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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 543 - 543 Third-Grade Pill, Suppressing the Essence Soul

543 Third-Grade Pill, Suppressing the Essence Soul

The spiritual fire rose and shone on Mu Wan’s flushed face.

At this moment, she bit her lip. There was sweat on her forehead, and her eyes were like silk.

The Dao Essence Cauldron spun gently, and the medicinal power within it vibrated.

“Can you hold on?”

Behind her, Han Muye’s voice sounded in her ears.

The warm breath hit her ear, making Mu Wan’s entire body go limp.

She did not dare to speak and only nodded lightly.

So this is dual cultivation alchemy…

The power of her soul fused and spiritual qi converged. When her senior brother’s soul power and strength wrapped around her soul and spiritual qi and passed through her dantian’s sea of Qi and divine treasures, Mu Wan almost collapsed in his arms.

Dual cultivation and alchemy, and I even have to guide his soul and spiritual qi to walk through my body?


The feeling of guiding her senior brother’s spiritual energy like a palm slowly brushing across her entire body was really embarrassing.

She even had to take the initiative in such a matter.

It was especially embarrassing when her senior brother said, “I didn’t notice that Junior Sister had already grown up.” It caused the spiritual fire in front of Mu Wan to stir and almost explode.

Fortunately, the Dao Essence Cauldron was strong enough to withstand many accidents when refining pills.

Mu Wan was still the one who refined the pills, but Han Muye would fuse his soul and spiritual energy.

This way, Mu Wan could mobilize power that far exceeded her cultivation.

This was also the first time she felt the boundless soul power that was as deep as the sea.

Is Senior Brother’s cultivation so powerful that I can’t even look up to him? she thought.

The pill cauldron spun, and the medicinal power within it blended continuously.

Is this dual cultivation and alchemy?

It was not the kind of dual cultivation that she had imagined…

After half a day of refining pills, a total of five furnaces produced nine pills.

Fifth-grade pills, one Immortal-grade pill, three top-grade pills, and two fine-grade pills.

These six fifth-grade pills were based on pill formulas that Han Muye had obtained from the inheritance outside the realm. He had just collected spiritual herbs.

Two Jade Temple Spirit Pills that could directly increase cultivation and were extremely useful to Heaven Realm cultivators.

The remaining four were similarly consumed by great cultivators and were extremely common in the cultivation world.

The Free Mystic Jade Pill could gather spiritual qi at one point to help a half-step Out of Body realm cultivator condense their soul and rush out of their acupoints to reach the Out of Body realm.

Such a medicinal pill was priceless.

Of the remaining three pills, two were fourth-grade Blood Jade Immortal Spirit Pills and one was a third-grade pill.

The Blood Jade Immortal Spirit Pill could condense the blood Qi in the jade bones and consolidate the strength of the body. In the hands of an Out of Body Realm cultivator, it could ensure that his Essence Soul would leave his body and that his body would not be defeated.

Many Out of Body realm cultivators would encounter situations where their primordial spirits were strong but their bodies could not keep up with their cultivation. In the end, their bodies would rot.

The Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill could stimulate one’s physical strength to the point of rebirth.

It was said that there were a few great cultivators in the sects of the Imperial City whose bodies had already decayed. Usually, they did not dare to let too many primordial spirits leave their bodies.

The most precious third-grade pill was called the Soul Suppressing Pill.

This was a medicinal pill that Han Muye had refined by extracting a trace of the power of the Kui Heavenly Lightning and fusing it with the power of the Heavenly Dao.

He had mulled over this pill and named it himself.

He said that this pill was third-grade because he felt that this pill surpassed the medicinal strength of all fourth-grade pills.

He fused the core with his body to suppress his primordial spirit.

It was as simple as that.

With the help of the affinity of the Golden Cloud Lotus and the power of lightning and the Heavenly Dao, the power of the Heavenly Dao would erupt to the extreme and suppress a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator in 10 breaths!

Even though this pill could only suppress the power of a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator in 10 breaths, it had already surpassed other pills. It was definitely a third-grade pill.

However, only an extremely strong body could withstand the eruption of the medicinal power of such a pill.

Otherwise, his body would collapse before he could suppress others.

Could any cultivator in the world have a stronger body than a divine beast?

This pill was the trump card Han Muye had refined for himself when he needed it.

With the help of his physical strength, Han Muye was confident that he could suppress the Heavenly Mystic Realm!

“Senior Brother, these medicinal pills can only form balls of Qi and not pills. They are not affected by the lightning tribulation. Won’t they be rejected by the orthodox alchemy path?”

Mu Wan watched as Han Muye put these balls of air into a jade bottle and sealed them with spiritual marks.

Turning around, Mu Wan looked at Han Muye. “Senior Brother, this medicinal pill hasn’t formed and stabilized yet. The medicinal power should have dissipated long ago. I was puzzled when I refined the pill last time as to why you were able to make it condense and not dissipate?”

If it did not become a pill, it meant that the medicinal power was not pure enough.

Such a pill should have melted the moment it left the pill furnace.

“Then how did you feel when you were refining pills just now?” Gently hugging Mu Wan’s waist, Han Muye wanted to move his hands up, but he didn’t dare.

It was still because his physical strength could not be controlled carefully…

“Feel?” Mu Wan recalled and said softly, “Spiritual energy enters the body. At first, it hurts a little, but after it eases, it feels warm…

“My meridians are a little swollen, but I can still bear it. It’s just that later on, when I was refining pills, my spirit circulated too quickly, so I felt a little dizzy.”

At this point, Mu Wan’s expression changed. “I remember now. At the last moment, the medicinal power of the cauldron burst forth. The feeling of explosion was as if… as if I had drawn my sword!”

Han Muye let out a long laugh, then lowered his voice and whispered in Mu Wan’s ear, “Yes, I’ll attack. I’m a sword cultivator, so I naturally have to attack.”

Feeling as if a long sword was pointed at her from behind, Mu Wan’s body stiffened slightly.

“Pill Dao and Sword Dao, Confucian Dao and Sword Dao are all connected.

“The Sword Dao used its power to break the rules of the Pill Dao, causing the pills to not condense into pills.

“Use the Sword Qi to form threads and gather all the medicinal power.

“This medicinal power is bound by a sword thread and is constantly spinning.

“When I need to refine it, I only need to refine this sword thread to fuse all the power into my body.”

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