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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 582 Sword Observation Tribulation, Condensing The Sword Dao Golden Core

In the sky outside the Suwei World, the Heavenly Cycle Formation had refined more than half of the mutated beasts and demons.

An uncountable amount of qi and blood power spread through the void within a radius of 100,000 miles.

By feeding the formation with qi and blood, this Heavenly Cycle Formation could actually circulate on its own and reach a tyrannical state where it would not stop.

The great formation had almost emptied the void. Between the black and white streams of light, only some powerful mutated beasts and demons could still hold on.

These mutated beasts and demons gathered together and resisted the power of the formation with all their might.

Han Muye had no intention of killing slowly anymore and attacked directly.

The Heavenly Cycle Formation exploded, and countless streams of light turned into sword threads, forming a net.

Those beasts below the third level of the Heaven Realm collided with the net and their bodies were shattered, leaving only their demon infants flying out.

The divine beast Baxia raised his head to the sky and let out a long roar. He wrapped the demon infants with his qi and sucked them into his mouth.

When the demon infants entered his mouth, the divine beast revealed a satisfied expression.

To Baxia's body, whether it was the power of his flesh, blood, or the demon souls, they were all great nourishment. He would devour them first and slowly refine them.

Only when he ate them would he feel at ease.


The bodies of several demons turned into green light and exploded, knocking away the net before flying away.

Blood Escape Technique.

This was a method to exchange a huge price for strength and survive.

In the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye smiled as he watched the demons leave.

Up ahead, the cultivators of the Suwei World looked disappointed.

They had thought that he could wipe out these demons.

Now that the demons left, there would definitely be even more intense revenge.

"Fellow Daoists, I'm afraid this senior from the Sword Pavilion wants to show mercy," an old man in a green-gray Daoist robe said softly in the sky.

Beside him, a few Heaven Realm cultivators nodded.

No one was a fool.

Han Muye's obvious methods clearly left behind future trouble for the Suwei world.

"Let's go and see what this senior wants us to do."

Another old man wearing a green Daoist robe and a golden Daoist crown flew forward.

There was no free help in the cultivation world. The so-called kindness was just a fair deal.

If there was really charity and help without asking for anything in return, it would make people feel uneasy.

This was because one did not know what the other party wanted. Perhaps it was something that one could not give at all.

For example, your loyalty, your life, and your inheritance.

Flying a thousand miles away from the divine beast Baxia's body, before the old man could speak, he saw the divine beast's body in front of him tremble continuously. It slowly shrank from the size of a star to a radius of 10,000 miles before shrinking further to a radius of 1,000 miles.

When it reached a radius of 1,000 miles, the divine beast's body no longer shrank. Instead, it slowly turned illusory and finally disappeared.

If it didn't really disappear, it was hidden in space.

Such a method made the cultivators of the Suwei World look at each other in shock.

How strong was this senior from the Sword Pavilion to be able to control a divine beast so easily?

It was extremely difficult to shrink the body of a powerful ancient divine beast like Baxia and transform it. It was also against one's will.

For a divine beast to be so obedient, it meant that this senior from the Sword Pavilion was a powerful expert.

Could it be a Sword Pavilion elder who had long surpassed the Heaven Realm?

Above the Heaven Realm, the Immortal Soul Third Level was a mighty figure.


The Sword Pavilion shook, and Han Muye's figure appeared tens of thousands of miles away, standing in front of the experts of the Suwei World.

He stood in the air with his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent.

The weakest of these cultivators in front of him was at the Out of Body realm.

But in front of Han Muye, they did not dare to look up.

Even if they could not sense his cultivation aura at all.

What a joke. How could an expert who controlled a divine beast and used a formation to suppress and kill countless mutated beasts and demons not have cultivation?

That was because his cultivation was too strong. Low-level cultivators like them could not sense it at all!

The Sword Pavilion was a powerful sect in the Upper Three Heavens.

"Four Soaring Swords Sect's Lu Zhenxiang greets senior."

"Dayuan Sword Sect's Hu Zhiyuan pays his respects to Sword Pavilion Senior."

Looking at the group of Out of Body realm cultivators bowing in front of him, Han Muye raised his hand expressionlessly.

"I'm Han Muye," Han Muye said calmly.

The few great cultivators hurriedly bowed and called him "Senior Han".

This was the norm in the cultivation world.

If one wanted to be respected, one had to show enough strength.

As long as one had the strength, one could do whatever one wanted.

"There don't seem to be many mutated beasts and demons left around the Suwei World. I still have some things to do, so I won't stay here for long."

The light in Han Muye's eyes did not change as he spoke softly.


How can we let this expert leave just like that?

The great cultivators of the Suwei World looked at each other and sent a message.

"Senior Han, thank you for your help. Please stay for a few more days."

"That's right. Senior Han killed the demons and beasts. How can you leave just like that? Our Suwei World should express our gratitude."

As Lu Zhenxiang and the others spoke, they each held a sword or two in their hands.

Dharma treasures.

Each sword was at the level of a magic treasure.

Two of them even had Sword Spirit. As long as one activated them slightly, they could transform.

Han Muye smiled.

These guys knew the rules.

He had expended a lot of energy on this formation outside the Suwei World. Even if he killed so many demons and beasts and obtained a massive amount of blood qi and demonic qi, he could only say that it was not a loss.

Along with these treasures and swords, it was probably worth it.

Without hesitation, Han Muye raised his hand and waved, sweeping up all the swords in front of him.

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