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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 580 - 580 Turning Stars into Sword Pills (2)

580 Turning Stars into Sword Pills (2)

Han Muye moved his palm slightly and sensed the spiritual patterns on the sword pill.

A small smile appeared on his face.

This Huang Yishang was smart. He did not understand alchemy, so he copied the method of refining that medicinal pill onto the sword pill.

Unfortunately, it lacked true intent, so no alchemist dared to refine the pill.

At this moment, Han Muye checked the memories in the Sword Pill. Not only did he see Huang Yishang’s thoughts, but he also saw the opportunity behind the Sword Pill.

There was a huge secret in that ancient cave abode. Back then, Huang Yishang’s master was not strong enough to explore it completely.

Huang Yishang was focused on refining this sword pill because he wanted to explore the ancient cave abode again.

Han Muye was also very interested in an ancient cave abode that could produce three sword pills.

Compared to such an ancient cave abode, three sword pills were nothing.

“Replace the sword pill with a medicinal pill?”

Han Muye shook his head, closed the wooden box, and handed it back to Huang Yishang.

“Your technique is too incomplete. You have to slowly deduce it. Without 30 to 50 million spiritual rocks, you can forget about it.”

His words made the white-haired old man nod.

The old man glanced at Han Muye and said, “This little fellow Daoist is right. Even if it’s 50 million spiritual rocks, no one dares to say that he can refine this pill.”

Hearing Han Muye’s words, Huang Yishang nodded regretfully.

He sized up Han Muye again and turned to lead the few people around him downstairs.

Seeing that there was nothing interesting to watch, the surrounding people dispersed.

The white-bearded old man chuckled and nodded at Han Muye.

At this moment, Gongsun Muhe had already brought over all the spiritual herbs Han Muye needed to refine the Bright Sword Pill.

“Granduncle.” Gongsun Muhe bowed to the white-haired old man and handed the wooden box to Han Muye.

“This is what Young Master wants. The pills needed for the three furnaces of Bright Sword Pills cost a total of 3.8 million spiritual rocks.”

Han Muye reached out to take the wooden box and probed with his divine sense.

The old man’s eyes flashed as he asked, “Young friend, you want to refine the Bright Sword Pill?”

Han Muye shook his head.

Just as the old man looked disappointed, he heard Han Muye say, “My junior sister does the refining.”

It was Mu Wan who refined and Han Muye only helped her from behind.

Dual cultivation in alchemy.

The old man turned to look at Mu Wan.

“Young friend, your alchemy cultivation is not bad, but I’m afraid you’re still a little lacking when it comes to refining the Bright Sword Pill…”

Shaking his head, the old man looked at Han Muye. “If you entrust Xuhe Pavilion with refining the pills, we will only charge a million spiritual rocks.”

One million spiritual rocks for refining pills and three furnaces of spiritual medicine would amount to 4.8 million spiritual rocks.

It was 200,000 spiritual rocks cheaper than buying one alone.

Han Muye chuckled and shook his head. He raised his hand and handed a jade box to Gongsun Muhe.

Gongsun Muhe took it and was stunned.

The spiritual rocks in this wooden box were not 3.8 million, but 1,000 high-grade spiritual rocks. They were worth tens of millions of low-grade spiritual rocks.

“I also want 10 stalks of the Sword Origin Grass, three stalks of Hua Yuzhi, eight ounces of star gold, nine ounces of crane roots…” Han Muye said calmly.

The old man’s eyes lit up, and he asked in a low voice, “Young friend, are you going to refine the pill that replaces the sword pill?”

This old man had also seen the replication methods on the sword pill and had seen a few spiritual herbs. However, many of the spiritual herbs Han Muye mentioned were not in the replication information.

He did not know if this was to confuse him or if he really needed it.

When refining pills, the spiritual herbs thrown in had to be very accurate. Those spiritual herbs Han Muye mentioned were necessary but it was impossible for others to deduce the pill formula and method to refine pills with just these spiritual herbs.

“I’m just excited. I don’t know if it will work.” Han Muye’s expression was indifferent.

The old man pondered for a moment and raised his hand to signal Gongsun Muhe to bring the spiritual herbs over. Then he led Han Muye and Mu Wan to a quiet room.

Daoist Changyun hesitated for a moment and stood outside without entering.

“I’m Gongsun Menlong, one of the alchemists in charge of Xuhe Pavilion. How should I address the two of you?”

When they arrived at the quiet room, the old man cupped his hands at Han Muye and Mu Wan.

Although Han Muye and Mu Wan looked like ordinary juniors, Han Muye must have something to rely on to be able to come up with 10 million spiritual rocks so easily to test and refine that medicinal pill.

Mu Wan looked like her cultivation was insufficient, but Han Muye was confident that she could refine the Bright Sword Pill.

From this, it could be seen that the two people before him were definitely not ordinary people.

“So it’s Grandmaster Gongsun.” Hearing Gongsun Menlong’s introduction, Mu Wan exclaimed in surprise.

She looked exactly like those junior alchemy disciples who couldn’t control themselves when they saw famous seniors.

Gongsun Menlong was about to humble himself when he heard Mu Wan lower her voice and whisper into Han Muye’s ear, “Grandmaster Baili said that Grandmaster Gongsun can become a sect grandmaster in a hundred years.”

Grandmaster Baili?

Gongsun Menlong was stunned.

The only person in the world who was called ‘Grandmaster Baili’ was the Alchemy Half-Sage, Baili Xinglin, who was in charge of the Alchemy Division.

Listening to these words, he deduced that if she could chat casually about his cultivation with Baili Xinglin, then they must be quite close.

Is this little girl in front of me related to that mighty figure? he wondered.

Han Muye smiled and looked at Gongsun Menlong. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Senior. I’m Mu Ye, and this is Junior Sister Mu Wan. We opened a small medicinal pill shop in Moon Viewing Town.”

“Mu Ye? Mu Wan?” Gongsun Menlong muttered and nodded.

He was an alchemist who focused on alchemy. Although he was a grandmaster alchemist, he did not pay much attention to other things.

As for the investiture at the Guan Estuary, he knew about it, but he did not think too much about it.

How could that Grandmaster Mu Ye be one of these two young juniors in front of him?

However, there was still a possibility that it had something to do with Baili Xinglin. Gongsun Menlong spoke a few words about alchemy, as if he wanted to test him.

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