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25 Chapter 25 : The fake prince

Ella clutched her skirt tightly, so tightly that she was sure blood was no longer flowing to her fingers. The two men stood in front of her and her breath hitched as her eyes traveled from Nathan’s face to prince Adam’s face.

“Prince Adam?” Her voice almost cracked as she uttered his name.

The dark haired prince lowered his head in a respectful bow and smiled up at the blue eyed woman. “Greetings lady Ella.” He spoke, “good to see you’re doing better, how are you feeling?”

Ella lowered her head and curtsied, trying hard to hide the disappointment that had tinted her face. “I feel a lot better your grace thank you.”

“Prince Nathan told me that you had some questions for me?”

Ella pursed her lips, the more she looked at this man, the more she listened to him talk, the more she was sure she was losing her mind. When her eyes and his had first locked at the ceremony, she was so sure it was him, she was sure it was Jillian. I mean for Pete’s sake she had even heard his voice call out to her.

But this man, this prince who was standing in front of her right now was not Jillian. The only thing he and Jillian had in common were his deep brown hooded eyes and his tasseled dark hair. Other than that, this was a completely different human being.

“I’m sorry your grace,” Ella spoke, the restraints on holding back her disappointment completely shuttered. “I must have mistaken you for someone else, please forgive me for wasting your time.”

“No worries lady Ella, these mistakes happen.” The man responded with a polite smile. “Well then, I’ll be taking my leave if that will be all, I have some matters to attend to.”


Ella watched Nathan walk the prince out of the room and made her way to the bed to sit. She clenched her fists firmly on her lap and fought hard to hold back her tears. Why was this happening to her, why were her memories of Jillian constantly haunting her, she was fed up of it all, fed up of the pain, fed up of holding on. She wanted so desperately to just move on and be happy.

Nathan walked back in the room, geared and ready to be her shoulder to cry on after her disappointing encounter with ‘prince Adam’. But to his surprise, the minute he turned to her, Ella grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Nathan blinked wildly trying to process what was going on, but as soon as her sweet scent filled his nostrils, he impulsively wrapped his arms around her waist and returned the kiss.

Nathan groaned lightly as her soft lips and warm tongue intertwined with his, he was never going to get used to this, he was never going to get used to how absolutely luscious Ella Morrell was.

Nathan was completely lost in the kiss when he felt Ella’s tiny hands fidget with the buttons on his shirt, yanking them forcefully open, exposing his firm chest. The prince was about to retaliate but her light feathery touches as she slipped the shirt off his body and tossing it on the floor turned his mind to mush. He could only concede to her wishes and focus on their intense make out session.

When the redhead unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her soft succulent breasts, Nathan felt all the air in his lungs escape. Ella grabbed one of Nathan’s hand and placed it on her soft mound, and the prince moaned in pleasure at the feel of her nipple entrapped in his finger.

Nathan felt like he was going to faint with all the heat Ella was making him experience, he was running out of breath not only from continuously devouring her mouth, but also from the arousal he was feeling, surely she needed a breather as well before they continued with their deed.


He echoed her name over her soft lips and received a small whimper in response. Still kissing her, her hoisted her up and sat her down on the bed, placing himself between her long beautiful legs.

When Nathan pulled away to admire the girl, she was shocked to see a stream of tears running down her face.

“Ella..” he croaked, had she been crying this entire time? The sight of her tears made all the fire he was feeling blazing inside of him extinguish to nothing but a smoldering pile of ash.

“Ella what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Nathan just kiss me!” Her voice was strained and her body was shaking. Nathan could not take her, not like this.

Ella reached out to him but the prince grabbed her arms and instead, pulled her into a comforting hug. “No Ella, not like this.”

“You said you wouldn’t touch me unless I asked you to right?!” Elle screamed, her body was squirming in his embrace and Nathan could feel her tears wetting his chest. “Well I’m asking you now Nathan! Take me! Now! Take me....pleaseee.”

Ella was now sobbing uncontrollably and all Nathan could do was hold her in his arms, gently stroking her hair in hopes of comforting her.

“It’s alright Ella,” Nathan comforted her, “I told you that you don’t have to carry this burden alone, I’m here now, I always will be.”

Ella wrapped her arms around Nathan and cried her eyes out. She was in so much pain and confusion that she didn’t know what to to do with herself, and to top it all off, she almost took advantage of Nathan in her weak moment.

Nathan didn’t move, neither did he speak, he just held her, stroking her hair and letting her cry the pain out. He was going to be her comforter, now and forever.


“How is she doing now? Is it alright if I can go see her?”

William smiled up at his beautiful fiancé Klarysa, she was a small beautiful woman with hazel eyes and almond hair. William met her while he was training to become a knight right here in gavaria, the girl used to frequent the training grounds with the other daughters of the lords of Gavaria, who enjoyed watching the men practicing sword fighting and firing arrows.

The men had been practicing archery on a certain day, and an arrow had strayed towards Klarysa, but luckily, William was right behind her and managed to whisk her away just in the nick of time, consequently sweeping her off her feet as well. They had been in love ever since.

“Ella is feeling a lot better actually,” William responded. “We can go see her soon, let me just secure the horses.”

William led the horses to the stables, gave them some hay and water and locked them in. As he turned to walk towards Klarysa, he noticed Louis Vandros, one of the knights from Guria, walking away from Ella and Nathan’s cottage.

“Well Louis looks rather dashing today don’t you think?” Klarysa complimented, having noticed the man’s dressing as well. “He almost looks like a prince.”

“Yeah.. he does.”

William furrowed his brows at the site, why was Louis dressed like that? And what was he doing in Ella and the prince’s cottage.

Actually, earlier prince Nathan had asked him to fetch Louis for him. He had mentioned he had something very important to discus with him but had avoided telling William what it was, claiming it was a private matter.

Was prince prince Nathan up to something?


Adam closed the door of his room and hurriedly walked along the halls of the castle towards the exit. After spending the past few hours trying to get himself to calm down, he was finally ready to face the redheaded woman.

As prince Adam approached the castle doors, he saw prince Nathan walking slowly towards him.

“Prince Nathan, just the man I wanted to see.”

Nathan faintly smiled at Adam, “really? To what do I owe this pleasure? The esteemed and mighty prince of Gavaria wants to see me?”

“Yes,” Adam responded, his tone was urgent and to the point. “It’s about lady Morrell, is she awake? I urgently need to speak with her.”

Prince Nathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath before speaking. So his instincts were right, prince Adam really was the Jillian from Ella’s past, returning to ruin the beautiful relationship he had formed with the beautiful redhead. Nathan would never allow it.


“Yes,” Adam responded, “I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I’ve been having these dreams of Ella everyday of my life since I was a child. But now that I’ve seen her, I now know that those were not dreams at all, they were memories, memories of our past life together.”

Nathan chuckled and pat Adam’s shoulder, “memories from your past life? Oh come on now Adam are you listening to yourself? There’s no such thing as past lives.”

Adam grabbed Nathan’s shoulders and looked him straight in the eye, his face serious and his breathing heavy, “Nathan I’m not kidding around, this is serious.”

Nathan gently removed prince Adam’s hands from his shoulders, dusted them and inched closer to him. “Whatever you have to discuss with MY WIFE your grace, you can discuss with me. Besides, I won’t allow her to be more stressed than she already is, stress is not good for the baby.”

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