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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 575 Bright Sword Pill, Lin Chongxiao Reincarnated (3)

"Senior Brother, Cuicui is pregnant. Can the bloodline pill work?" Mu Wan looked at Han Muye and asked softly.

After talking to Cuicui in the afternoon, Mu Wan knew the difficulties of this couple.

Shao Datian was desperately trying to earn more spiritual rocks because he hoped that Cuicui would not be hurt when she was pregnant.

At this point, Cuicui scolded Shao Datian for being stupid and asked him to take out all his savings.

Needless to say, it was really not a small amount. There were actually more than 300 spiritual rocks.

Cuicui was angry and heartbroken at the sight of so many spiritual rocks.

Shao Datian had secretly gone to the Immortal Moon Lake to catch fish in exchange for them.

This silly kid from the Southern Wasteland Tiger Clan.

"Let's see if I can develop a bloodline pill first.

"If it doesn't work, I'll seal the fetus' bloodline." Han Muye's eyes flashed with a golden light.

Mu Wan's expression changed slightly.

My senior brother's bloodline power has fused with a divine beast, so he can naturally seal the bloodlines of other demon clans.

However, can he seal his own bloodline power?

If he can't, can I bear his children?

Perhaps, one day, I'll be like Cuicui and risk my life to get pregnant with his child…

Han Muye looked up and saw Mu Wan's expression. He knew what she was thinking.

Their eyes met, and Mu Wan blushed. She slowly stood up and went into Han Muye's arms.

She gently wrapped her arms around Han Muye's neck and slowly approached.

This was better than what countless couples in the mortal world had.

As they panted, a gentle hand guided Han Muye's large hand into her shirt.

When he stepped out of Mu Wan's room, Han Muye looked at the full moon in the sky and smiled wryly.

This feeling of only engaging in foreplay every time left him in a dilemma. He had to go to the bottom of the Immortal Moon Lake to cool down later.

Early the next morning, people lined up in front of the Southern Wasteland Snack Shop to buy buns.

Many of the neighbors knew what had happened the day before, and they sympathized with Cuicui and Shao Datian.

The buns in the shop were sold out in less than an hour.

Cuicui and Shao Datian smiled.

Zuo Yulong was on duty at the Pill Destiny Pavilion today. He came early and arranged the pills on the wooden shelf. Then he took a duster and carefully brushed the paintings around him.

"Excuse me, do you have any Bright Sword Pills here?" A voice sounded from the door.

Zuo Yulong quickly went to receive him. He saw a thin sword-wielding man in a black martial arts robe with a tired look on his face.

Sword cultivator?

There were many sword sects in the Imperial City, but these sects usually accepted missions in the Imperial City or their main business was outside the Imperial City. They rarely bought things in the city, and when they did, they went straight to the marketplace.

Immortals and mortals lived in the Imperial City, but still, there were more mortals.

Cultivators of the Confucian Dao were not that different from mortals. They could get close to mortals.

The Daoist sects were enigmatic and reclusive. They would not get close to mortals.

Other demon clans and sword cultivators set up bases in remote places or the mountains. They rarely appeared in front of mortals.

After all, if a sword cultivator with a long sword on his back stood there, the surrounding people would quietly stay away.

"Sir, you want to buy medicinal pills?" Zuo Yulong smiled as he welcomed the sword cultivator into the shop. Then he pointed at the wooden rack. "Although there aren't many types of medicinal pills in our Pill Destiny Pavilion, they are all of high quality. Sir, you can…"

Before he could finish, the black-robed sword cultivator whispered again, "Do you have Bright Sword Pills?"

Bright Sword Pills?

Zuo Yulong was quite familiar with the pills sold in the shop. He did not see any Bright Sword Pills.

Just as he shook his head, he heard Han Muye's voice from behind. "The Bright Sword Pill uses sword qi as the bone and the Three Essence Sword Grass as the main ingredient. The pill refined contains sword intent.

"A single Bright Sword Pill can produce sword intent. This pill is not easy to refine."

Hearing Han Muye's words, the originally calm black-robed sword cultivator revealed a hint of joy and turned to look at Han Muye, who was walking over.

"Are you the owner?

"I want a Bright Sword Pill. How many spiritual rocks do you want?"

Han Muye smiled.

He liked such straightforward sword cultivators.

No, he liked sword cultivators who did not lack money.

"The market price of the Three Essence Sword Grass is a million spiritual rocks. The other supplementary herbs are about 300,000 spiritual rocks. According to the rules, one furnace of pills and two furnaces of spiritual medicine will cost about 2.6 million spiritual rocks.

"It's not easy to make the pills. The total price is 3 million spiritual rocks. You can collect it in 10 days. You'll have to pay a deposit of 1.5 million spiritual rocks first."

Han Muye walked to the counter and scribbled a receipt.

"What's your name?" Han Muye stopped writing and looked up.

"Bi Wuhe." The black-robed sword cultivator raised his hand and took off the sword on his back, placing it on the counter.

"I didn't bring that many spiritual rocks. I'll leave my sword with you as a deposit."

Long sword as a deposit?

This is probably against the rules, right?

Zuo Yulong turned to look at his shopkeeper.

Han Muye did not refuse.

"If possible, I hope to have two Bright Sword Pills." Bi Wuhe cupped his fists and said, "I'll be back in 10 days."

Han Muye nodded and handed over the receipt.

Bi Wuhe took it and glanced at it. He folded it and stuffed it into his chest before leaving.

Seeing Bi Wuhe walk out of the shop, Zuo Yulong revealed a strange expression.

These sword cultivators are all like this, he thought. No wonder the commoners in the city don't like them.

Han Muye's gaze fell on the sword on the counter in front of him and he raised his hand to hold the hilt.


He felt a gentle resistance.

This sword had its own spirituality. Although it was only a spiritual weapon, it was still a rare treasure.

With a chuckle, a faint wisp of sword qi seeped into the sword in his palm.

Now his cultivation in the Sword Dao had long been meticulous. The sword threads formed into wisps and entered the sword body. They would not destroy the spirituality in the sword.


The sword vibrated gently, and images appeared in Han Muye's mind.

A smile appeared on his face.

This Bi Wuhe was clearly a poor fellow who did not have any spiritual rocks to pay the bill. He was here to freeload his pills.

This River Mountain Sword was Bi Wuhe's only valuable item.

Many of the sword cultivators in the Imperial City had rich backgrounds.

However, if one did not have any background and one's life was really difficult, one might as well leave the Imperial City and go to another province.

However, Bi Wuhe did not leave the Imperial City. Instead, he lived in a rather dilapidated district in the lower city.

As a Golden Core sword cultivator, he relied on accepting missions to earn spiritual rocks.

This was because his Dao companion had internal injuries and he had two children to take care of.

When the images of the two four or five-year-old children appeared, Han Muye trembled.

"Lin Chongxiao?"

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