. My notebook teacher has just finished judging. Could it be that my brain has gone crazy and I’ve written two copies? ” Qin Sheng didn’t wait for Qin Yunting to speak Then, she stopped herself from speaking.

In order to let her study well, Gong Mochen sent her to the top aristocratic school in h nation. However, he didn’t reveal her identity. He wanted the teacher to strictly discipline her and get her results done well.

Therefore, no one in the school knew that she was Qin Yunting’s cousin.

What the F * CK! Qin Yunting only wanted to bang her head against the wall. She really could not say that she had asked Qin Sheng to help her with her homework.

“Teacher Zheng, I did not write this homework. Someone replaced my notebook to frame me! Qin Sheng, the last homework you handed in, you touched these notebooks! ”

Her gaze landed on Qin Sheng. F * Ck. Anyway, it was Qin Sheng who wrote it. It made sense to say that Qin Sheng had replaced her notebook. Fortunately, she had used new notebooks yesterday.

“I replaced your notebook? Qin Yunting, don’t frame me! If you don’t believe me, let everyone see if the handwriting is yours. Husky Class Monitor, don’t tell me you can’t even recognize your partner’s handwriting? ” Qin Sheng called out to the class monitor, Ha Siqi.

“Who are you calling a dog? YOU’RE THE HUSKY! No, you’re just a dachshund with a fat body and short legs! ” Ha Siqi roared in anger. Calling him a Husky every day, did he look like a F * Cking Dog?

Qin Sheng glared at the Husky. She had a slender body and long legs, when did she become a dachshund If she was also a poodle.

PTUI No, she didn’t want to be like him!

Teacher Zheng slammed the table. “What nonsense is this? Ha Siqi, get a few classmates to come over and recognize the notebook. ”

Ha Siqi walked over to pick up the notebook on the ground. She was dumbfounded by the words on it. This was clearly Qin Yunting’s notebook.

He passed the notebook to a few trusted classmates to look at it. Everyone was stunned.

“Is it Qin Yunting’s handwriting? ” Teacher Zheng asked.

The room was dead silent. No one dared to say anything. Qin Yunting was the eldest daughter of the Qin family and also the girlfriend of the class monitor, Ha Siqi. One of them was the school beauty and the other was the school beauty. Who Dared to offend them?

Qin Yunting walked over in a few steps and took the notebook from Ha Siqi’s hand. She looked at the handwriting in astonishment. Even she herself thought that she had written it.

Qin Sheng looked at Qin yunting proudly. Since she was young, she had been threatened to help Qin Yunting with her homework. She had long practiced Qin Yunting’s handwriting. However, she only imitated seventy to eighty percent of it normally. She deliberately let people see the difference. However, this time, she used 100 percent of her strength No one would be able to see it.

Teacher Zheng knocked on the table “Are you all speechless? Since it’s Qin Yunting’s handwriting, I’ll report it to the principal right now. I don’t know how shameless you girls are to write such a dirty poem on your homework. You must deal with it seriously and report it to the whole school for criticism! ” 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

He took the homework out of the classroom and went straight to the principal’s office.

When teacher Zheng walked out of the classroom, Qin Yunting rushed at Qin Sheng like a mad woman. She had been a good student all her life and had never been so humiliated before!

“Qin Sheng! How dare you harm me! ” She reached out to grab Qin Sheng’s collar.

Qin Sheng dodged back and gave a beautiful side kick. The sole of her shoe landed on Qin Yunting’s face.

“Get away from me! ”

Qin Yunting learned ballet and taekwondo. She had learned taekwondo for so many years. She couldn’t learn it for nothing!

“Qin Sheng! How dare you kick me! I’m going to sue the principal! ” Ha Siqi hugged her girlfriend and yelled.

“Aiyo, you scared me to death. ” Qin Sheng pretended to be scared.

“Husky, don’t be unreasonable. It was your girlfriend who made the first move. We all saw it. Don’t forget that there are surveillance cameras in the classroom. If you want to go to the principal, go ahead! ” Chu Xia stepped forward.

This was the good thing about aristocratic schools. In order to let the parents of rich young masters rest assured, there were cameras installed in the classroom.

Qin Sheng put her hands on her waist and looked like a Ruffian. “Are you going to sue the principal? If you have the ability, go to the principal! ”

Qin Yunting pushed Ha Siqi. She really didn’t dare to sue the principal.

Ha Siqi glared at Qin Sheng. She hated her sharp tongue. He hugged Qin Yunting and went to the infirmary to see the red marks on her face from the kick.

“Oh... ” a group of students who didn’t like Qin Yunting and Ha Siqi all helped Qin Sheng to cheer them up.

Qin Sheng made a figure eight gesture. She won this round completely!

As the bell rang for the end of class, the students were free to move around.

Qin Sheng lost her previous vigor and lay on the table gloomily.

“Girl! What’s wrong? You’re still not happy after treating Qin Yunting? ” Chu Xia asked.

“ignore me. I want to be alone. ” Qin Sheng pushed Chu Xia’s hand away.

“Are you falling in love again? Does your uncle know? ” Chu Xia sat in the seat in front of Qin Sheng.

“PFFT! ” Qin Sheng looked up at Chu Xia and lowered her voice. “How much does it hurt the first time? Will it hurt to death or bleed to death? ”

“F * Ck, are you thinking about this? Forget it if you’re stupid and cute. Have you ever seen that girl sleep to death with a man? She’s still enjoying herself, ” Chu Xia said.

Qin Sheng’s eyes narrowed. “that makes sense. I’ve never seen anyone die from pain! ”

“By the way, why haven’t you slept with your uncle yet? ” Asked Chu Xia.

“His size is too scary. I’m just afraid of pain, ” said Qin Sheng helplessly. A monster-like thing flashed through her mind again.

Chu Xia scouted her surroundings vigilantly and quickly pressed her phone.

“You didn’t take your medicine when you came out, did you? Haven’t you heard that the bigger the man, the more women enjoy themselves? I’ll send you a few blockbusters so you can learn from them, ” she said wisely.

Qin Sheng clicked on the blockbuster and her face instantly turned red. The seductive woman was sitting on the man’s body and was moving with all her might. The only fortunate thing was that her phone was always on silent mode.

“You want me to learn this? ” She quickly turned off her phone.

“Just how old are you? You’re almost 1800 years old. With your progress, your aunt has already given birth to a baby with your uncle, but you haven’t even done it yet! ” Chu Xia looked at Qin Sheng with disdain.

“Tch, I’ll show you last time tonight! ” Qin Sheng made up her mind.

“students, please pay attention. The Duke of European nobility has come to our school to donate to the museum. Please come to the playground and line up in your class to welcome him. ”

The school’s loudspeaker sent out a notice, and the students ran out of the classroom one after another.

Qin Sheng rolled her eyes. Why did another Duke Come Out? She had been allergic to dukes recently.

She and Chu Xia also came to the playground and stood in line. A red convertible luxury car drove into the school. One of the people on the car was purple-eyed, brown-red hair, like a monster, and the other was a Korean version of a delicate and pretty boy, like a little beauty.

The principal ran over and personally went to the car door to welcome his distinguished guest. His attitude was as hospitable as if he was treating his own financier.

“Welcome, Duke Li Ang, Mr. Sikong. ” He waved his hand, and all the students in the school gave a warm applause.

The girls screamed uncontrollably. They had never seen such a good-looking man. They were just short of rushing up and beating up the two men.

Qin Sheng’s lips twitched bitterly. F * Ck, would she chase after the wallet She quietly moved her feet. Earth Escape!

Li Ang’s eyes looked around at the students on the field. F * Ck, where did the GROUNDHOG run off to? It’s time to settle our accounts!

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