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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 564 The Tiny Mortal World Is A Beautiful Place (1)

"Grandmaster Baili."

Mu Wan turned around and bowed slightly.

Baili Xinglin nodded. She looked at Mu Wan and said softly, "Are you looking for the Bloodline Pill for yourself?"

These words made Mu Wan blush. Before she could shake her head, she heard Baili Xinglin speak again, "I saw that the young man who came with you yesterday had some demon blood surging in his aura."

The alchemy grand cultivator's gaze was really vicious.

Mu Wan was about to say something when her expression suddenly changed. She said in a low voice, "Senior, you mean that if Senior Brother and I want to have children, we will also…"

She remembered what her senior brother had said. He was refining the power of the divine beast.

Could it be that senior brother also has the bloodline power of a divine beast and will also be tainted with its aura? If we want to have children, will it be difficult to nurture them because of the powerful bloodline power? she thought.

Shao Datian was just an ordinary demon. Cuicui almost died when she was pregnant with a child.

If her senior brother's bloodline could be inherited, then she could help him…

She didn't dare to think about it.

Mu Wan knew how big the gap between her cultivation and her senior brother's strength was.

"Silly girl, we women are not born to bear children for them." Looking at Mu Wan's expression, Baili Xinglin sighed softly and reached out to pat Mu Wan's shoulder.

"However, if I really meet someone I love, I'm naturally willing to do anything for him."

Baili Xinglin said softly, as if she was talking about herself.

Mu Wan nodded.

Of course, she was willing to do anything for her senior brother.

"Senior, is there really no other way?"

It was not that there were no descendants of great cultivators in the world. On the contrary, there were many descendants of great cultivators.

There were also unions between humans and demons in the world.

"If it's an ordinary person, it's not impossible after cultivating deeply." Baili Xinglin looked at Mu Wan.

"If you want to borrow the power of medicinal pills, it can be of some use."

Pausing for a moment, Baili Xinglin's eyes lit up. "However, the alchemy Dao in the Heavenly Mystic World isn't very prosperous. In the world I come from, there are many great cultivators who study the power of bloodlines.

"If I can get their help, I might really be able to refine medicinal pills that can fuse the bloodlines of different races.

"Girl, are you interested in coming with me?"

Baili Xinglin lowered her head, her eyes filled with uncontrollable anticipation.

Mu Wan was stunned for a moment and lowered her head.

When Mu Wan returned to the Pill Destiny Pavilion, it was already dusk.

Han Muye accompanied her for a walk by the Immortal Moon Lake, but he saw that she was a little distracted.

When he asked her, she merely said that she had read too many books in the library and her mind was a little messy. She also said that not everyone's comprehension was as good as his.

This left Han Muye speechless.

After returning to the small courtyard and looking at Mu Wan, who had returned to the room, Han Muye's eyes lit up.

This girl doesn't hide her thoughts. Whenever she has something on her mind, it shows on her face.

She must have encountered something in the library today.

Is it because of the bloodline pill?

It seems that I have to pay more attention to this matter.

Standing in the small courtyard, the spiritual light on Han Muye's body surged visibly.

As expected, from the time he started to cultivate, the chaos of the mortal world was the best way to cultivate one's heart.

Tasting the sweetness and bitterness of the mortal world could actually raise one's mental state.

In the next few days, Mu Wan refined pills every day, and Han Muye basically didn't go out. He just stayed in the shop.

The two of them were serious about the pill shop.

Zuo Yulong and Zuo Yuting took turns to be on duty in the shop. They did all the accounts.

The daily income in the shop was more than 10,000 spiritual rocks.

When they encountered people who wanted to buy sixth-grade and fifth-grade pills, Han Muye would approach them and receive dozens of spiritual rocks for each purchase.

This pill store really looked like it was making money.

Zuo Lin was in charge of greeting customers at the door and buying various supplies.

Just as he had said, there was no need to queue for food at the city gate like before.

It felt like a dream coming to the shop with his children every day.

Zuo Yulong's studies had become more and more profound. He had already attracted the attention of the instructors in the Imperial City Academy. Perhaps he would be qualified to become an official student.

Zuo Yuting had become an official apprentice in the Changyun Alchemy House and could now refine a few ninth-grade medicinal pills.

Zuo Lin's family life had completely changed.

During the day, Shao Datian still sold snacks and buns with Cuicui. When there were many people at the pill store, he would guard the door to prevent anyone from causing trouble.

At night, he still went to the Immortal Moon Lake to catch a few big fish and sell them quietly.

Han Muye saw something interesting. Shao Datian had become friends with Bao Mingcheng from the Defense Division and Daoist Changyun from the Changyun Alchemy House.

The three of them even went drinking together twice.

Cuicui was both happy and angry about this matter.

She muttered to Mu Wan that she was naturally happy that Shao Datian could make friends in the Imperial City.

She also hoped that her man would have a circle of friends.

However, this guy went to drink and came back without saying where he went. This made Cuicui very unhappy.

"Anyway, I won't let him into my bed for the next few days."

Cuicui muttered angrily.

Mu Wan turned to look outside the small courtyard with a complicated expression.

If my senior wants to get into my bed, I…

In the quiet room, the cauldron spun gently.

The furnace fire slowly extinguished, and Mu Wan's face was red. It was unknown if it was because of the fire in front of her or Han Muye behind her.

However, she was the only one who knew the feeling of this dual cultivation.

"Junior Sister, how's this furnace of pills?" Han Muye's voice sounded in her ear.

It was too close. His breath caressed her neck, causing her entire body to heat up.

She turned around and met her senior brother's eyes.

At this moment, their faces were less than three inches apart.

Han Muye's eyes revealed an uncontrollable emotion as he lowered his head gently.

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