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Chapter 10: Chapter 10, she got off easy

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

“someone, open the door. What’s going on? Is there lynching in our house? ” Qin Ze questioned he fen coldly.

He Fen’s expression instantly turned ugly. Qin Ze was the head of the family and no one dared to disobey his orders. Of course, what worried her the most was that Qin Sheng’s imprisonment would implicate her granddaughter.

The Servant quickly took out the spare key and opened the door.

Qin Sheng walked out in a loud voice. “thank you, grandfather, for saving me. Otherwise, no one would know if I starved to death here. ”

“where’s Tingting? LET HER OUT! ” Qin Ze’s tone was heavy.

“Master, don’t listen to Qin Sheng’s nonsense. You know how bad Qin Sheng’s homework is. I asked Tingting to help her review her homework. Tingting locked her in the room because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to study in peace if she ran out. “Oh right, what did she rank last in the class again for this exam? ” He Fen explained quickly.

Qin Ze’s cold eyes landed on Qin Sheng’s face. His face darkened. “Go into my study. ”

Qin Sheng closed her eyes. She had complained to Qin Yunting, but he fen was the one who complained first. She could only follow Qin ze into the study.

He Fen watched Qin ze take Qin Sheng Away and finally breathed a sigh of relief. She took out her phone and called Qin Yunting. “Tingting, come back quickly! Your grandfather knows about you locking up Qin Sheng. ”

“If he knows, then he knows. Anyway, grandfather doesn’t like her. Otherwise, why would he throw her away? ” Qin Yunting said unhappily.

“But when did grandfather ever take back what he said? Only Qin Sheng said she didn’t want her anymore. She’s been raised well until now. HURRY UP AND COME BACK! ” He Fen said anxiously.

If it weren’t for Qin Ze’s acquiescence, how could Gong Mochen raise Qin Sheng like a princess?

This was what she was most worried about. Qin Ze’s attitude towards Qin Sheng was cold, but there seemed to be an indescribable feeling, which made her feel that Qin ze wasn’t as heartless to Qin Sheng as he seemed on the surface.

“I know. I’ll go back now! ” Qin Yunting cursed Qin Sheng and reluctantly said goodbye to her boyfriend.

In the study, Qin Sheng stood in front of the desk and looked at her grandfather, who was sitting opposite her, unconvinced. Anyway, she didn’t eat him or drink him. She didn’t owe him anything. As for her father’s death, she was the victim, right?

Qin Ze flipped through the exam paper that the servant brought over and threw it on the table. He looked at Qin Sheng deeply. Her stubborn personality was very much like her father’s, and her face was very much like her mother’s.

“I didn’t write down the basic questions, but I got the additional questions right. ”

Qin Sheng’s heart was suddenly shocked. She didn’t expect her grandfather to find out about this question. The additional questions were usually the most complicated and difficult ones. She liked to challenge herself with difficult questions. However, she had done the most difficult questions correctly. It seemed that she couldn’t make sense of all the basic questions that had been left blank.

She hesitated and didn’t know how to deal with Qin Ze. Qin Ze had already stood up and walked out of the study.

“What exactly do you want to do? Stand until you understand. ” His words floated behind her.


After a long time, Qin Sheng only wanted to curse. She was almost standing like a stone, and Gong Mochen didn’t come back.

She rubbed her cramping leg. It seemed that her grandfather was determined to punish her. Only Gong Mochen could save her from this situation.

“Qin Sheng! ”

A sharp girl’s voice sounded behind her. She didn’t need to turn around to know that Qin Yunting had returned.

“cousin, you’re back so soon? Why are you so angry? Tsk Tsk, as expected, unsatisfied women always have a bad temper! ” Qin Sheng said.

Qin Yunting’s face turned red. “WHO’s unsatisfied? Only a dirty person like you would have such dirty thoughts! ” Mou Ran said

Hehe Qin Sheng sneered. Dirty people might not do dirty things. On the contrary, those saintesses and White Lotus flowers had done a lot of dirty things.

“I think about it, and it’s dirty? I wonder how many times more dirty people do it than me? Oh, cousin, don’t you think so? ”

Qin Yunting was choked to the point that she couldn’t say a word. “Don’t change the topic. You ate all the snacks I hid. I’ll settle this with you! ”

“DOES COUSIN HIDE SNACKS? I don’t know if second aunt knows? It’s okay. If you want to complain, go ahead! ” Qin Sheng looked at Qin yunting arrogantly.

Qin Yunting clenched her fists in an instant. How dare she complain? If her mother found out, she would have no place to hide snacks in the future.

“JUST YOU WAIT! ” She said fiercely and turned to leave.

Qin Sheng pursed her lips. She had only eaten her snacks and wasted her homework. It was a good deal for her!

When the big bell in the study rang, it was already six o’clock in the evening.

Qin Ze walked into the study and sat on his boss’s chair arrogantly.

“Have you figured it out? ” Qin Ze asked.

Qin Sheng was stunned. What did he want her to figure out Did he want her to deliberately get in the last place and pester her uncle to teach her homework?

“I’ve figured it out. ”

She wanted Gong Mochen, no matter what price she had to pay. It was that simple.

Qin Ze raised his hand. “If you’ve figured it out, do what you want to do. But remember, you’re an adult now. No matter what you do, you have to bear the consequences. Come out and eat. ”

Qin Sheng was completely dumbfounded. Her grandfather knew that she wanted her uncle He actually let her do what she wanted to do?

When she arrived at the restaurant, everyone was seated. Qin Ze and he fen sat in the main seat. The first seat on their left hand was empty. It was for second uncle, but he couldn’t go back to his overseas company. Then it was second aunt Zheng Min and her daughter Qin Yunting. Qin Zixian and Gong Mochen sat on their right hand.

“Let’s eat. ”

Following Qin Ze’s instructions, everyone picked up their chopsticks.

Qin Sheng sat beside Gong Mochen. She pulled the rice from the bowl and looked at Qin Zixian. She didn’t know what Qin Zixian whispered in Gong Mochen’s ear, but she only saw Qin Zixian giggling coquettishly. And Qin Zixian kept serving food to Gong Mochen.

Her heart suddenly sank. She had only been Gong Mochen’s secretary for one day, but Qin Zixian was already much closer to Gong Mochen. Her little heart twisted in pain.

With her feet on the ground, she quietly took off her shoes and kicked the man’s leg.

Gong Mochen turned his head and glared at the little woman, while the girl looked back at him with curved eyes. She smiled innocently, as if the little devil who was causing trouble was not her!

“Qin Sheng! ” Gong Mochen’s words came out from between his teeth.

“Uncle, what’s the matter? ” Qin Sheng’s little head came in front of the man. She didn’t believe that he would dare to say it.

“Didn’t I teach you the rules? SIT UP STRAIGHT! ” Gong Mochen said.

“Oh. Uncle, what’s wrong? Why are your face so red? ” Qin Sheng asked.

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