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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 715 Six Stalwart Pavilion, Sword Pavilion Inheritance (2)

What kind of sword strike is this!

When Bai Yulang and the assassins on the first floor poked their heads out from the stairs, they saw the sword lights turning into a long dragon. It roared and swept through everything on the second floor.

Nothing could stop this long dragon of sword light.

They could block one sword, but they could not block the second, third, and countless swords.


The dragon of sword light shot out of the second floor of the Life Seizing Tower.

The dragon roared, and sword light flashed.

"Sword Pavilion's 10,000 Swords?" Xu Chuanhe's expression changed.

The old man beside him had already taken a step forward. "With 10,000 swords as a guide, if this method isn't the inheritance of our Sword Pavilion, what is?"

When the sword turned into a dragon and roared, the cultivators who were probing with their divine senses understood.

"Six Stalwart Pavilion, Sword Pavilion Inheritance."

"I see."

"It's said that the cultivators of the Six Stalwart Pavilion have fallen and are in a gloomy state. Are they going to go against the flow?"

"Hehe, only the Three Palaces and Seven Pavilions have such a move."

The white-haired old man landed outside of the Life Seizing Tower and shouted, "Di Linyang, how dare you plot against someone from the Six Stalwart Pavilion?"

The sword intent on his body surged and seemed to merge with the flying dragon.

The sword-light dragon trembled, drilled into the Life Seizing Tower, and rushed up, smashing through the third, fourth, and fifth floors!

At the sixth level, the sword light dragon had dimmed, but the halo on it was extremely lively.

Han Muye's eyes sparkled. He followed the sword and landed on the fifth floor. He shouted, "Ten Thousand Swords, Return to One!"

10,000 swords returning to the origin, one sword turning into 10,000 swords.

When 10,000 swords formed the Dao, it would be the realm of Unity.

The third level of the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords.


In that moment, all of the swords within a 100-mile radius of the Life Seizing Tower trembled.

Xu Chuanhe let out a long laugh as he threw out a green long sword to the fifth level of the Life Seizing Tower.

Magic sword!

The sword and the sword light combined. The power of the Mystic Sun intertwined. Spiritual light flashed and the sword rushed into the sky!

The dazzling sword light directly broke through the sixth floor of the Life Seizing Tower, passed through the top floor, broke through the thick glazed tiles, and rushed into the nine heavens.

One sword to destroy the Life Seizing Tower!

The green sword flew back into Xu Chuanhe's hand. Han Muye, who was standing on the roof of the Life Seizing Tower, cupped his hands and bowed.

The old man beside Xu Chuanhe laughed and said, "What a good sword cultivator."

Three greenish-gray projections appeared on the top floor of the Life Seizing Tower.

The white-haired old man glared at him and coldly said, "Zhai Linyang, are you courting death?"

The three shadows pondered for a moment before dissipating.

Three palaces, seven pavilions, and 15 floors were not just about titles, but also the difference in strength.

The Life Seizing Tower could scare ordinary cultivators, but it was nothing compared to the Six Stalwart Pavilion.

After ordering the owner of the Life Seizing Tower to retreat, the old man glanced at Han Muye and nodded. He turned into a sword light and dissipated.

Xu Chuanhe glanced at the scattered Life Seizing Tower assassins below, then looked at Han Muye and said, "Let's go."

Han Muye destroyed the Life Seizing Tower with a single strike, and so did the human hearts condensed by the Life Seizing Tower.

Without cohesion, these assassins were like scattered sand, powerless.

Perhaps the 15th floor would become the 14th floor. Or perhaps, after a while, a new 15th floor would appear. i๐’๐’๐ซ๐‘’๐šd. c๐จ๐—บ

The forces of the Endless Sea had arranged everything on Scattered Stars Island.

Han Muye nodded and turned into a sword light to fly away.

He had already achieved his goal of attracting the attention of the Sword Pavilion.

Xu Chuanhe smiled and followed behind him. They crossed three seas and flew away.


When Han Muye returned to the sword shop, the moon was already high in the sky.

Jia Wu, Zeng Daniu, and Shao Tianyi were all waiting at the door.

Seeing that Han Muye had returned safely, Shao Tianyi took a step forward and knelt down.

He did not expect Han Muye to choose to go to the Life Seizing Tower because of him.

When Shao Tianyi returned from Anping Town and heard the news, he was stunned.

Zeng Daniu didn't know what the Life Seizing Tower represented, but Shao Tianyi had come from it.

That was a place that even Heaven Realm cultivators would die in!

Is my cheap life worth it?

"Alright, just stay in the shop as a shop assistant in the future."

Han Muye waved his hand and looked at Jia Wu. "Thank you for taking care of the shop for me, Fifth Uncle Jia."

Hearing his words, Jia Wu shook his head. "The world of you great cultivators is really not something a small cultivator like me can get involved in.

"In a while, I'm going to close the shop and go wandering for a bit."

Hearing his words, Han Muye pondered for a moment and nodded.

Jia Wu's choice suited a merchant who had been immersed in the ways of merchants for many years.

It was not good for small cultivators like Jia Wu to interact too much with Han Muye, who easily destroyed the Life Seizing Tower.

"If Fifth Uncle Jia really wants to leave, you can leave the shop for me to open for you. When you come back, I'll return the shop to you."

Jia Wu smiled and nodded.

He was not leaving right away. He said a few words at the door before returning to his shop.

Han Muye, on the other hand, led the confused Zeng Daniu back to his shop with Shao Tianyi, who had gotten up.

Han Muye went straight to the second floor and set up a light array. Then his eyes lit up.

As he traveled with Xu Chuanhe, he gained a lot of information about the inheritance of the Sword Pavilion.

He did not hide his identity as a trial disciple of the Sword Pavilion and revealed his Mystic Sun cultivation technique.

The inheritance of the Sword Pavilion on Scattered Stars Island was a great cultivator who controlled the six-story Sword Pavilion.

This was the death of the great cultivator. No one in the Sword Pavilion could inherit it, causing the strength of the Six Stalwart Pavilion here to decrease greatly.

If not for the fact that the Six Stalwart Pavilion still had a few great sword cultivators supporting it, it would have been suppressed by other factions.

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