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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 549 Opening Today, I’m Not Late, Am I?

The commander of the imperial city's Crimson Flame Army was in charge of the 100,000 Crimson Flame Iron Guards guarding the upper city.

Although Xiao Lingshan was not the top expert in the world, he was still a powerful figure in the Crimson Flame Army.

Which one of the commanders of the Red Flame Army who was qualified to stay in the Imperial City was not a trusted aide of Marquis Wu?

Xiao Lingshan basically was not involved in the matters of the Imperial City.

However, this person was one of the three commanders of the Red Flame Army in the Imperial City. He was powerful and even many Confucian Grandmasters were unwilling to offend him.

Why would such a general come to the Pill Destiny Pavilion?

Bao Mingcheng did not know, and Bao Zhenyu was even more confused.

The official and the two administrators were also stunned.

The tall Xiao Lingshan strode forward, and a few generals behind him stopped at the entrance of the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

Shao Datian, who had been helping Cuicui sell buns next door, hesitated for a moment. He wiped his hands and clenched his fists as he walked to the entrance of the pavilion.

Zuo Yulong and Zuo Yuting were stunned.

Whether it was Xiao Lingshan or the generals behind him, the strength they displayed was extremely tyrannical and they emitted an infinite murderous aura.

This baleful aura could make one lose one's soul.

The passersby subconsciously stayed a safe distance away.

"General… General Xiao has arrived…"

Zuo Lin, who was holding a few warhorses by the road, let out a long cry.

He was also stunned and anxious.

However, he was much more knowledgeable than his two children and could speak at critical moments.

Zuo Yulong finally came back to his senses.

"Welcome, General Xiao."

Zuo Yulong raised his hand and saluted.

Xiao Lingshan nodded and looked up at the plaque that was still covered in red silk. He waited at the door.

Han Muye and Mu Wan, who were wearing green robes and moon-white clothes, slowly walked out.

Mu Wan's face revealed a trace of joy, and her expression was calm.

Han Muye, who was standing beside her, cupped his hands at Xiao Lingshan. "Greetings, General Xiao."

Mu Wan also bent down slightly.

According to his identity in the Western Frontier Sword Pavilion, Gao Changgong had the right to preach to Han Muye and was a teacher.

Gao Changgong and Xiao Yueli had a relationship.

It was only right for Han Muye to bow to General Xiao.

Xiao Lingshan was tall and had a white beard. His eyes were deep.

Seeing Han Muye bow, Xiao Lingshan hesitated for a moment before smiling and holding Han Muye's arm.

"You and I should be peers."

Xiao Lingshan sized up Han Muye, then turned to Mu Wan and nodded slightly.

Han Muye could confer deity titles with a single statement at the Guan Estuary. With such strength, he was naturally qualified to be on the same level as Xiao Lingshan.

Even in the Imperial City, Confucian scholars and military generals were different, but in the end, cultivation still spoke for itself.

"Yueli sent a letter saying that you're close to my Xiao family. Today, I come as an elder."

Glancing around, Xiao Lingshan said with a smile, "It's not easy to live in the Imperial City, let alone do business."

"It's not easy to do business peacefully in the Imperial City without a backer."

He was doing business peacefully.

No matter how strong Han Muye was or what his identity was, as long as he wanted to do business steadily, he had to follow the rules of the Imperial City.

The Xiao family had strength, connections, and power.

Xiao Lingshan had come today to support Han Muye and the others.

"Thank you, Senior." Han Muye smiled and cupped his hands again.

With that, he raised his hand and said, "Senior, please come in for tea."

Mu Wan also took a step back and turned to welcome him.

The fact that Xiao Lingshan came as an elder made him seem even more sincere.

Xiao Lingshan waved his hand and stood at the entrance of the shop. "It's your first time in the Imperial City, so you don't know many people. I brought some colleagues here to support you."

As he spoke, he waved his hand.

A few generals behind him stood on both sides of the shop, their hands on their sword hilts, solemn and motionless.

Immediately, the atmosphere in the small shop was different.

The people buying buns next door carefully retreated.

This scene clearly showed that this small shop had generals backing it up.

Not far away, Bao Zhenyu scratched his head and looked at Bao Mingcheng, who was standing under a tree by the road behind him. "Uncle, are we still going to stop him?"

Stop him?

Those officials and people from the Alchemy Division were not stupid. At this moment, they had already retreated to the side of the street and carefully observed the situation in front of the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

Bao Mingcheng pondered for a moment. He raised his hand and took out a palm-sized jade box. He held it in his hand and walked forward.

Bao Zhenyu grinned and followed behind Bao Mingcheng.

General Xiao Lingshan was the highest-ranking official in the patrol camp. Even the Defense Division that his uncle was in was under the control of the Imperial City's personal guards.

If they can get to know each other, won't it be an opportunity?

No wonder my uncle rushed over.

"Tap, tap, tap…"

Bao Mingcheng and the others had just reached the center of the street when some fine horses galloped over. A group of generals in red and black armor had arrived.

"I'm Zheng Cheng, the general of the Imperial City's personal guards."

"I'm Tao Wusen, the Left Spirit Guard General of the Imperial City."

"I'm Li Keshun, General of the Thirteen Royal Guards."

Bao Zhenyu and the young men behind him exclaimed.

Not only did General Xiao Lingshan come personally, but there were also so many generals from the imperial city's personal guards. Could it be that this small shop was opened by the imperial city's personal guards?

"General Deng Xiao of the Patrol Battalion!"

Bao Zhenyu let out a low cry and lowered his head.

The young men behind him also hurriedly lowered their heads.

They were here to use their official position for personal gain. Now that they saw the top generals, it was not easy to explain themselves.

But it was too late.

Deng Xiao, who had arrived on his horse, turned around and cupped his hands at Bao Mingcheng. His gaze fell on Bao Zhenyu and the others.

"Lord Bao, this is…" Looking at the jade box in Bao Mingcheng's hand, Deng Xiao seemed to have understood. He chuckled and said, "Lord Bao is really well-informed."

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