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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 583 - 583 Sword Observation Tribulation, Condensing the Sword Dao Golden Core (2)

583 Sword Observation Tribulation, Condensing the Sword Dao Golden Core (2)

He reached out and gently held the hilt of a long sword.


The sword vibrated, and the face of the eighth level Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who had offered his sword shook.

Because this great cultivator sensed that the connection between this magic treasure sword and himself was directly broken.


The connection he had spent a hundred years building with the sword was broken in an instant in the other party’s hands. The long sword changed owners.

This method was definitely possible because Han Muye’s cultivation level was countless times higher than his.

He was indeed a great sword cultivator of the Sword Pavilion. He was really unfathomable.

Han Muye slowly drew his sword.

His expression was calm as he spoke softly.

“The sword’s name is Yu Yuan. It was forged from 10,000-year-old Mystic Nascent Jade Gold. With the ethereal method of forging iron and the Three Elements Condensation Technique, it became a sword in 10 years.”

To be able to see through the materials and forging methods by observing the sword, it was indeed worthy of the name of the Sword Pavilion!

The Suwei cultivators looked at each other and suppressed the emotions in their eyes.

The cultivator who offered the sword hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Senior Han is extremely accurate. This sword was indeed personally forged by our Broken Mystic Sword Sect’s ancestor back then.”

Han Muye nodded, his gaze on the sword.

“The sword is three feet and one inch long, eight parts wide, and half part thick. The body of the sword weighs five catties and one tael. By infusing it with Spiritual Qi and Sword Qi, it can withstand 30 million pounds of force. It can easily shatter stars.”

His hand trembled slightly, and a sound came from the sword, as if it was responding to Han Muye’s words.

This information was not difficult to sense.

However, one also needed to be a true sword cultivator who was proficient in swords to be able to make no mistakes.

Moreover, to be able to sense the limit of the sword’s power, it was obvious that his own strength could reach it. Otherwise, he would not be able to detect it.

This meant that the strength of the Sword Pavilion’s Senior Han who was holding the sword at this moment exceeded 30 million pounds and had the power to shatter stars with a single strike.

Such combat strength terrified the great cultivators of the Suwei World.

However, they did not know that Han Muye could not shatter the stars with his own strength unless he borrowed Baxia’s strength.

With Baxia’s power, he just needed to swing his sword and raise his foot if he wanted to shatter the stars.

Han Muye, who was standing with the sword, had a solemn expression. He raised the sword horizontally, his eyes deep as he muttered.

“This sword is light and agile. It’s suitable for close-range sword techniques. You can investigate the residual spiritual energy and sword intent in it and comprehend the three sword technique inheritances of the Broken Mystic Sword Sect.”

Sensing the inheritance from the sword?

As soon as he said this, all the great cultivators’ expressions changed.

Didn’t that mean that by offering the sword, he was offering the inheritance?

The face of the cultivator from the Broken Mystic Sword Sect twitched. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Han Muye slash his sword gently.

“Watch carefully. There are flaws in your swordsmanship.

“I’ll help you deduce the sword techniques.”

The sword light was bright and clear, and the halo flashed.

In the void, there seemed to be a breeze surging, brushing against his face.

Where did this wind come from?

Sword momentum!

Using the sword intent to form the momentum, but the momentum was as light as the wind!

Even the old ancestor of the Broken Mystic Sword Sect could not do such a thing!

“Thousands of pounds are like fire. The sword light is like the wind. The killing intent is retained. The heart is like a rock.

“I understand the Ancestor’s regret back then…”

The cultivator from the Broken Mystic Sword Sect looked at the sword light and sighed softly. Then he raised his hand and bowed to Han Muye.

Streaks of sword light intertwined on his body.



Only after practicing a thousand pieces of music can one understand music, and only after observing a thousand swords can one know how to recognize swords.

After breaking through the bottleneck, this great cultivator made a breakthrough in both his Sword Dao and cultivation.

Ninth level of the Nascent Soul Stage, grand accomplishment in the Sword Dao.

If not for Han Muye’s sword aura, it might have taken him a thousand years to break through. It was more likely that he would have no hope in this life!

“Luo Ming from the Broken Mystic Sword Sect thanks senior for your guidance.”

The aura on his body slowly converged, and the great cultivator of the Broken Mystic Sword Sect called Luo Ming cupped his hands at Han Muye again.

Han Muye nodded in satisfaction and put away the sword.

After comprehending the eight sword techniques of the Broken Mystic Sword Sect, he understood that each of them was equivalent to a sword that had attained the Dao above the Five Mystic realm of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

One of them was the embryonic form of the Seven Mystic Sword Technique.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s sword technique only reached the Five Mystic realm. The subsequent sword technique inheritance was only a deduction. Whether it was the Six Mystic or the Seven Mystic realm, it was all speculation.

As for the swordsmanship of the Nine Mystic Realm, no one knew that.

Putting away a sword, Han Muye’s gaze landed on the other swords in front of him.

Following his gaze, the swords vibrated as if they were cheering in anticipation.

The cultivators in front of him were also filled with anticipation.

“How about this? I’m interested in the Sword Dao inheritance of your world. I’ll go to your world and evaluate these swords one by one.

“However, I won’t comment in public. I’ll only communicate with people related to swords. If there are other swords that you want me to comment on, I’ll help take a look.”

Han Muye turned to the cultivators in front of him and chuckled. “How is it?”

How is it?

How could they reject such a good thing?

The cultivators were all delighted.

Han Muye being able to stay in the Suwei World for the time being was the best outcome they could hope for.

In addition, he would help them evaluate their swords and point out the shortcomings in the Sword Dao inheritance. It was really a huge opportunity!

Everyone hurriedly bowed and led Han Muye to the Suwei World.

A huge divine beast with a radius of a thousand miles appeared again. It carried the golden Sword Pavilion and directly knocked open the sky of the Suwei World before landing in the sea.

No world could resist the power of a divine beast.

The Heavenly Dao of the Suwei World trembled before the divine beast.

Perhaps only a powerful world like the Immortal Spirit World could resist the power of a divine beast.

Baxia landed in the sea and floated in the water like an island. Han Muye sat quietly in the Sword Pavilion.

He set a rule. After each sword evaluation, he would appoint the next person to evaluate the sword. Then that person would wait by the shore.

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