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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 585 - 585 Alchemy, Gongsun Shu’s Visit

585 Alchemy, Gongsun Shu’s Visit

The Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation used 360 stars as a sword pill. When formed, it could shatter the endless galaxy.

This was not something the current Han Muye could do.

Back then, Sword Venerable Yuan Tian had only found 48 sword pills.

Those stars that had spirituality and could be refined into sword spheres were something that could only be chanced upon by luck.

The alchemy techniques that Huang Yishang had obtained from the ancient cultivator’s cave abode were a way to replace the sword pill.

This pill turned into a sword pill. Its power naturally could not be compared to the sword pill needed for the true Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation, but it was easy to refine.

After this pill was refined, it could be refined into the dantian and slowly nourished.

Pills in the dantian could nurture Sword Intent and be used as sword pills. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Whether it was Han Muye himself using this pill to make up for the number of missing sword pills in the Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation or selling this pill to someone who wanted to refine sword pills, it was a good choice.

As for the three sword pills in Huang Yishang’s hand, if he was really willing to take them out and give them to Han Muye, Han Muye did not mind giving him a few more pills.

Walking into the quiet room, Han Muye sat cross-legged and slowly retracted all the power in his body.

After condensing the Sword Dao Golden Core, his power became even more vigorous.

His Sword Dao Golden Core could be used immediately like a sword. Its power was not inferior to ordinary high-grade spiritual weapons.


The Dao Essence Cauldron shook and floated in the air. A surging spiritual fire rose.

Spiritual herbs appeared on the small table in front of Han Muye.

Looking at these spiritual herbs, Han Muye’s eyes lit up.

He did not refine the pills directly. Instead, he took out the spiritual herbs one by one. Some were carefully ground, and some were slowly cut into pieces.

The medicinal power of these processed spirit herbs began to slowly dissipate. Streaks of spiritual light circulated in the quiet room.

Han Muye slowly closed his eyes as images floated in his mind.

The medicinal power of the spirit herbs fused together and finally turned into different halos.

Traces of Sword Dao power began to surge.

The attribute of plants and trees stimulated the power of the Sword Dao, and wood produced gold!

At this moment, Han Muye opened his eyes. The golden light in his eyes collided with the green spiritual light, as if the starry sky had exploded.

The flames on the Dao Essence Cauldron were extinguished in an instant, turning into a handful of jade-green water.

The water wrapped around the cauldron and began to spin.

Han Muye clapped his hands, and all the spiritual herbs in front of him were thrown into the cauldron.

With the lid on, the nourishing water swirled. The medicinal power of the spiritual herbs in the cauldron began to activate.

Aquatic wood.

Water vapor moistened and wood-attribute spiritual herbs grew. The surging power expanded in the cauldron.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and pressed down on the cauldron with the power of his blood essence.

The Dao Essence Cauldron shook, and the medicinal power surged.

If not for the fact that the Dao Essence Cauldron was refined from a star by the Heavenly Mystic Dao Ancestor, it would have exploded.

Han Muye used his extremely vigorous Qi and blood to suppress the cauldron, then quickly spun it.

Water vapor pervaded the air, constantly stimulating the wood-attribute medicinal power in the cauldron.

The wood attribute medicinal power had already expanded to the extreme and was spinning in the cauldron.

Han Muye’s expression turned solemn.

Just as he thought.

When water and wood biochemical abilities reached their peak, they would be suppressed with absolute strength.

When the power was suppressed to the extreme, it would transform.


At the center of the cauldron, there was the sound of metal colliding.

Wood begot gold!

At the center of the pill cauldron, there was a bright dot. Wasn’t that the metal-type power produced by the suppression of the wood-attribute medicinal strength?

Water wood produced metal, and its spirit manifested itself.

As soon as this golden light appeared, it was like a huge beast opening its mouth and swallowing all the medicinal power in the cauldron. Then, it turned into a golden ball the size of a watermelon.

The ball shook as if it was about to explode.

Han Muye chuckled and clapped his hand.


The qi and blood power that was not suppressed too much exploded and crashed into the cauldron, shattering the watermelon-sized ball.

The water vapor entered again, and the wood-attribute medicinal power gathered again.

After the cauldron cracked nine times, the golden ball was only the size of a fist.

However, it was still much larger than ordinary medicinal pills.

It was much bigger than the pigeon egg-sized sword pills.

In the cauldron, all the wood-attribute medicinal strength and water vapor had been exhausted.

“Wood produces metal. Metal requires fire to refine.”

Han Muye muttered. A ball of fire exploded in the cauldron and surrounded the pill.

The pill seemed to let out a long cry of joy before spinning and absorbing all the firepower.

Han Muye was not waiting. He raised his hand and pointed.

A sword intent crashed into the cauldron.

This was what he was best at, using sword qi to refine pills.

The sword intent turned into 128,000 sword qi and poured into the pill. The pill spun and the intertwined spiritual patterns on it turned into countless dazzling stars.

Mountains, rivers, clouds, and countless phantoms appeared on the pill.

Streaks of sword light intertwined on the pill before disappearing.

The meaning of the Sword Dao was only to break and establish!

This was using medicinal pills to evolve the stars!

Stars could become sword pills, and sword pills could also become stars.

Thunderclouds surged in the sky.

Han Muye moved and flew out of the quiet room with the Dao Essence Cauldron in his hand, then flew to the Lightning Attracting Platform a hundred miles away.

“It’s you?”

The skinny young man who came forward was stunned. Before he could say the rules of the Lightning Attracting Platform, Han Muye had already thrown a jade box over.

300 high-grade spiritual rocks.

The skinny youth frowned.

Pills did not require so many spiritual rocks to transcend the tribulation.

However, the lightning had already descended, so he did not say anything else.


The golden lightning struck the Dao Essence Cauldron. The cauldron tilted and almost flew away.

This bolt of lightning had actually surpassed the lightning tribulation Han Muye had undergone last night.

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