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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 558 - 558 Library, Baili Xinglin

558 Library, Baili Xinglin

“You want to dispel your doubts?”

A smile appeared on the young man’s face. Then he raised his hand and said, “The library is three miles ahead. However, it seems that no Grandmaster has entered the library today.”

At this point, the young man waved his hand. “No, actually, Grandmaster Baili is in charge of the library today. She is a humble person. She usually won’t refuse to answer questions.”

Turning to look at Han Muye and Mu Wan, the young man smiled. “Go to the library. I’ll take you there.”

As the youth spoke, he put away the pill furnace and books on the floor and led the three youths to the library.

These four people were all disciples of the alchemy sect, the Greenwood Alchemy Sect. Two of them had yet to obtain the qualifications to become official alchemists.

They came here mostly to communicate and also to trade some spiritual herbs to exchange for pill furnaces.

The Greenwood Alchemy Sect was not big. There were only about a thousand disciples in the sect, and the First Elder was an alchemy grandmaster.

The young man in the lead was called Shen Tang. He was quite talkative.

Mu Wan did not speak, but Han Muye would ask a few questions from time to time.

“Look at the many people in the square. Actually, most of them are here to try their luck and see if they can see Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan refine pills.

“It’s said that Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan is going to show the method of refining Cloud Pills in the Alchemy Division.

“Nowadays, the most popular pill refinement method in the Imperial City is this method of forming a pill without attracting tribulation lightning.”

Shen Tang looked ahead with yearning in his eyes. “We official alchemists are often unable to condense the last step because of insufficient spiritual qi.

“If I can use the Cloud Pill Technique to skip the last step, I think I can refine many pills.”

Hearing his words, the three fellow disciples beside him also had expectant expressions.

They were not the only ones. Most of the people around them were also discussing the Cloud Pill Technique.

Han Muye smiled but did not speak.

He had seen many Cloud Pill Techniques when he accompanied Mu Wan to refine pills, but this technique was not something he wanted to achieve.

The final step was even more complicated than condensing a medicinal pill.

He had comprehended the Sword Dao and could control it. It was very difficult for other alchemy cultivators to form the Cloud Pill Technique.

“That’s the library. Generally, alchemy grandmasters have the chance to enter the first floor of the library to read. Sect grandmasters can go to the second floor.

“It’s said that a talented alchemy master has a chance to enter the library.”

Shen Tang pointed at the huge pavilion in front of him and said enviously.

At this moment, many people were gathered in front of the library.

Some of these people were holding jade slips in their hands, while others were holding small furnaces. They were all looking around.

“Usually, those who enter the library are seniors in the Dao of alchemy. These alchemists who have the Dao of alchemy and have questions that are difficult to answer wait outside the library. Perhaps they can meet seniors who can help solve their problems.

“You’re here for answers, aren’t you?

“Grandmaster Baili is in charge of the library today. She will probably come out when it’s dark.”

As Shen Tang spoke, he looked around with his three fellow disciples and prepared to find a suitable spot to wait.

There were still a few hours before nightfall.

“Recently, whenever I’m refining the Floating Cloud Pill, the furnace always explodes when I put in the Three Flower Spiritual Leaf. I want to ask Grandmaster Baili what’s going on.” A young man behind Shen Tang frowned and said in a low voice.

“I don’t have any problems with refining pills. I just don’t understand what it means to refine one’s own Pill Qi and condense Qi to the bone.” Another young man shook his head.

Han Muye looked at Mu Wan and said softly, “Junior Sister, go ahead. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Mu Wan nodded and walked towards the library.

Shen Tang and the others wanted to persuade them that it was still early and there was no need to wait over there. But they thought that since it was Han Muye and Mu Wan’s first time here, they were inexperienced and probably felt that the earlier they went to the library, the better.

As for why Mu Wan went and Han Muye did not, Shen Tang and the others did not care.

Mu Wan looked like an alchemist. Of course, she would be the one asking questions.

Mu Wan walked toward the library. Instead of stopping, she walked straight up the stone steps.

“Oh, brother, your junior sister doesn’t know the rules. She can only wait outside the library. If she steps on the stone steps, she will be punished—” Before Shen Tang could finish speaking, his eyes were wide open.

The three disciples behind him also widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

On the stone steps of the library ahead, the administrator guarding the library stepped forward. Then Mu Wan took out a jade token. The administrator bowed and retreated, leading Mu Wan straight into the library.

Even after Mu Wan disappeared into the library, there was an uproar outside. Shen Tang and the others still had not regained their senses.

Smiling, Han Muye saw a shady spot under a tree, then walked over and sat down.

Shen Tang and the others looked at each other. After a while, they looked at each other and slowly walked to Han Muye’s side.

“Brother, no, senior, senior, that…” Shen Tang and the others stammered, not knowing what to say.

“The problem with the Three Flower Spiritual Leaf exploding is that you definitely didn’t stimulate its medicinal power before throwing it into the pill furnace.

“The pill qi is self-cutting. It means that the excess pill qi should not be forcefully integrated into the pill. You have to know that when it is full, it will overflow.

“Condensing qi to the bone means that when the medicinal pill is condensed, there must be enough medicinal strength to support it. Otherwise, the medicinal strength will be superficial and will eventually explode.”

Han Muye’s gaze fell on the four of them and he said calmly, “Any other questions?”

Mu Wan held the jade token in her hand and walked into the library. All she saw was ancient wooden shelves.

In the spacious hall, rows of wooden shelves were filled with books, jade slips, and some stone inscriptions.

Fortunately, as she walked through the door, she could see a large signboard with all kinds of books placed on it. 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

The sixth-grade and seventh-grade pill manuals she wanted to read were all on the first floor.

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