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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 590 - 590 The Sage Is Not Dead, the Heavenly Dao Reincarnation, and Karma! (3)

590 The Sage Is Not Dead, the Heavenly Dao Reincarnation, and Karma! (3)

“Yesterday, your husband went to my shop and asked me to refine two Bright Sword Pills with this sword as a pledge. Today, I finished refining the pills and came to take a look.”

From the memories of the He Yue Sword, Han Muye knew that the person in front of him was Bi Wuhe’s Dao companion, Jin Yunmei. She was also the biological mother of Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun.

Jin Yunmei was secretly injured and had always lived in seclusion here.

“Bright Sword Pill?” Hearing Han Muye’s words, Jin Yunmei exclaimed.

“Is, is he crazy…”

As she muttered, Jin Yunmei turned to look at the two nervous children behind her.

Jin Yunmei looked sad as her gaze landed on the sword in Han Muye’s hand again.

“He’s even willing to give up the River Mountain Sword…”

Looking up at Han Muye, Jin Yunmei said softly, “Fellow Daoist, I’m afraid my husband can’t afford the spiritual rocks to refine the Bright Sword Pill.

“If possible, please return this sword to us. We don’t want the medicinal pills anymore.”

At this point, she saw that Han Muye’s expression did not change and said with some difficulty, “If the pill has already been refined, then, let’s exchange it with this sword.”

The River Mountain Sword had already developed spirituality. To Earth Realm cultivators, it was a treasure that could greatly increase their combat strength.

Jin Yunmei clearly found it hard to accept that she was willing to use this sword to exchange for medicinal pills.

Han Muye nodded. He did not take the pills or put away the sword. Instead, he said, “Mrs. Bi, are these two Bright Sword Pills refined for the two of them?”

Han Muye’s gaze landed on the two children behind Jin Yunmei.

After hesitating for a moment, Jin Yunmei nodded and said, “My two children have some natural talent in the Sword Dao. Some time ago, an elder of the Gathering Sword Sect took a fancy to them and wanted to take them in.

“My husband probably wants to make them more talented, so he asked you to refine pills.”

The strength of the sword clan in the lower city was unknown.

However, it was probably not a powerful sect.

Of course, for these two children, joining a sect, be it for resources or safety, was much better than following Bi Wuhe and Jin Yunmei.

In the Imperial City, even in the lower city, there was a patrol unit to suppress it. There were very few private fights.

“Please take a seat in my humble abode. My husband has accepted a mission and should be back soon.”

Jin Yunmei said. i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

Han Muye turned to look at Gongsun Shu.

Gongsun Shu nodded.

As they followed Jin Yunmei to the short house, they noticed stone locks and other things in the small courtyard.

There were no decorations in the room. It was just considered clean.

The two children helped to serve tea.

“Your name is Bi Chong. What’s your name?” Han Muye looked at the child who brought the water and asked softly.

“My name is Bi Yun. You’re the first person who can tell me from my brother.”

The boy named Bi Yun looked happy.

On the other side, Bi Chong also grinned.

Han Muye nodded and looked at the two children. “Do you like to practice swordsmanship?”

The two children looked at each other and nodded.

Han Muye looked up at Jin Yunmei. “Mrs. Bi, I know a little about your family. You and Fellow Daoist Bi are not from the Imperial City. You came here to avoid trouble, right?”

Jin Yunmei did not know what Han Muye had seen from the sword’s memories and thought that Bi Wuhe had said this to Han Muye.

She nodded gently and sighed. “I’m the one who’s dragging him down.”

At this point, a hint of affection appeared on her face. She looked at the child beside her. “I don’t have any other thoughts. I just want to see Bi Yun and Bi Chong grow up well.

“I wonder if I can still see that day…”

“Your foundation has been damaged, and your meridians are in a mess.” Gongsun Shu, who was sitting in front, had a glimmer of light in his eyes. “It will indeed take some effort to treat you.”

But how much effort would it take?

Jin Yunmei was stunned.

She knew her own injuries. She had searched the entire Imperial City, but no one said that she could be cured.

Of course, the people that Bi Wuhe could find were at most alchemy grandmasters. He was powerless to find sect grandmasters.

He couldn’t afford it.

“Please save my mother!” Bi Yun, who was originally behind Jin Yunmei, rushed out and knelt in front of Gongsun Shu’s feet, kowtowing repeatedly.

Bi Chong was stunned for a moment before rushing over.

Gongsun Shu sat there without moving.

A trace of bitterness and sadness flashed across Jin Yunmei’s face.

If she was still the legitimate daughter of the sect master back then, even if she was not rich, she could still make the two children not have to worry about food and clothing.

How could it be like this? They were just six-year-old children who had suffered so much. They were so young, but they had to worry about her injuries.

When she thought of her pain point, her heart trembled. Her face turned red and blood was about to flow out.

Jin Yunmei hurriedly turned around and reached out to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“It’s more troublesome for me to save your mother. I’m not as good as him.” At this moment, Gongsun Shu suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Han Muye.


“He can treat your mother’s injuries with just one pill.”

In the hut, Bi Yun, Bi Bichong, and Jin Yunmei looked at Han Muye.

The two children were stunned. They did not know if they should immediately get up and kowtow to Han Muye or do something.

“However, you all have kowtowed to me so many times. Today, this old man will accept you all as my disciples.”

Gongsun Shu’s voice sounded again.

Accept them as disciples?

At this moment, even Han Muye turned to look.

This was the invincible Gongsun Shu of the Imperial City, an expert who had already condensed a sword dao.

Such an expert is willing to take in disciples?

They were still two children who lived in the lower city and had no foundation.

Seeing Han Muye look at him, Gongsun Shu said calmly, “The story you told is quite touching to me.


“My cultivation has reached a bottleneck in the Sword Dao. Looking at the two of them today, I have a feeling.”

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