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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 567 Pill Destiny Pavilion’s Pill Transformation Technique

Who was Han Muye?

His cultivation in the Dao of alchemy was deep and unfathomable. He could guide Qin Wuyuan with his divine soul.

With his Confucianism cultivation, he could confer deity titles with a single statement and suppress the eight counties of Dongnan in the Heavenly Mystic.

These two factors alone were enough to attract the attention of all the almighty experts in the Heavenly Mystic.

Moreover, on the opening day of the Pill Destiny Pavilion that day, it was clear that Han Muye not only had the Imperial City Academy behind him, but also Minister Wen.

The Heavenly Mystic Confucian Dao Absolute Sage!

With the support of Minister Wen, who would dare to underestimate Han Muye in the Heavenly Mystic World?

To Han Muye, Mu Wan was an extremely important person. She was his Dao companion.

In this world, no one could hurt Mu Wan.

As a sword cultivator, the sword in his hand protected everything that belonged to him.

Looking at Han Muye's expression, Qin Suyang chuckled and invited him to the back hall. Then he introduced Baili Xinglin's background softly.

The Jade Rainbow Realm and the Heavenly Mystic World had been allies for tens of thousands of years. The two sides had many dealings.

Of course, only the great cultivators of the Imperial City knew about this.

The Heavenly Mystic World was suppressed by the Confucian Sage Wen Mosheng, and the Jade Rainbow Realm was protected by Alchemy Sages.

However, unlike the Heavenly Mystic World, which was hidden in the void, the Jade Rainbow Realm had always been invaded by void beasts and many powerful worlds.

The reason why they formed an alliance with the Heavenly Mystic World was because the Heavenly Mystic World was willing to send experts to help the Jade Rainbow Realm.

"The Sage of the Jade Rainbow Realm has become a sage through alchemy and is not good at attacking. In the past tens of thousands of years, our Profound Heaven Realm cultivators have gone to the Jade Rainbow Realm to rescue them six times.

"Minister Wen personally took action 10,000 years ago."

Qin Suyang's expression was solemn as he said in a low voice, "That time, it also attracted many outside forces to spy on the Heavenly Mystic World.

"Among them were countless experts descended from the Immortal Spirit World."

Ten thousand years ago?

No wonder the Heavenly Mystic World was still peaceful 10,000 years ago. In the last 10,000 years, it was suddenly attacked by powerful enemies many times.

The Shi Heng Dao Sect of the Immortal Spirit World had gathered all their forces.

No matter what, there were many great cultivators in the Heavenly Mystic World. Back then, they suppressed countless realms.

However, it was unknown who those great cultivators lost to back then. In the end, the spatial passageways everywhere in the Heavenly Mystic World shut down.

Han Muye controlled the body of a divine beast to wander in the void, so he had a better understanding of the dangers of the void world.

In the endless void, it was really unknown when they would suddenly encounter powerful enemies.

Previously, he had encountered a beast that had at least the combat strength of a Divine Transformation Realm expert. It took him a lot of effort to activate the power of a divine beast to severely injure it. It escaped in the end.

This also made Han Muye understand that strength alone was not enough.

He also needed to have precise control over his strength.

He had returned to the Heavenly Mystic World to train his mind in the mortal world so that he could hone his mental strength and control the body of the divine beast.

If he could really control the power of the divine beast, Baxia, the divine transformation mutated beasts would not be able to withstand a claw.

"What does the Jade Rainbow Realm have to do with my junior sister?" Han Muye's eyes lit up, and a faint sword intent surged from his body.

As expected!

The corners of Qin Suyang's eyes twitched.

Back in the Alchemy Division's main hall, Baili Xinglin had pointed out that this Grandmaster Mu Ye was definitely a sword dao expert.

From the looks of it, it was true.

"Ten thousand years ago, the direct disciple of a Sage from the Jade Rainbow Realm came to the Heavenly Mystic World to ask for help. She was surrounded and killed by countless experts from other worlds. Although she sent a message for help, she died in the Heavenly Mystic World.

"It's said that her remnant soul reincarnated in the Heavenly Mystic World, but it has never been confirmed."

Disciple of a Sage?

Han Muye frowned.

How could it be so coincidental?

"Hehe, Manager Baili only got closer because she found out that Little Friend Mu has her senior sister's bloodline.

"She asked me to tell you because she was afraid that you would misunderstand."

Qin Suyang looked at Han Muye and spoke softly.

Every expert who could become a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert had experienced countless schemes.

Mu Wan was someone close to Han Muye. If she was held by outsiders, she would be a great threat to Han Muye.

"I want to see Grandmaster Baili personally." Han Muye pondered for a moment and said in a low voice.

Qin Suyang nodded and said, "I'll arrange it."

With that, he looked at Han Muye and said in a low voice, "You might have spread the method of refining the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishment Pill into the Cloud Pill?"

Disseminate the method of refining the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pill?

In the Alchemy Dao inheritance, if a certain technique was widely spread, one would become the ancestor of a Dao.

Many alchemy techniques were named after the creator.

Han Muye's heart skipped a beat. He looked at Qin Suyang. "The war in the No Resentment Realm is not going well?"

Qin Suyang nodded.

He was not surprised that Han Muye knew about the battle in the No Resentment Realm.

Han Muye's shop had opened, and Minister Wen had come personally. What secrets were there in the Heavenly Mystic World that he couldn't know?

"A million new troops suffered considerable losses.

"The No Resentment Realm has achieved Dao through incense offerings, and one's cultivation can be achieved quickly. Although the Martial Marquis plotted to kill several of its top experts, he didn't achieve a great victory."

A trace of gloominess appeared on Qin Suyang's face, and traces of murderous aura appeared on his body.

Tongue Sword Suyang was also an expert who dominated the void back then.

"At this Alchemy Conference, we are prepared to advance to the front line and cooperate in the battle of the No Resentment Realm.

"As for the alchemists who performed well enough, we're preparing to send them to the Jade Rainbow Realm to cultivate for a hundred years.

"The Alchemy Dao inheritance of the Jade Rainbow Realm is a hundred times better than my Heavenly Mystic Realm."

What Qin Suyang said was that in order to cooperate in the battle in the No Resentment Realm, the Heavenly Mystic Alchemy Conference was organized by the army.

He asked Han Muye to spread the method of the Cloud Pill of the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishment Pill because he wanted all the alchemists participating in the Alchemy Conference to master this alchemy method.

This was because the Cloud Pill method would not trigger the fluctuation of the power of the heavens and earth without going through the Tribulation.

This way, he could absolutely collect spiritual herbs and refine them outside the realm.

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