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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 551 - 551 Opening Today, I’m Not Late, Am I? (3)

551 Opening Today, I’m Not Late, Am I? (3)

“Who do you think my uncle is? He’s known to be impartial.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and looked not far away. “Hurry up. Someone else is coming.

“Prepare to receive the guests. No, receive the carriages.”

Two carriages had driven over and stopped by the main road.

The first person to dismount stunned the two administrators of the Alchemy Division who were watching not far away.

“It’s the Alchemy Grandmaster of the Alchemy Division, Tao Zhu!

“This person is in charge of the Imperial City’s alchemy mills!”

Daoist Changyun, who was standing beside Bao Mingcheng, let out a low cry. He watched in disbelief as Tao Zhu straightened his clothes and walked forward.

Even someone as important as the Alchemy Daoist will come to this store?

Daoist Changyun clenched his fists excitedly. When he saw two people getting out of the other carriage, he was stunned.

“Grandmaster Qin Suyang, Qin Wuyuan, Grandmaster…”

Grandmaster Qin Suyang, who was in charge of the Alchemy Division, came with his third son, who had just broken through to the Grandmaster Realm!

In the world of alchemy, who could have such honor?

Daoist Master Changyun felt his entire body tremble. He stared at the three alchemy grandmasters and watched them walk forward.

Xiao Lingshan also saw the three of them coming and looked surprised. He glanced at Han Muye and strode over.

He knew that Han Muye and Lu Yuzhou had an extraordinary relationship, but Lu Yuzhou had never been involved in worldly matters. He probably wouldn’t come today.

In his opinion, it was unusual for the Pill Destiny Pavilion to have the support of the Xiao family. He did not expect that there would be Grandmasters from the Alchemy Division present today.

This was giving Han Muye a lot of honor.

“Grandmaster Qin, Grandmaster Tao Zhu, Grandmaster Wuyuan, can you come—” Xiao Lingshan greeted them with a smile. Before he could finish speaking, Qin Wuyuan had stepped forward and bowed.

“Greetings, sir.”



This was the etiquette of a disciple!

Alchemy Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan was bowing to Han Muye as a disciple!

Xiao Lingshan was not the only one who was stunned. Daoist Changyun was also stunned.

What’s wrong?

Bao Mingcheng’s lips twitched as he suppressed the shock in his heart.

Fortunately, he was a Confucian cultivator and had a steady mind. He did not make a fool of himself like Daoist Changyun, the alchemy cultivator beside him.

Qin Wuyuan’s bow surprised everyone.

That was a figure at the peak of alchemy. How could he bow to someone like this?

“There’s no need for that.” Han Muye waved his hand, then cupped his hands and said, “It’s my honor to have Senior Suyang and two sect grandmasters here.”

Qin Suyang nodded at Xiao Lingshan and raised his hand to take out a jade box.

“I brought some spiritual herbs for your shop’s opening.”

Tao Zhu, who was beside him, smiled and said, “I also brought some spiritual herbs.”

Han Muye smiled and took them, his expression changing.

These two jade boxes really contained a lot of spiritual herbs!

They were worth at least eight million spiritual rocks.

These gifts were not small.

“Everyone, please come into the shop for tea. The shop is a little small and there aren’t many medicinal pills. You can take a look first.” Han Muye put away the jade boxes and greeted Qin Suyang and the others with a smile.

“I’m very interested in your pills.” Tao Zhu’s eyes lit up as he turned to look at Qin Suyang.

Qin Suyang nodded and walked into the shop.

Qin Suyang was a Confucian Half-Sage and an Alchemy Grandmaster. Tao Zhu was in charge of the Imperial City’s alchemy mills.

Given their statuses, they naturally would not stand at the door to receive guests.

How many people in the world were worthy of their hospitality?

Qin Wuyuan took a few steps and stood behind Han Muye with a respectful expression.

At this moment, he was receiving guests as Han Muye’s junior.

At this moment, the atmosphere outside the Pill Destiny Pavilion was a little strange.

The shop assistants who came early remained at their spots to maintain order and watch over the carriages.

This was more like helping out at an ordinary shop’s opening.

But at this moment, there were generals, officials, and alchemists in front of the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

The generals invited by Xiao Lingshan had strange expressions on their faces.

Didn’t General Xiao say that Han Muye had no connections in the Imperial City and ask them to come and support him?

Even the Sect Grandmaster in charge of the Alchemy Division had come. Even the Alchemy Grandmaster, Qin Wuyuan, had given him a disciple’s bow. How could he not have connections?

A pill shop had such a close relationship with the Alchemy Division. Why did they need to come?

However, on second thought, everyone smiled.

The guards of the Imperial City hoped that they could obtain more pills from the Alchemy Division.

It was never too much.

Xiao Lingshan coughed lightly and looked at Qin Wuyuan. Before he could speak, he suddenly frowned and turned to look into the distance.

The carriages and horses were noisy and majestic!

A carriage had arrived with plenty of jangle, and there were even soldiers walking in an orderly manner.

How could there be armored soldiers mobilized in the Imperial City?

Today, no one knew where the generals came from!

“Prince Qi!”

Those with sharp eyes couldn’t help but exclaim in shock when they saw the decorative motif.

Xiao Lingshan was also stunned. He turned to look at Han Muye. “You, you’re familiar with King Qi?”

King Qi.

Han Muye did not know the King of Qi personally, but he knew who he was.

Back then, in Shuxi County, he was the West Garrison King.

The West Garrison King was originally in Shuxi County, but he and his family were summoned to the Imperial City and conferred the title of King Qi. He valued the Prince of Qi and had the intention to make him his heir apparent.

Although King Qi’s family kept a low profile, it was possible for them to become the ruler of the Central Continent’s dynasty!

In front of the main road, passersby made way for the entourage.

It was rare to see such a person in the middle city even in 10 years.

Bao Zhenyu and the others looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

The carriage stopped in front of the Pill Destiny Pavilion. A few people in green robes carried gift boxes to the door of the shop.

The curtain on the carriage was pulled open, revealing a delicate face.

Han Muye chuckled and nodded.

This little girl had grown up.

Princess Yunduan, heir apparent, from the Jinchuan River.

Yunduan glanced at Han Muye and said calmly, “My sister asked me to send them.”

With that, she closed the curtain and left.

The elder sister of Prince Qi, Princess Yunjin, who was adrift outside the Imperial City and was known as a ‘fair lady on a boat in the river.’

Bao Zhenyu and the others were at a loss.

Even after the carriage left, Xiao Lingshan was still a little puzzled.

The others looked at Han Muye and Mu Wan with strange expressions.

Prince Qi’s family was at the peak of the imperial power in the secular world.

Since the owner of the Pill Destiny Pavilion knows such a person, why does he open such a small shop? they wondered.

Xiao Lingshan turned around, and the generals looked at him strangely.

Is Old Xiao toying with us?

Bao Mingcheng, who was standing at the side, looked at the plaque covered in red silk.

The imperial guards, the Alchemy Division, and the royal family.

In the mortal world, who can befriend so many forces?

Who exactly is this shop owner?

A cool breeze blew, lifting a corner of the red silk on the plaque.

Bao Mingcheng did not see the words written on it, but when he saw the signature on the plaque, his shoulders trembled and he almost shouted.

It was written by Huang Tingshu himself!

This person’s handwriting could be traced back to a hundred years ago, right?

The Pill Destiny Pavilion’s owner could actually make this person write a plaque!

Bao Mingcheng thought of the paintings hanging in the shop.

Those were all authentic.

Each of these paintings was priceless.

Of course, the value of some things could not be measured with spiritual rocks.

Even spiritual rocks might not be able to buy these things.

For example, Mr. Green Vine’s authentic work was definitely not something that could be obtained with just spiritual rocks.

Huang Tingshu had written the words ‘Grandmaster of Confucianism’ on the plaque. What kind of person could have such a plaque?

“As expected, the shop is opening today. I’m not late, am I?”

A voice sounded from the side of the road.

Han Muye turned around, looking pleasantly surprised.

Xiao Lingshan looked up and widened his eyes.

Bao Mingcheng clenched his fists, but his eyes were red.

Qin Wuyuan, who was standing behind Han Muye, almost lost his breath.

Tao Zhu and Qin Suyang, who were evaluating pills and paintings in the shop, took a step forward and stood at the door.

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