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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 591 The Sage Is Not Dead, The Heavenly Dao Reincarnation, And Karma! (4)

"I'm afraid my opportunity to break through lies with them."

An opportunity to break through?

Han Muye was slightly stunned, but a smile appeared on his face.

The opportunities in the world were really hard to explain.

Sometimes, it was not an opportunity for low-level cultivators when they encountered great cultivators.

Great cultivators could also find opportunities in low-level cultivators.

"If I take them in as disciples, they will be considered your seniors. Shouldn't you show your respect?" Gongsun Shu stood up and looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye laughed and raised his hand to take out the two jade bottles.

"Alright, take these two Bright Sword Pills as a greeting gift."

Hearing his words, Jin Yunmei's eyes widened.

She knew the value of the Bright Sword Pill. Even the major sects in the Imperial City would not be so extravagant as to offer the Bright Sword Pill as a greeting gift.

Gongsun Shu turned to look at Han Muye and waved his hand. "If it were an outsider, two Bright Sword Pills would be enough.

"As for you, I'm afraid offering two Bright Sword Pills is not enough."

Gongsun Shu knew Han Muye's net worth. It seemed that he was not prepared to let him off and wanted to extort him.

Han Muye's smile did not fade.

He was naturally happy that Gongsun Shu would take Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun as his disciples.

Cultivation emphasized karma.

Be it Lin Chongxiao or Daoist Chongyun, they had interacted with Han Muye before, which resulted in karma.

Settling karma, then receiving karma again.

Wasn't cultivation in the world to control the power of karma?

At this moment, Han Muye's heart was touched. His soul trembled, as if his nascent soul had left his body and was hanging in the void.

He instantly understood why Confucianism suppressed the world and why the incense offerings of the Divine Dao could be formed.


Wasn't the People's Will karma?

This karma was the yoke of great cultivators but was also the mark of their path of cultivation.

After traveling for tens of thousands of miles, when they lost themselves, it was karma that restrained them and brought them back.

Naturally, they were cultivating karma!

At this moment, Han Muye's mind seemed to be transforming.

Karma was the reason why a sage did not die but was reincarnated through the Heavenly Dao!

The power of his soul changed again. Han Muye had never expected such an improvement.

Such a change could not be achieved even in 10,000 years if one did not have the opportunity to comprehend it!

He thought that today was an opportunity for Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun, but it turned out to be an opportunity for Gongsun Shu.

He thought it was Gongsun Shu's opportunity. In the end, it was actually his own!

Things in the world were just so wonderful.

"Alright, I'll pay for the medicinal pills and magic treasures they need for their future cultivation.

"In addition, I'll go to the Imperial City Academy to ask for two spots.

"Since they're in the Imperial City, they have to go to the Imperial City Academy to study."

Han Muye laughed.

Gongsun Shu nodded and said calmly, "That's more like it."

With that, he took out a jade token and handed it to the stunned Jin Yunmei. "Keep this token well. I'll send someone to make arrangements for your family."

Han Muye also raised his hand and placed the River Mountain Sword on the wooden table in front of him. Then he took out a jade bottle. In the bottle was a Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishment Pill.

This pill was enough to treat Jin Yunmei's injuries.

From the beginning to the end, Gongsun Shu and Han Muye did not ask Jin Yunmei for her opinion.

Even after they left, Jin Yunmei was still in a daze.

She came from a sect and was also the daughter of the sect master.

However, she had never seen such a person. He had given her a gift worth millions of spiritual rocks and a magical treasure.

Dharma treasures. Of all the cultivators in the world, how many had seen Dharma treasures?

"Senior Sister Yunmei, I heard that we have guests?" Bi Wuhe's anxious voice came from the door of the hut.

Bi Wuhe, who was carrying a big basket on his back, rushed into the hut. When he saw that the three of them were at home, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"If it's not those guys from the Fucheng Dao Sect…"

Before he could finish, his gaze fell on the sword on the small table.

"River Mountain Sword?"

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