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"I have wine."

Han Muye walked over, took out a small gourd, removed the stopper, and took a sip.

The wine entered his throat, penetrated his intestines, and entered his stomach. It was burning hot.

The Sword Qi in his Qi Sea trembled slightly.

The Heartbreak Wine that could condense sword qi back then was not very useful now.

The old man sniffed, glanced at Han Muye's wine gourd, then brought his gourd to his mouth and took a big gulp.

The old man's hand trembled as he held the gourd.

Han Muye didn't say anything. He sat on the reef and took a sip after a while.

Neither of them spoke as they each drank their own wine.

The night wind blew, and the lake water rippled. The lights were diminishing.

The lights on the cruise ship in the distance went out bit by bit.

"Sigh, it's better to be alive…" Seeing the last fishing lamp go out, the old man sighed softly.

"Who doesn't want to live?

"Only when you're alive can you drink."

He raised the gourd and drank the clear wine.

Han Muye could smell a refreshing fragrance.

However, there was a dense aura of death lingering around the old man.

This was a sign that his lifespan was about to end.

Back then, when Han Muye only had a few days left to live, outsiders looked at him like this.

"My shop will open tomorrow, so I won't drink with you." Han Muye stood up and put away the small gourd.

The old man nodded and said, "That's a good thing."

As he spoke, he looked around. Seeing that there was nothing, he reached out and tore off the corner of his shirt, throwing it at Han Muye.

"Take it. Consider it a gift to my drinking buddy.

"When you make a lot of money, remember to buy me a drink."

With that, he took another sip of wine.

After taking a sip, he shook the gourd in his hand and seemed to feel that there was not much wine left. He leaned over and pressed the gourd down with its mouth in the lake water and filled it up.

There was only water in the gourd.

Han Muye's gaze landed on the old man. After a moment of silence, he took out a jade bottle and placed it on the bluestone. Then he grabbed the corner of his shirt and turned to leave.

The old man looked at Han Muye's back with misty eyes, as if he was really drunk.

He reached out and picked up the jade bottle. The intoxicated expression on his face slowly turned serious.

"Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill?

"You're even willing to take out a fourth-grade pill?"

Holding the jade bottle, there seemed to be a trace of life in the old man's eyes.

"Did he recognize me?

"Does anyone in the Imperial City know me?"

Holding the jade bottle, the old man's aura slowly condensed.

"The Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill can extend my life by three years. In these three years, let the world know that I, Xu Wei, am still alive."

Standing up, a faint divine light flashed on the old man's face.

A cloud in the jade bottle hit him directly.

"This alchemy method is interesting. It can even save me the effort of refining it."

The old man was nowhere to be seen on the bluestone. All that was left was a wine gourd with the fragrance of wine wafting in the wind.

Han Muye, who was walking on the limestone path, held the corner of his shirt in his hand, his expression changing.

Green Vine, Xu Wei.

He didn't expect that he would meet this Confucian cultivator who had disappeared for countless years.

Rumor had it that Green Vine, Xu Wei, had long since fallen into a trance and died.

Unexpectedly, he was in the Imperial City.

Although his body had decayed and his lifespan was about to end, he was still alive.

Would he be willing to refine that pill?

The Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill, which was worth tens of millions of spiritual rocks and could restore the vitality of an Out of Body Realm cultivator, could only extend Xu Zhi's lifespan by three to five years.

This was because what Han Muye sensed was that the death aura on Xu Wei's body came from his mind.

How could pills in the world save people who wanted to die?

If not for the fact that he wanted to die, how could a cultivator like Xu Wei die?

Even if he could not live forever, he could at least live as long as the Confucian world in the Heavenly Mystic.

If he was unwilling to refine the pill to extend his life, there would probably be another withered body sinking into the bottom of the Immortal Moon Lake, right?

Looking down at the corner of his shirt in his palm, Han Muye wondered if he knew how to refine pills.

The corner of his shirt was stained.

There were some ink marks on it.

A faint Great Spirit surged, and images appeared in Han Muye's mind.

He wore a green robe with large sleeves, and his ink brush was white.

Who else could it be but Mr. Green Vine, who was known as the most elegant Confucianist?

The brush and ink were moist and scattered wantonly.

Mountains, rivers, vegetation.

Under the brush was the world.

At this moment, Han Muye seemed to see the sun, moon, and stars, the circulation of the world, and the ebb and flow of time.

"Great Dao Obscurity?"

Narrowing his eyes, the Great Spirit in Han Muye's hand dissipated.

He had yet to comprehend the Dao and had fallen into another major Dao.

If he succeeded, he would soar into the sky and become a Sage.

If he lost, he would die.

Of course, the dao was boundless and not many people could see through it.

No one had ever heard of a cultivator who had fallen into the Dao Obscurity.

Perhaps there was, but that person had already disappeared from everyone's sight.

After a moment of silence, Han Muye carefully put away the corner of his shirt.

Without the same state of mind as a Confucian Grandmaster, one would probably collapse if they took another look at the corner of his clothes.

This also explained why Mr. Green Vine no longer appeared in front of others.

Putting away the corner of his shirt, Han Muye paused and disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already in his courtyard.

Glancing at Mu Wan's room, he slowly walked into his room.


Imperial Garden Street, in Moon Viewing Town.

The morning mist had yet to dissipate, and there were not many people on the streets.

The Southern Wasteland Snack Shop was open early, and a tempting fragrance wafted in the steam.

They made breakfast in the morning and the children's favorite food during the day. Shao Datian and Cuicui were now full of energy.

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