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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 8: Dominant Han Yu

Chapter 08 Dominant Han Yu

Han Qing waited outside for a day and came in without much gain. Trusting the large number of people, they managed to decapitate a Level 5 Yuan Flame Beast and obtained two first-class elixirs.

Several people were cleaning the battlefield and two teenagers ran towards them. It was Yang Kang and Yang Yang who had not abused Han Qing in the morning and had been slapped by Han Qing.

“Han Shuang and others immediately became alert.

“Han Qing, I offended you in the morning, and now I’m here to apologize to you. Yang Kang seemed sincere.

“No need,” Han Qing frowned coldly.

“Don’t be like that, no matter how you say our two families consider themselves family friends, no, to apologize for you, I went especially to Qilin Mountain to catch a little jade-horn beast and give it to you,” Yang Kang held the little thing in his arms.

The little one is sleeping, naive, all his body hair is thin and dusty, and his forehead grows an inch long, crystalline like a jade horn carved into a beautiful jade.

Han Qing was immediately attracted to the little beast, extended her hand and took it, gently caressing the soft hair of the little beast, she could not leave it.

“It’s nice, as long as you like it, don’t worry, you won’t blame me anymore”

Although Han Qing did not understand why the narrow-minded Yang Kang would take the initiative to apologize to her, but he really loved this little beast and did not think that much. A smile appeared on her face: “Well, I forgive myself. It’s you.”

Yang Kang secretly looked behind him, his eyes rolled up and he smiled: “If you are happy, then I won’t bother you, goodbye. After that, he left with Yang Yang quickly.

The Han family gathered around, and everyone was encouraged by the beautiful appearance of the little beast. They could not help but stretch their fingers to prick the hair of the little beast. When the little beast woke up, it saw a group of strangers and strangers, and it screamed.

However, Han Qing and others did not know that danger had come.


Suddenly, a loud roar sounded not far away, and he saw a jade-horn beast with a height of one meter and a length of three or four feet looking angrily on this side. Only then did Han Qing and the others realize it was a disaster. .

“Han . Qing sister, Yuan beast of the seventh order...” Han Shuang was so scared that his legs were soft and he almost fell to his knees.

Han Qing was also scared enough, and quickly put the little jade-horn beast on the ground, her face became extremely pale and she stammered: “It was not us who stole your son, don’t bother us...”

Why would the Great Jade Cuckold Beast listen to your excuse? With a long whistle, he threw himself forward, and the earth shook like a heart. Everyone was scared to death. Only Han Qing still had some sense. He turned around. Running, Han Shuang and others were scared straight to the ground.


Han Shuang and others could not hear Han Qing’s words, and Han Qing could not help but grit his teeth and run desperately. However, Jade Horned Beast just caught up with Han Qing without seeing Han Shuang and others.

Hearing the blast of breaking air behind, it was like an emergency song, and Han Qing did not know how many times he had cursed Yang Kang Zuzong for the eighteenth generation.

Seeing the Jade Horn Beast approaching, Han Qing clenched his teeth, turned around and slapped it, using the second order martial arts escape palm. However, the escape palm, which can be called the coexistence of impulse and power, has no effect on the Jade Horn Beast. No.

Han Qing suddenly felt desperate, if he was hit by the Jade Horn Beast, there would be no life.

“Naughty animal!”

At this moment, a loud scream was heard and a person rushed and rolled to the ground holding Han Qing. Han Qing recovered from the shock and saw an immature face with a hard face far beyond this age.

“Han Qing would never have imagined that at this dangerous time, Han Yu actually came to her rescue.

The Jade Cuckold Beast stopped temporarily, he seemed to see that this young man was not easy.

Han Yu released Han Qing, stood up and looked at Jade Horned Beast, and said weakly: “Your son has already been returned to you, I hope you are not responsible, otherwise I will be welcome!

Han Qing and the others were stunned, Han Yu actually threatened a Yuan beast of the seventh order, this is not weaker than the fourfold master general Yuan Wu, is Han Yu stupid?

However, seeing the high and straight back again, Han Qing felt an absurd feeling in his heart, feeling that Han Yu was not speaking big.


The jade-horn beast roared and anger welled up in his eyes. As soon as he retracted and stretched, he lunged at Han Yu. Despite his heavy body, his speed was extremely fast, like an arrow from a rope.

Seeing that the jade-horn beast was about to pounce on Han Yu, Han Yu knelt on the ground and leaned back, and the jade-horn beast flew over Han Yu. Han Yu struck like lightning, just to the left of the jade horn beast. Over the hind leg hooves.

The hoof of the jade horn beast was as hard as steel, but Han Yu broke it with one punch, and when it hit the ground, it hit the ground directly, with blood flowing from its feet.

Han Qing and the others were stunned. How powerful was this blow in breaking the hull of the jade horn beast?

Jade Horned Beast looked at Han Yu and her eyes glowed with surprise, but she quickly covered herself with rage and rushed back with a roar. This time, the Jade Horned Beast learned well and lowered his head to prevent Han Yu from hurting him under his abdomen.

When the jade-horn beast approached from a distance of one meter, it suddenly jumped up, avoiding the head of the jade-horn beast and fell on the back of the jade-horn beast. The back of a horned beast.


The Jade Horned Beast felt as if it had been hit by a 10,000 jin rock and fell directly to the ground. Han Yu retreated with one blow and left.

The Jade Horn Beast stood upright with strength, turned its head and looked at Han Yu, a crazy color shone in its eyes, and suddenly a white light shone on the Jade Horn.

Han Yu realized the danger, shone quickly and ran around the jade horn beast, not allowing it to take aim.

About three breaths or so, a fist-sized cluster of white light appeared on the jade horn of the jade horn beast. The light was dazzling and exuded an explosive aura. As long as it was hit, it would break.

Han Qing and the others were already frightened and retreated, Han Yu ran, suddenly changed direction and fled in the opposite direction. At this moment, the ball of light in the jade horn of the jade-horned beast shot out, exactly where Han Yu was running.


The ball of light hit the ground, directly exploding a huge deep well, Han Yu’s eyelids shook and even at the last minute, it changed direction, otherwise it would be turned into flying ashes.

The jade horn beast did not succeed in one blow, and the light gathered in the jade horn again.

“You don’t stand a chance!”

Han Yu ran towards the jade-horn beast in a mysterious way. Before the jade horn beast’s ball of energy successfully condensed, she ran towards the jade horn beast, raised her fist and bombarded the left front foot of the jade horn beast.


Han Yu’s left front foot was interrupted by Han Yu. Han Yu turned to avoid the attack and ran around the unicorn again. Taking advantage of the jade beast’s lack of preparation, he rolled over his right front foot and broke it with a punch. Right front foot.

The jade horn beast could not keep up for a while, and the ball of light in the jade horn dissipated in half before it could condense. Han Yu then broke his last foot, and the jade horn beast was injured in all its limbs, lost its ability to move, and became a turtle in the urn.

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