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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 9: The gift of the beast with jade horns

Chapter 9: The gift of the beast with jade horns

Han Qing and others took a cold breath. Han Yu delivered a seventh order Yuan beast in only ten minutes, and Han Yu came out unharmed. Such fighting power can be described as shocking.

Everyone’s faces were shocked, grateful, excited and ashamed, and their hearts were mixed.

Han Qing threw himself into Han Yu’s arms and burst into tears: “Xiaoyu, I am sorry, I am sorry...”

The others also gathered around, expressing their gratitude and guilt.

Han Yu’s face didn’t change much, and after a while he pushed Han Qing away: “Okay, let’s solve this jade-horn beast first.

“Yes,” Han Qing obediently nodded.

Han Yu walked over to the Jade-Horned Beast. Although the Jade-Horned Beast was not mortally wounded, it could not move its four legs. There was no way to use brute force.

For the monster, Han Yu has no compassion. If he hadn’t had the advantage today, he, Han Qing and others would definitely become his food.

Han Yu pulled out the dagger and prepared to knot the jade-horn beast.

“Oh oh oh...”

A pitiful howl sounded, Han Yu looked down and saw the little jade-horn beast biting its pants with its mouth, looking at it, tearfully, pitifully.

Han Yu sighed secretly, put away the dagger, looked at Han Qing and the others and said, “Let’s go!

Han Yu did not go far, when Xiaoyucorn Beast suddenly ran and bit his pants, screaming with milk in his mouth.

“What else do you have?” Han Yu asked with his head down.

The Little Jade-Corn Beast pulled Han Yu towards his mother. Han Yu looked at Han Qing and said, “Go back first, don’t come here in the future.

Although Han Yu’s tone was a bit cold, Han Qing nodded quickly and said with concern: “Xiaoyu, how careful you are!

Han Yu nodded, and then followed the little beast to the jade-horn beast, and chatted for a long time with the jade-horn beast whose head was not right. Only then did Han Yu basically understand what the jade-horn beast meant. He thanked Han Yu and wanted to send it to him. Give Han Yu a gift and ask him to follow it.

The little beast continued to help his mother lick the wound. Soon after, the Jade-Horned Beast miraculously stood up. Although the wound had not healed, it could walk without hindrance.

Han Yu followed a large and a small jade-horned beast into Qilin Mountain. The jade-horn beast was obviously the supreme lord of this area. The monstrous beasts found on the road swerved and saw that the jade-horn beast was wounded. Some took the initiative. When given the elixir, the Jade Horn Beast would naturally honor Han Yu directly.

The place where the jade horn beast lives is a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there is a clear lake in it, with birds and flowers on both sides of the lake. The cave house of the jade-horned beast is on the west side of the lake, the cave entrance faces east and there are turbulent plants around it.

Han Yu followed the large and small jade-horned beasts into the cave, and could not help but wait for him. As the supreme lord of this movie, what good gift can the jade-horn beast give him?

Han Yu entered the cave, his eyes were drawn to a tall green plant for the first time. This green plant looked like an apple tree with three emerald green fruits on it. It was crystalline, like a jade carving, exuding with a strong aura.

“Level 3 Elixir!” Han Yu’s eyes lit up. The Jade-Horn Beast brought him here to give him the level 3 elixir? With the level 3 elixir and the level 1 and 2 elixir he had previously obtained, it was not a problem for Han Yu to attack the Sixth Layer of Yuanwu.

However, the Jade Horn Beast did not intend to tear out the fruit and give it to Han Yu, but went to the corner and started scratching the ground, which made Han Yu secretly say a pity.

Not long after, the Jade Horn beast scratched a dark brown wooden box that emerged from a slap, and then handed it to Han Yu.

“This is what was given to me?”

After the Jade-Horned Beast nodded, Han Yu took the wooden box and cleaned the dust from the surface of the wooden box, and discovered that there were strange runes carved into the box, which made Han Yu unable to understand. Han Yu ignored him, pressed the button on the box and then opened the wooden box.

Suddenly, a terrifying, murderous aura emanated from the wooden box. The invisible killer aura was like a steel needle piercing Han Yu’s head, so Han Yu screamed in pain before he could see what was inside the box. He fell to the ground unconscious.

A day later, Han Yu woke up quietly, his head still tingling, shaking his head, sitting cross-legged, his mind working quietly and the pain slowly disappeared. When he opened his eyes again, the large and small jade horns were large and small. Fixing his eyes on it.

“Your thing is so powerful that it almost killed me! Han Yu already knew that the jade-horn beast did not hurt his mind.

The Jade-Horned Beast had closed the wooden box and placed it next to Han Yu. Han Yu took the wooden box, his expression became a little solemn, and this time he did not open it suddenly.

The Jade-Horned Beast walked towards the third rank elixir, picked up the three fruits and handed them to Han Yu, surprising Han Yu, “Do you want to give me this too?

Although the contents of the box were very murderous, Han Yu thought it was definitely a good thing. He didn’t expect the Jade Horn beast to be so generous, and he also gave her the third-rate elixir.

Han Yu was not polite, thanked him and accepted three fruits. I saw the little Jade Horn beast looking at him, his mouth was still flowing.

“Do you want it?” Han Yu smiled slightly.

The little jade-horn beast nodded like garlic and came over to help Han Yu massage his front legs. Han Yu was immediately happy, put one of the fruits in front of her and smiled, “I gave it to you.

The little beast screamed excitedly and rolled around on the ground holding the fruit.

The great jade-horn beast looked at the little beast, its eyes were full of deep love, then a trace of reluctance shone, and a trace of determination, pointed at Han Yu, and pointed at the little beast.

“What do you mean?” Han Yu was puzzled.

The Great Jade-Horned Beast continued to make the same movements and communicated with the Little Beast. The Little Beast suddenly threw aside the third rank elixir, approached to hold the legs of the Great Jade-Horned Beast and continued to shake his head and roar, tears in his eyes welling up.

It turned out that Big Jade Horned Beast wanted Little Beast to follow Han Yu. He didn’t know why the Jade Horned Beast made such a decision, but with so many benefits, Han Yu couldn’t refuse her, and he also liked the little beast very much.

In the end, in the atmosphere of reluctance between mother and son, Xiao Beast followed Han Yu and left Jade Horn Beast’s mother. Han Yu held him in her arms, and the little boy was holding the third class elixir, his eyes still looking back.

Until he was far away from the residence, he ate the elixir in silence. After eating the elixir, the little boy fell asleep in Han Yu’s arms.


Han Yu, who was walking in the forest, suddenly got a suspicious surprise, his gaze turned to the left and he saw a monstrous beast looking at him from a hundred meters away.

“This monster is a hundred meters away, can I hear its breath?” Han Yu was surprised, feeling a little strange.

“No, my spiritual sense was not so sharp before! Is it related to the murderous intent in the box?” Han Yu thought about it, and the only thing that affected him before the change was the murderous intent in the box.

“Could it be that the killer aura in this box can unlock the power of the soul and increase the spiritual sense? Han Yu finally knew the purpose of the mother of the Jade-Horned Beast to give him this wooden box.

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