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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 578 - 578 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, the Imperial City’s Gongsun is Invincible (3)

578 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, the Imperial City’s Gongsun is Invincible (3)

There were people in the world who had a nonchalant attitude…

In front, Han Muye’s gaze landed on the medicinal pills on the shelves. Then he shook his head and said, “These medicinal pills are useless to me, but they’re a little—”

Before he could finish speaking, a young man in a moon-colored brocade robe and a golden crown on his head turned around. “These medicinal pills are useless?”

The young man sized up Han Muye and sneered. “I’ve never heard that the pills in Xuhe Pavilion are useless.


“The concern is that they’re unaffordable.”

This young man’s voice was not soft and attracted the attention of many people around him.

The Xuhe Pavilion was one of the few places in the Imperial City that specialized in selling medicinal pills related to sword cultivators.

Most of the people here were sword cultivators.

Hearing the young man’s words, some people smiled while others frowned.

Hearing someone mock Han Muye, Mu Wan’s face turned cold. She said coldly, “Based on my senior brother’s Sword Dao cultivation, these are nothing to him.”

Although she had a gentle personality, she was not weak.

Moreover, someone was disrespectful to her senior brother.

This was her sense of dignity.

Hearing Mu Wan’s words, the surrounding people looked at Han Muye.

However, Han Muye who was wearing a green robe did not look like a Confucian cultivator, nor did he have the temperament that a sword cultivator should have.

He did not even look like a cultivator anymore.

Back to basics? they wondered.

What a joke. How can there be so many experts in the world who have returned to their original state?

Even if he has, he looks too young and even has a female cultivator accompanying him.

Only those Imperial City Academy scholars who are easy to get along with are those who have returned to their original state.

“Little girl, the sword cultivator medicinal pills sold in Xuhe Pavilion are second to none in the Imperial City. How can there be a sword cultivator who doesn’t need them?” A white-bearded old man chuckled.

“Indeed. If Xuhe Pavilion doesn’t have any pills that can be used, he must be at the peak of the Sword Dao in the world,” another tall middle-aged man with a long sword on his back said solemnly.

No wonder these people spoke up.

Sword cultivators formed groups in the Imperial City. Xuhe Pavilion not only sold the medicinal pills needed by sword cultivators, but also had the support of great sword cultivators.

It could be said that Xuhe Pavilion and several other shops that specialized in selling medicinal pills needed by sword cultivators were the face of the sword cultivators in the Imperial City.

Mu Wan did not expect her words to attract so many retorts. Just as she was about to speak, Han Muye patted her shoulder gently.

“Junior Sister, we’re here to look for spiritual herbs. The pills in Xuhe Pavilion have nothing to do with us.”

If it was an ordinary sword cultivator, he might have stood up to save face.

However, Han Muye’s Sword Dao cultivation had long passed that stage.

He had just entered the sword Dao and was unbreakable.

He coupled strength and gentleness.

Hearing Han Muye’s words, the surrounding people no longer paid attention and dispersed.

The young man who had spoken before looked at Han Muye again and turned to leave.

Daoist Changyun, who was standing at the side, looked at Han Muye with a complicated expression.

It was hard to imagine that this cultivator had such a good temper.

In his opinion, regardless of Han Muye’s identity or his cultivation in the Dao of Alchemy and Confucianism, the great cultivators guarding Xuhe Pavilion would definitely welcome him personally if he flaunted his strengths.

Can this be that he is above these things? he wondered.

Doesn’t he feel insulted?

“We want to buy a few stalks of the Three Essence Sword Grass.” Han Muye turned to look at the shop assistant.

The Three Essence Sword Grass was a precious spiritual herb.

Hearing that Han Muye wanted this spiritual herb, the shop assistant hurriedly bowed and asked Han Muye and the others to wait for a while before going to find the person in charge of precious spiritual herbs in the shop.

A moment later, a short middle-aged man in a green robe walked forward.

“I’m Gongsun Muhe, the manager of Xuhe Pavilion. Fellow Daoists, are you looking for the Three Essences Sword Grass? Do you want to use it yourself or to refine pills?” The middle-aged man cupped his hands at Han Muye and said softly.

His gaze swept across and he took a few more glances at Mu Wan.

There was a rather dense alchemy aura floating around Mu Wan.

Alchemy cultivators were alchemy cultivators with good cultivation.

“Refine pills,” Han Muye said.

A smile appeared on Gongsun Muhe’s face. He raised his hand and said, “We have Bright Sword Pills and Sword Sealing Pills for sale. They’re all refined by Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and are of excellent quality.”

Gongsun Muhe was indeed a businessman.

How could the price of a Three Essence Sword Grass compare to the price of a medicinal pill?

“May I know the price of the Bright Sword Pill?” Han Muye asked.

Gongsun Muhe stretched out his hand and opened his fingers.

Five million spiritual rocks each.

This price was almost twice the price Han Muye had offered.

However, Han Muye knew that the price of the pills was not set by him.

The spiritual herbs needed for a cauldron of Bright Sword Pills were worth more than a million spiritual rocks.

If they did not set the price at four to five million spiritual rocks, Xuhe Pavilion would suffer a loss.

His Pill Destiny Pavilion was a small shop and expenses were low.

Also, when he refined pills, he was proficient in purification. He could often produce two pills in a furnace.

It was rare for an ordinary alchemist to be able to guarantee one pill per cauldron.

“Let’s buy the spiritual herbs. Three stalks of Three Essence Sword Grass. If possible, we’ll buy the spiritual herbs for the Bright Sword Pills too.”

Han Muye shook his head and spoke.

His words disappointed Gongsun Muhe slightly.

However, he waved his hand and asked an assistant to accompany Han Muye and the others to browse around, then went to get the spiritual herbs himself.

Han Muye looked at the pills on the first floor, then the waiter led him and the others to the second floor.

Daoist Changyun followed behind.

If not for Han Muye, he would not have gone up to the second floor.

The customers in Xuhe Pavilion were all sword cultivators, and the pills were all related to the Sword Dao. What was he doing here?

The second floor was not small. It catered to even more cultivation levels than the first floor.

On the wooden shelves here, the grades of the medicinal pills were even higher.

Han Muye saw several sixth-grade pills.

The young assistant leading Han Muye and the others introduced the medicinal pills while turning to look at Han Muye’s expression from time to time.

Didn’t this person say that Xuhe Pavilion’s medicinal pills were useless to him? Won’t he be slapped in the face now?

He walked to the front and heard a commotion.

Several sword cultivators surrounded him, and there was an old man in a long robe in front.

“Fellow Daoist, I’m afraid that the pills you mentioned don’t exist in this world, let alone in my Xuhe Pavilion.”

The old man shook his head and said, “The Pill Dao is simply the Pill Dao. It’s an aid to the Sword Dao. When can it become a tool for the Sword Dao?

“How can a pill turn into a sword?”

Sword Pills?

Han Muye’s eyes lit up as he looked at the sword cultivator standing in front of the old man.

The sword cultivator held a wooden box in his hand.

There were three patterned pills in the box.

Sword Pills.

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