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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 557 - 557 I’m Not Good at Chess, I’ve Practiced Swinging My Sword Million Times (3)

557 I’m Not Good at Chess, I’ve Practiced Swinging My Sword Million Times (3)

On the opening day of the Pill Destiny Pavilion, seeing Minister Wen in the backyard was something people didn’t talk about.

That day, the scholar seemed to be sitting opposite a female cultivator?

The Pill Destiny Pavilion was not open to outsiders. Who would dare to mention this?

Alchemy missions were not easy to complete. Collecting spiritual herbs required opportunities. It would probably be good enough if one could complete a mission in two to three months.

Mu Wan was looking forward to it. After all, she could refine pills with her senior brother again.

Ona typical day, the pills sold in the shop were refined by Mu Wan.

While Mu Wan was refining pills, Han Muye was at the counter in front of her. Zuo Lin or Zuo Yulong greeted customers at the door.

Han Muye arranged for Zuo Yulong and Zuo Yuting to come to the Pill Destiny Pavilion every other day.

Anyway, business was limited. There was no need to waste time in the shop.

The siblings went about their own business.

Zuo Yulong could attend the Imperial City Academy every other day, and Zuo Yuting could go to the Cloud Alchemy Mill’s Changyun Alchemy House as an apprentice.

Zuo Yulong’s Great Spirit was already visible to the naked eye with the help of the Great Confucian writings from the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

Zuo Yuting was already an official alchemy apprentice in the Changyun Alchemy House. As long as she went, she could receive personal guidance from Daoist Changyun.

As for the reason, it was obvious that it had something to do with the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

“Sir, do you want to buy medicinal pills?” Zuo Lin’s voice came from the door.

Today, Zuo Yuting was accompanying Mu Wan to refine pills. Zuo Yulong had gone to the Imperial City Academy, and Zuo Lin was entertaining customers at the door.

Han Muye looked up from behind the counter and smiled.

At the door, Instructor Lin stood there with an excited expression.

It had been years since Han Muye had asked Lin Shen to go to the Central Continent.

“Instructor Lin, your cultivation is getting deeper and deeper.”

Han Muye sized him up and smiled.

Lin Shen bowed and said in a low voice, “Lin Shen greets Senior Brother Han.”

Zuo Lin poked his head around the door for a moment, then ducked back inside.

Those who could call Young Master ‘Senior Brother’ were not people he could offend.

He was only responsible for guarding the door.

He turned around and saw Shao Datian, who was next door, happily returning with two big fish.

This guy went to the Immortal Moon Lake to fish again.

Cuicui happily took the big fish and went to the kitchen to cook.

Mu Wan was also happy to see Lin Shen.

At noon, Cuicui and Shao Datian made a few dishes and cooked fish soup.

Everyone sat around and said that Cuicui’s fish was cooked well.

After lunch, Lin Shen walked up to Han Muye and said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Han, I want to be recruited into the army.”

Han Muye looked up at him.

“There’s no war in the Fire Source World now. The Western Border is still relatively peaceful, and the Southern Wilderness has stopped fighting.”

Lin Shen looked at Han Muye and reached out to touch the hilt of his sword. He said softly, “I feel like I’m about to encounter a bottleneck if I can’t fight.”

Cultivation and sword skills were not something that could be achieved overnight.

Outsiders could only see that the sword cultivators’ sword techniques were superb, but they could not see them swinging their swords alone for countless days and nights.

Lin Shen was not a talented person. The only thing he had was diligence.

Swinging the sword a millions times and crushing the mountains with one strike.

At this moment, although his cultivation level was at the Earth Realm Golden Core Realm, he had fused with the jade bones and could already fight against those below the third level of the Nascent Soul Realm with his Sword Dao combat strength.

Han Muye pondered for a moment and nodded. “Alright.”

Everyone had their own fate.

Be it Instructor Lin or Lu Gao, although they were from the Sword Pavilion, they would still have their own path.

Hearing that Instructor Lin was going to enlist, Mu Wan quickly took some sixth- and seventh-grade medicinal pills.

Lin Shen did not refuse.

Mu Wan had given it to Senior Brother Han.

No one in the Sword Pavilion would reject Senior Brother Han’s reward.

He could even entrust his life to Senior Brother Han. Senior Brother Han could just reward him and accept it.

After sending Lin Shen off, Mu Wan stood at the entrance of the shop with a complicated expression.

“What’s wrong?” Han Muye walked forward and asked softly.

“Senior Brother, I want to go to the library to take a look.” Mu Wan turned around and said in a low voice.

The Alchemy Division’s library was a sacred place for alchemy cultivation. It was a place where alchemy books were gathered in the Central Continent Imperial City.

The Western Frontier’s Mu Family’s Small Pill Pavilion was built according to ancient records.

Of course, compared to the library, the small pill pavilion could not be compared at all.

Mu Wan had the jade token Han Muye had given her and could go to the library to read the books.

“Sure, I’ll go with you.”

Han Muye smiled and gave Zuo Yuting a break. He closed the shop and instructed Shao Datian and Cuicui to say that the shop owner was not at home if anyone came to visit.

In any case, Han Muye and Mu Wan had come to the Imperial City to open a shop.

Mu Wan sat on one side of the carriage while Han Muye sat opposite her. Zuo Lin flicked his whip and the carriage drove towards the upper city.

Sitting in the carriage, Mu Wan looked at the changing scenery outside the carriage with a complicated expression.

Opposite her, Han Muye said softly, “Junior Sister, are you in a bad mood because of the furnace of pills today?”

Today she refined the last batch of pills. The spiritual fire was unstable, so Mu Wan could only forcefully collect the pills. The last two pills she obtained were of extremely poor quality.

Hearing his words, Mu Wan turned around and smiled.

“There are always mistakes in alchemy. How can everything in the world be so perfect?”

Although she said that, there was a trace of confusion in her eyes.

Is there really no such thing as perfection in this world?

She looked up and saw her senior brother smiling at her.

Where’s Senior Brother?

Sword Dao, Alchemy Dao, Confucian Dao, Divine Soul, and cultivation. Which one of these things is not something I look up to?

Is such a person considered perfect?

However, can there be perfect happiness with such a person?

These days, Mu Wan felt like she was dreaming.

She was afraid that her senior brother would not be by her side when she woke up from her dream.

Half an hour later, the carriage stopped in front of a square.

The square was filled with people.

At first glance, they were all alchemy cultivators who smelled of alchemy smoke and fire.

Some of these people were sitting in the square, refining pills. It didn’t matter to them if someone came to observe.

Some people had a few pill cauldrons, books, and spiritual herbs.

There were also many people holding signs and chatting in groups of twos and threes.

The ancient records were stored in the Alchemy Division, which was a place that verified the level of alchemy cultivation. There were also some transactions of medicinal pills and spiritual medicines. Of course, the place was filled with people.

Zuo Lin parked the carriage outside the square. Han Muye got out of the carriage and accompanied Mu Wan to the library.

Walking into the square, there were too many people and they had no idea where the library was.

“Is this your first time in the Alchemy Division?” A voice sounded from behind.

Turning around, he saw a young man in a green robe with an apothecary badge on his chest.

The young man was thin and had a smile on his face. His gaze swept across and landed on Mu Wan. He took a look at Han Muye, who was standing beside Mu Wan, and stopped paying attention.

They were not wearing Confucian robes or alchemist badges. The identities of the two people in front of them were relatively ordinary.

Among the two of them, strong smoke qi emanated from Mu Wan’s body. She was clearly an alchemy cultivator.

This was where alchemists gathered.

“The hall for certifying alchemists is five miles to the left. You have to pay 3,000 spiritual rocks first.

“The hall for trading spiritual herbs is three miles to the right. If you set up a stall, it will cost a thousand spiritual rocks. At this moment, there are probably no more spots. However, you can go and take a look at the transactions over there.”

The young man clasped his hands and spoke calmly.

Mu Wan turned to look at Han Muye.

“Where is the library?” Han Muye asked.

“The library?” The young man was stunned and sized up Han Muye and Mu Wan.

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