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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 577 - 577 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, the Imperial City’s Gongsun is Invincible (2)

577 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, the Imperial City’s Gongsun is Invincible (2)

Han Muye opened the invitation and saw that the words on it were clearly written by Lu Yuzhou.

This old man must have known that his character was bad and specially asked Yanzhen to invite him.

Could it be that an experienced senior like Yan Zhenqing had also learned bad things like Lu Yuzhou?

After sending Yanzhen off, Zuo Yulong rubbed his hands excitedly.


This was the deputy head of the Imperial City Academy. He had just spoken a few words to him to test his knowledge.

In the shop, Mu Wan turned around and smiled.

“Senior Brother, if I don’t say anything, are you not going?”

Hearing her words, Han Muye nodded righteously and said, “Of course. I, Han Muye, naturally can’t sleep at night like these old fogeys—”

Before he could finish, he saw that Mu Wan’s eyes were filled with smiles.

“Senior Brother, I didn’t ask you to stay there.”

Leaning closer, Mu Wan whispered in Han Muye’s ear, “I know you’re a gentleman. You don’t even stay in my room.”

With that, Mu Wan smiled and ran back to the small courtyard to refine pills in the quiet room.

Han Muye stood there, his eyes twitching.

He knew that this girl was deliberately teasing him.

He wondered if this girl had been observing the erotic painting recently and learning some techniques?


Cloud Alchemy Mill.

In the afternoon, Zuo Yulong took care of the shop while Han Muye and Mu Wan went to the Cloud Alchemy Mill to find the Three Essence Sword Grass to refine the Bright Sword Pills.

This main ingredient was very valuable.

Several large-scale pharmacies did not sell it.

“Eh, Shopkeeper Mu, Fairy Mu!” When they walked out of a shop, a surprised cry came from the front.

Daoist Changyun walked over quickly and cupped his fists repeatedly.

Han Muye smiled.

Daoist Changyun had been in the alchemy mill for a hundred years, so he was naturally familiar with which store sold spiritual herbs.

Sure enough, when Han Muye asked, Daoist Changyun immediately replied, “Three Essence Sword Grass? There are three shops in the Spiritual Medicine Cloud Alchemy Mill that sell it all year round.”

He looked around and pointed ahead. “There’s one in the nearest building. I’ll take you there.”

Daoist Changyun led Han Muye and Mu Wan for about 10 miles before they saw a three-story pavilion with a plaque hanging on the door.

“Xuhe Pavilion. These words contain sword intent.” Han Muye looked at the words on it.

The strokes were like sword marks, and every stroke revealed a violent sword intent.

Although there were some experts who could combine the Sword Dao and Confucianism, there weren’t many.

“Gongsun Shu, so it’s this great sword cultivator.”

With a single swing of the sword, no one in the Imperial City was his match.

It was said that the cultivation of the number one swordsman in the Imperial City had surpassed his own realm and reached an unfathomable level.

Back then, the most famous incident was that Gongsun Shu, who was the commander of the imperial family’s guards, killed 12 Heaven Realm demons with a single strike.

The heads of the 12 Heaven Realm demons were still in the royal family’s secret vault.

Even though the Heavenly Mystic Royal Family was not revered, there were still many experts among them.

Gongsun Shu was one of the experts of the imperial family.

“The backer of Xuhe Pavilion is the royal family. Most of the medicinal pills and spiritual herbs are related to sword cultivators.”

Daoist Changyun lowered his voice and said, “It’s said that the owner of Xuhe Pavilion is the royal family’s Yonghe County Lord Yunming, a great cultivator who became famous with the sword.”

Yonghe County’s Lord Yunming was an expert in the royal family. He was one of the pillars of the royal family.

This person became famous 10,000 years ago. It was said that he even fought with Sword Venerable Yuan Tian back then.

Gongsun Shu had studied the sword Dao in Yonghe County.

This was the Imperial City.

If one wanted to dig deeper, one would find countless experts.

Perhaps many of the characters in the stories were right beside you.

The workers of Xuhe Pavilion were dressed differently from the others. All of them were wearing martial robes, and a few of them even had swords hanging from their waists.

Even though the rule of the White Deer Mountain scholars carrying swords had spread in all directions, there were not many scholars carrying swords in the Imperial City, which was the main base of Confucianism.

The Imperial City Academy was mainly made up of Confucian robes with large sleeves.

A scholar carrying a sword and a scholar wearing a scholar’s robe were two different concepts.

White Deer Mountain’s reading philosophy was more pragmatic.

‘I study so that I can rule the country and bring peace to the world.’

As the Holy Land of Confucianism in the world, the Imperial City Academy’s students were more disciplined and did not value mortal power. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

In their opinion, the Confucian Dao should be above the mortal world and all cultivation in the world.

At the moment, the concept of the White Deer Mountain would not affect the Imperial City. It could only spread in other provinces and counties of the Central Continent.

There were scholars with swords in the Imperial City, but not many.

Daoist Changyun led Han Muye and Mu Wan into the shop. Be it medicinal pills or spiritual herbs, most of them were indeed related to sword cultivation.

This made Mu Wan quite happy.

“Senior Brother, you cultivate the Sword Dao. Are there any pills here that can be used?” Mu Wan looked at Han Muye and asked softly.

The Dao of alchemy in the Western Frontier was barren. Pills like this that could specifically increase the cultivation of sword cultivators or their comprehension of the Sword Dao were very rare.

This person also cultivates the Sword Dao?

Daoist Changyun was shocked.

He had seen Han Muye’s alchemy skills. With just a few words, he was enlightened.

That day, when the Pill Destiny Pavilion opened, even the head of the Pill Division, Qin Suyang, personally came. Recently, Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan, who was greatly respected by the Pill Dao, gave Han Muye a disciple bow.

Also, the new pill refinement technique that spread throughout the world yesterday was actually named the Pill Destiny Pavilion’s Pill Transformation Technique.

Many people in the market were asking where the Pill Destiny Pavilion was located.

But Daoist Changyun knew where the Pill Destiny Pavilion was.

The two people in front of him were the owners!

Most importantly, not only was this Shopkeeper Mu an Alchemy Grandmaster, but he was also a mighty Confucianist!

Daoist Changyun had seen it with his own eyes.

With such means, he was at the pinnacle of Confucianism.

Alchemy and Confucianism. So this person is also proficient in the Sword Dao?

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