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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 584 - 584 Sword Observation Tribulation, Condensing the Sword Dao Golden Core (3)

584 Sword Observation Tribulation, Condensing the Sword Dao Golden Core (3)

As for how long he would wait, it would depend on how long Han Muye took to cultivate.

A Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like him could cultivate in seclusion for three to five days, three to five months, or even 30 to 50 years.

As for whether the great cultivators waiting would be anxious, there was no need to consider this.

Why would the strong care about the feelings of the weak?

Besides, the longer Han Muye was in seclusion, the longer he would stay in the Suwei World. The more he gained from his seclusion, the better his mood would be. Wouldn’t his evaluation be more attentive then?

If he revealed some Sword Dao truths, wouldn’t that be worth it?

After evaluating two swords consecutively, the Sword Pavilion closed. Lu Zhenxiang of the Four Soaring Swords Sect was excited and waited by the shore with anticipation.

He was the next person to be judged.

The two great cultivators who had just been evaluated flew away with excited expressions and flushed faces.

On the back of the divine beast Baxia, the Sword Pavilion phantom disappeared, and Han Muye’s soul incarnation dissipated.

At this moment, in the depths of the void, a golden light flew towards the Suwei World.

“Senior Sword Pavilion, thank you for saving our Suwei World. I promise that as long as you make a move, our Suwei World will show you the sincerity that you are satisfied with.”

In the golden light, someone whispered.

“Mm.” The response was a rather young and impatient snort.

The golden light flashed and passed through the void. There were still tens of millions of miles to the Suwei World, and it would take quite some time.

Western Frontier, Nine Mystic Mountain, Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Sword Pavilion.

The Sword Pavilion shook and golden light flashed.

The phantom of Han Muye, who was sitting cross-legged on the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, dissipated.

Then, Han Muye, who was at the bottom of the Immortal Moon Lake in the Central Continent’s Imperial City, opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, a vigorous sword light broke through the three thousand feet of lake water and rushed into the sky.

The sword light materialized, as if it wanted to break through the world.

After evaluating and comprehending the swords, the sword intent returned and all the power gathered. Han Muye had the power of the Sword Dao that was difficult to suppress.


He had condensed into a Sword Dao Golden Core!

Everything went smoothly.

In his dantian, all the sword pills and magical treasures were scattered, leaving only the nine golden platforms that had formed his cultivation base.

The illusory sword that kept spinning on the golden platform solidified.


Lightning surged in the world.

When cultivating in the Central Continent, there would be calamities in the Earth Realm.

“You have to go to the Lightning Inducing Platform to transcend the tribulation,” a voice sounded in the sky above the Immortal Moon Lake.

This was the voice of the great cultivator patrolling.

There were countless Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in the Imperial City. They had to pay attention to the accidental triggering of the Heavenly Lightning.

Han Muye nodded and flew straight up, then landed in the distance where the spiritual light had turned into a pillar of light.

Lightning Inducing Platform.

In a place specially prepared for the Tribulation Transcendence in the Imperial City.

Whether it was the Pill Dao Lightning Tribulation or other cultivators transcending the tribulation, they all needed to be here.

Before they reached the lightning platform, there was a roar.

At this moment, there were still seven or eight people undergoing tribulation on the lightning platform. There were also three furnaces of medicinal pills that triggered lightning.

This was the Imperial City.

Every moment, cultivators would break through and refine high-quality medicinal pills.

Han Muye landed and a figure stepped forward.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re here to transcend the tribulation? Three million spiritual rocks can guarantee that you can safely survive the Earth Realm tribulation.

“If you want to break through to the Heaven Realm, you need 10 million spiritual rocks.

“If you want to comprehend the power of heavenly lightning during the tribulation, you can add another three million spiritual rocks.

“Fellow Daoist, if you want to attract lightning into your body, I’ll let you experience it for 10 million spiritual rocks.

“For 30 million spiritual rocks, you can refine the lightning tribulation and get a chance to comprehend the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.”

The green-robed cultivator in front of him was as skinny as a monkey, but his eyes were bright.

He sized up Han Muye and looked up at the lightning that was about to fall from the sky again.

“Fellow Daoist’s lightning is a little strong. I think I can upgrade the experience and give you a discount…”

Han Muye couldn’t be bothered to listen to his nonsense. He threw out 300 high-grade spiritual rocks and flew onto the platform in front of him.

After receiving the 300 spiritual rocks, the skinny cultivator pursed his lips and muttered, “He’s also a poor man.”

Han Muye, who had landed on the platform, ignored him. An undetectable black bull horn phantom appeared behind him.

Kui Horn.

If not for the fact that he did not want to attract too much attention, he would not have needed to come to the lightning platform.

With the Kui Horn and the Kui Hide, what was a mere Earth Realm Golden Core Lightning Tribulation?


The golden snake-like lightning finally pressed down.

This lightning was more than ten times thicker than other people’s tribulations. It was almost comparable to the tribulation of the Earth Crossing Realm to break through to the Heaven Realm.

When the skinny cultivator saw the lightning, his eyes turned cold and he muttered, “He’s an expert…”

Shaking his head, he held a jade token in his hand.

“Let’s see if you can withstand it. If you use the power of the array to resist such a lightning tribulation, you’ll have to pay more later.

“That’s not right either. This guy might have potential. Should I add more money or exchange for a favor? I think, f*ck!”

In front of him, the golden lightning struck Han Muye’s head.

However, Han Muye did not dodge the lightning. A faint black spiritual light rose from his body and swallowed the lightning.


The powerful tribulation lightning was directly devoured.

Moreover, after the black spiritual light swallowed a bolt of tribulation lightning, it was still unwilling. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws, attracting the lightning that was dissipating from the other people’s tribulation.

When the lightning entered his body, Han Muye smiled.

The power in his bloodline was quickly refined with the help of the lightning.

He raised his hand, and lightning flashed on his fingertips.

Very good, his control over his body’s strength had increased.

It would not be long before he could control his body like a normal person.

At that time, he could do something he liked with his junior sister.


The lightning descended again and guided the lightning into his body. In Han Muye’s dantian, the golden sword kept condensing.

It wasn’t just his dantian sword. His bones were also emitting jade-colored sword light.

Sword bones!

Sword Dao Golden Core!

Just like the long sword condensed from the sword intent of the Qi Sea and the sword of the soul in the divine treasure, this was a sword that could battle the Heaven Realm. It was forged by Han Muye’s own cultivation.

Golden light surrounded him as spiritual patterns continuously appeared.

The golden long sword took shape. Sword light flashed as if it was about to fly out of his dantian.

He condensed the Sword Dao Golden Core and took a step into the Earth Realm Golden Core!

Han Muye’s eyes lit up, and he stood up with a smile.

The sword of the sword core in his dantian, the sword of the sword intent in his sea of Qi, the sword of the divine treasure and divine soul. When the three swords were combined and condensed into a sword nascent soul, it would be the time he stepped into the Heaven Realm.

The Sword Core had been formed. Could the Sword Infant be far away?

Han Muye flew up and left under the skinny cultivator’s resentful gaze.

“Oh my god, this is probably another Butcher Lu…”

The skinny cultivator muttered.

Han Muye flew into the small courtyard under the morning sun.

At this moment, Mu Wan, who had already washed up and was practicing in the small courtyard, looked up and saw Han Muye, who was covered in faint sword light and lightning, walking in the air like an immortal.

“Senior Brother?

“You seem to be a little different today… Ah—”

Han Muye approached and reached out to gently hug Mu Wan. The faint lightning on his body made Mu Wan’s body go limp.

“Senior Brother, do you want to eat me like those pictures now?” Mu Wan raised her head.

Han Muye stiffened.

Mu Wan, who had broken free from his embrace, laughed.

“Senior Brother, I’m going to Grandmaster Baili’s place to learn alchemy. You can settle the dinner yourself.”


He had more to settle than just a meal…

Han Muye shook his head and turned to walk into the quiet room.

At this moment, although his control over his body was not exquisite enough, it was enough to refine pills.

After some deduction, the pill that replaced the sword pill could be refined!

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