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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: If you’re ugly, then I’m blind

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

“Get up! ” Gong Mochen raised his hand and grabbed Qin Sheng’s Chin as he roared.

She was already so old, but she was still so angry when she woke up. She would hit people at any time!

Qin Sheng only felt that her chin was in pain. Her arms randomly slapped the man’s body.

“Nie Feng, DRAG HIM OUT AND CASTRATE HIM! ” She closed her eyes and made a big fuss.

Nie Feng, who was standing outside the bedroom door, only felt a chill behind his back. Castrate the CEO Did he still have his life?

The corners of Qin Yunting’s lips curled up uncontrollably. She was already trying to guess how Qin Sheng was going to die!

In the room, Gong Mochen’s face turned cold. The little thing did not want to live anymore and wanted Nie Feng to Castrate Him!

He lifted the blanket and lifted her pajamas. No matter how the girl resisted, he put the clothes on her body, grabbed her, and carried her on his shoulder.

His big hand patted the girl’s buttocks. “Are you awake? ”

Qin Sheng, who had her head down, rubbed her sore buttocks and finally woke up!

“Uncle, you hit me! ”

“How did you promise me back then? You said you were late for class, so you asked me to hit you ten times. I just hit you once, ” Gong Mochen said.

Qin Sheng then remembered what she had promised the man when he had questioned her terrible academic results after he had returned to China.

“I’m awake, I’m awake. I won’t DARE TO BE LATE IN THE FUTURE! ” She quickly said. With the man’s martial arts, she would be crippled if he hit her ten times.

Gong Mochen picked up his school bag and carried the girl out of the room, walking in front of everyone’s astonished eyes.

Qin Yunting glared at Qin Sheng’s back. She thought that she would be beaten to death, but she was carried out by a man. Did this count as taking care of her?

Qin Zixian’s lips twitched. “third brother, how old is Qin Sheng? It won’t look good if she’s carried out by you like this. Put her down and let Nie Feng Send Her to school. We’re going to be late for work. ”

“Nie Feng, Send Tingting to school and the fourth miss to the company. I’ll be there soon. ” Gong Mochen ordered Nie Feng and strode out of the villa. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Qin Zixian and Qin Yunting felt worse than eating a fly as they watched the man’s back.

Qin Sheng and her school bag were thrown into the backseat by the man. She grabbed her messy hair and said, “uncle, I haven’t washed up yet! ”

She touched her chest. Luckily, uncle had put on her panties?

Gong Mochen sat in the front seat of the car and said, “there are cosmetics in the thermostat box. ”

Qin Sheng opened the thermostat box in the car. There were all kinds of things in it, such as wash-free liquid, mouthwash, and her usual cosmetics and combs.

After she washed up, her stomach started to growl. “Uncle, I’m hungry. ”

She said aggrievedly. She hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet.

“It’s your fault for not waking up early and not having breakfast. I’ll let you starve as a punishment, ” Gong Mochen said.

Qin Sheng pouted. Stinky man. If he hadn’t touched her, that numbing feeling wouldn’t have made her heart palpitate. She wouldn’t have insomnia!

She was so angry that she didn’t say anything more. It wouldn’t kill her to starve, but he wouldn’t let her pay attention to him anymore!

The car drove to her school. She didn’t say a word to the man. She didn’t even pay attention to him telling her to study hard. She slammed the car door and walked to the school gate.

A man ran out of a car parked at the school gate. The paper bag in his hand was respectfully handed to Qin Sheng. “Miss Qin, the president asked me to buy this for you. ”

Qin Sheng looked at the man in surprise. She knew this man. He was also one of Gong Mochen’s subordinates.

It turned out that he secretly ordered someone to buy breakfast for her. She was so happy that she wanted to turn around and say hello to the man. The man’s car had already sped past.

She looked at the shadow of the car with the corner of her lips. Should she go home and reward him with a kiss?

However, Chu Xia said that men should not be spoiled.

Then she would only kiss his lips and be greedy for him A sly look flashed across her eyes.

“What delicious food? I’m starving to death! ” Chu Xia ran over and snatched the paper bag from Qin Sheng’s hand.

Qin Sheng snatched it back. “This was bought for me by my uncle! We agreed that the two of US can only share it if we don’t share it with men. ”

Chu Xia was stunned. “Dear, your man hid it in the paper bag? ”

“PFFT! This is a loving breakfast that he asked someone to buy for me. It’s from his heart, so we can’t share it either. ” Qin Sheng opened the bag and took out the steaming meat floss rice balls and soy milk.

Chuxia swallowed hard and looked like she was ready to die. “This rice ball is very good for breakfast. It’s fragrant and delicious, soft and delicious. It would be great if it was accompanied by some salted meat.

“However, it’s easy to get greasy after eating too much, and my weight has increased. Considering my master’s weight loss plan, I’m willing to share the fat with you. I WON’T LET YOU DOWN! ” “Please let me! ”

Qin Sheng had a headache. She really couldn’t stand Chuxia’s Zhen Huan Body, but she really wanted to lose weight. For Gong Mochen, she wanted to become a skeleton spirit.

She opened the paper Bag and took out a rice ball to block CHUXIA’s mouth. “It’s accurate, it’s accurate. ”

Chuxia wolfed down her food. “I’m starving. I’m finally alive. Don’t forget to pay me back. ”

“got it. This is for you, and it’s worth 500 yuan. We’ll split it 50-50. ” Qin Sheng took out the money she took from Li Ang’s wallet. She wanted to keep 250 yuan, but she felt that 250 yuan didn’t sound good, and 200 yuan felt bad. She took 100 yuan as a memento of her first job The rest was given to Chuxia.

Chu Xia was pleasantly surprised. “that Duke gave you so much? ”

The corners of Qin Sheng’s lips curved into a sly smile. She wondered where that Duke was crying now!

WAHAHA He was bullying her. She had already let him off easy by stealing one of his wallets!

But why did her back feel so cold when she thought of the Duke, as if someone was staring at her?

The two of them walked as they finished their breakfast. They walked into the classroom with the bell ringing.

Everyone’s homework was received by the class representative, Qin Yunting, on the teacher’s desk.

One class was boring. Qin Sheng had an innate understanding of ancient poetry. She could recite what she was learning now in primary school.

Her uncle had even praised her for having a noble charm like her mother, so she had never been able to associate nobility with the princess sitting on the stage.

Her Gaze landed on the homework book on the desk, and she was depressed that the teacher still did not read it!

Finally, the teacher finished the lesson and let everyone practice after class. He also had time to judge the students’homework.

He opened Qin Yunting’s homework book, and mou ran was so angry that his face turned black.

“Qin Yunting, this is your homework? ” The exercise book thrown to the ground, open the page.

A couple of guys up front, they read the voice.

“Dead Vines, Old Trees, crows,

hu Ge, Zhong JI, Jian Hua,

wall-to-wall, booty call, booty call,

oh, my God

You’re ugly, fine, I’M BLIND!”

Ha ha ha ha!

Then a few students are the voice of the fall, all the students burst into laughter.

Qin Yunting blushed to want to grasp the cracks in the ground, just want to rush over to tear Qin Sheng female, this is Qin Sheng wrote to her.

“Qin Yunting, I usually see you as a well-bred lady. I didn’t expect your mind to be filled with such things. How dare you write such things for me and ASK ME OUT FOR SEX!

TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS ARE FORBIDDEN BY THE SCHOOL I can’t stand the attitude of YOU LADIES TOWARDS TEACHERS “invite your parents over. I want to report this matter to the principal and deal with it seriously! ” The old scholar teacher Zheng said righteously.

“Teacher Zheng, this homework is written by Qin Sheng... ”

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