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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 568 - 568 Pill Destiny Pavilion’s Pill Transformation Technique (2)

568 Pill Destiny Pavilion’s Pill Transformation Technique (2)

This cloud-shaped pill was also more suitable for the seriously injured generals to refine.

“As long as you can impart this alchemy technique, the Alchemy Division can grant you an honorary position. You can freely enter and exit the ancient records library and name this cloud alchemy technique after yourself.”

The Alchemy Division was reputable and he could freely enter and exit the archives. This was a huge temptation.

In addition, he could name the Pill Formation Technique and its name would be passed down through the ages.

Han Muye cultivated Confucianism. This accumulation of alchemy was even more terrifying.


Qin Suyang looked at Han Muye with a smile.

It was impossible for Han Muye to refuse.

Indeed, Han Muye was not prepared to reject this deal.

“I will engrave the brand new formula for the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishment Pill and the Cloud Pill Technique into jade slips.” Han Muye turned to look at Qin Suyang and said softly, “However, don’t use my name for this technique.

“Let’s call it the Pill Destiny Pavilion Pill Transformation Technique.”

Han Muye came using an alias and did not need to become famous at all.

Mu Wan was young and her cultivation was shallow. It was not a good thing to become famous.

He might as well name the technique after the Pill Destiny Pavilion, as long as it was practical.

This name was also a commemoration of his relationship with Mu Wan.

It was equivalent to a token of love.

Although a strange look flashed across Qin Suyang’s eyes, he nodded.

Although there were very few alchemy techniques named after alchemy shops, there were still some.

Many people considered the benefits and not the reputation.

Han Muye took out a blank jade slip and probed it with his divine sense. It kept condensing, forming an indelible inheritance jade slip.

Qin Suyang took the jade slip with both hands and bowed slightly. “Thank you for your teachings, Mr. Mu.”

The reason why alchemy inheritances could flourish was because countless alchemy seniors did not have any selfish motives and passed down their comprehension.

What Han Muye did today was the same. Qin Suyang called him Mr. Mu.

This jade slip would be replicated 10,000 times and sent to various places under the Alchemy Division. Then, all alchemists could cultivate.

Alchemy cultivators in the world had to call him ‘mister’ when they used this technique to form pills.

As for this jade slip that Han Muye had personally engraved, it would be sent to the library for collection.

Han Muye did not stay at the Qin residence for long.

Since he knew why Baili Xinglin had invited Mu Wan, he felt much more at ease.

The next time he personally met Baili Xinglin, he wanted to see if this Alchemy Half-Sage, one of the leaders of the Alchemy Division, truly had no ill intentions.

When he left the Qin residence and returned to the Pill Destiny Pavilion, Han Muye looked around.

In the upper city of the Imperial City, there were tall pavilions everywhere.

Endless spiritual qi and purple People’s Will had already condensed into a sky screen.

Mountains and rivers appeared in the sky screen, showing the vastness of the world.

Having lived in this world for a long time, his heart was naturally filled with Great Dao imprints.

In the depths of the pavilion was the Imperial Palace, the peak of the Heavenly Mystic Dynasty’s secular power.

Many members of the Heavenly Mystic Royal Family lived there.

Even if the royal family was dispensable to the humans of the Central Continent, as the symbol of power in the secular world, the imperial palace was still at the center of the imperial city.

The side of the Imperial Palace should be the place where Minister Wen resides, right?

Han Muye retracted his gaze and walked forward quickly.

He had no intention of visiting Minister Wen’s residence.

There were not many pedestrians on the Imperial Garden Street. Even if there were, they were in a hurry like Han Muye.

How could there be idlers in the upper city?

The galloping carriages were either tall or tightly guarded.

Many of them were pulled by mutated beasts. There were family seals on the carriages.

These carriages looked extremely extraordinary. Many of them even flickered with spiritual light and activated an array to isolate themselves.

However, Han Muye did not know much about the big families in the Imperial City, and he was not interested in befriending them.

“Stop the carriage.”

A green wooden carriage stopped beside Han Muye.

Han Muye turned to look. The curtain was lifted and someone was looking at him with a cold expression.

“Get in the carriage,” Yunduan said coldly.

Han Muye pondered for a moment, and stepped into the carriage.

The interior of the carriage was simple and had a faint fragrance.

Wearing a green brocade robe and a jade crown on her head, Yunduan sat at the side. There were scrolls and brushes on the small wooden table in the middle.

The carriage moved forward, but there was no movement in the carriage.

Yunduan looked up at Han Muye, her eyes flickering like fire.

“Tell me, what happened between you and my sister on the Jade Brocade Immortal Ship that night?” As soon as Yunduan finished speaking, she clenched her fists and stared at Han Muye.

There was unconcealed anger on Yunduan’s face, as if she would punch Han Muye if he dared to lie.

Han Muye shook his head and said calmly, “I only read for a night.”

“Really?” Yunduan’s gaze did not shift.

He nodded.

“My sister is the number one beauty in Jinchuan. Even in the Imperial City, no one is more beautiful than her. She can’t compare to your junior sister?” Yunduan said in a low voice with a cold expression. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

She had met Han Muye’s junior sister.

Although she was also beautiful, dignified, and pure, she was not as beautiful as her sister, Princess Yunjin.

Princess Yunjin was such a beauty, and she was also the legitimate daughter of the Prince of Qi. How could it be that she could not compare to an ordinary female cultivator?

Yunduan’s face was filled with disbelief and a trace of resentment.

Han Muye’s originally calm expression slowly turned serious.

There seemed to be an abyssal power stirring in his body.

If this power was activated, it would probably burn everyone clean.

Outside the carriage, there was a light cough.

In the carriage, the jade crown on Yunduan’s head flashed.

Yunduan did not expect Han Muye to be so powerful that even her protective treasure was activated.

She did not expect Han Muye to be so intense. There was something in his gaze that made her heart palpitate.

Did I say something wrong?

Yunduan shrank slightly and looked at Han Muye stubbornly.

Han Muye suppressed the surging power and looked at Yunduan.

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