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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 7: Xiaocheng Tiger-shaped Fist

Chapter 07 Xiaocheng Tiger-shaped Fist

Only six children approached, the leader was a girl with a proud face and she fired Han Yu.

He knew all these people, they were all young members of the Han family, and the leader was called Han Qing, who was said to be stronger than Han Feng. But Han Yu simply looked on coldly and continued to lower his head to undo the saber-toothed wolf’s plan.

“Han Yu, sooner or later you will be thrown out of the family. There will be no protection from the family and you will not be able to move at any time. Then, give your elixir to Sister Han Qing, and then Sister Han Qing will cover you” One of them, Han Shuang, could not help but extend his hand to Han Yu’s medicine basket.

Although Han Yu can defeat Han Feng, in the eyes of Han Shuang, he will definitely not be Han Qing’s opponent, so he has no scruples.


Han Yu turned his head and shouted loudly, the cold light in his eyes was like a sword. Han Shuang’s face paled with fear and he took a few steps back.

The others were also photographed by the fierce light in Han Yu’s eyes and did not dare to take a step forward.

“Hmph, Han Shuang, let’s go!” Han Qing walked away with everyone, although they despised Han Yu, they didn’t dare to do anything to him.

Han Yu lowered his head and continued to dissect the sharp-toothed wolf. In a short time, he extracted a round black core the size of a walnut with lines on it. This is the core of the sharp-toothed wolf.

Shocked, Han Yu steamed the blood into the core of the monstrous beast, put it in a cloth bag, got up and left.

Time flies and it is the Xishan sunset. Han Yu ordered what he had obtained today and found a cave to settle in temporarily.

Today I got a lot. I found three first-degree elixirs before and after, and they add up to only 6. All the monsters they were expecting were killed by Han Yu, obtaining three monster cores.

Han Yu sat cross-legged, holding a first-degree elixir in one hand, and his mind spinning, a terrifying devouring power exploded in the Dantian. In just one minute, the two medicinal materials turned to ashes in Han Yu’s hands. This time, after the black hole swallowed all the auras, it spat out a small part of the auras, but the auras that spat out remained free of impurities and could be used directly.

Han Yu successively refined and absorbed the four remaining first-degree spiritual medicines, and the cyclone in his dantian became a big circle, but the distance to reach the sixth level of Yuan Wu was still far away.

Han Yu was in no hurry and took out the secret Dragon Tiger Boxing book that he had borrowed in the morning.

Dragon Tiger Boxing is divided into two levels. The first is tiger punch boxing, which can make the sound of a tiger’s roar when the master is trained. The second is dragon boxing, which can produce the sound of the dragon.

After reading it again, Han Yu remembered the essence of Longhuquan, walked to the open place and began to practice.

The belly of white fish gradually appeared on the horizon, and a deep tiger roar suddenly appeared in the cave. I saw a young man wipe the sweat from his forehead, his face filled with a bright smile.

“After a night of practice, tiger-shaped boxing is considered small!”

If Deacon Wu Jige were here, he would be surprised to speak. Longhuquan, who can only practice in the seventh level of Yuanwu, and Han Yu of the fifth level of Yuanwu, only took one night to practice Xiaocheng, which is a metamorphosis.

Due to its mastery, Dragon Tiger Boxing requires extremely demanding physical strength from the practitioners, and Han Yu, although only the fifth level of Yuanwu cultivation, is stronger than the average seventh level of Yuanwu, so it can be cultivated without problems.

Han Yu looked at the tall black rock next to him, his vitality increased, and he made a tiger-shaped fist.


After a loud cry, with a tiger’s roar, the rock burst into pieces. Han Yu withdrew his fist with satisfaction, although what he was using was only Xiaocheng’s tiger-shaped fist, it was much more powerful than Han Feng’s.

Now against Han Feng, Han Yu can definitely defeat him with an overwhelming advantage. And this, relying not only on Han Yu’s own strength, but also on the blessing of black energy, made the martial arts displayed by Han Yu more than 10% more powerful.

Already shining outside at this time, Han Yu carried the basket of medicine and the package on his back, took out a piece of dry cake and, while eating, left the cave and headed for the depths of Qilin Mountain. There are medicine seekers around Qilin Mountain all year round, and there are not many medicine materials left. If you want to get more medicinal materials, you have to go deep into the deep mountains and old forests.

Since the monstrous beasts in the depths of the Qilin mountain are mostly high-order elemental beasts, even the sixth-order elemental beasts are very common, and most people do not dare to go too deep.

Han Yu went from three to four kilometers deep and suddenly smelled a penetrating odor of blood. Han Yu immediately became alert, looking in all directions and listening in all directions, and slowly walked in the direction from which the smell of blood came.

It was not long before he saw a corpse lying in the forest, now it had been devoured beyond recognition, and it seemed that it should have happened not long ago.

Han Yu approached and recognized by his clothes that it was a member of the Yang family, one of the three main families of Mangcheng.

“This person seems to be twenty-five or sixteen years old, and his strength should be around the Seventh Layer of Yuan Wu. His wounds are similar, coming from the same monster beast. A monster that can kill masters of the Seventh Layer of Yuan Wu is at least the level of the sixth order Yuan Beast . ”

Through the age of the deceased, Han Yu judged the strength of the deceased and, based on the strength of the deceased, calculated the level of the monstrous beast, and his sight was no less than that of an average adult.


At this point, there was a blast of air, and Han Yu didn’t even want to roll on the ground, only to see a giant running from where he was now, hitting a huge hole in the ground.

Han Yu stood up with a tent and looked at himself suspiciously.

In front of Han Yu, there was a monster that was as strong as a baby elephant, but with the appearance of a leopard. Between the white hair, there was a yellow pattern. The pattern was like a copper coin, looking at a copper bell with big eyes full of fierce light.

“Sixth level Yuan beast, spend leopard!”

Ordinary people, even with the seventh level of Yuan Wu cultivation base, will have weak legs when they meet a sixth order Yuan beast, and it is also known for its speed. And Han Yu, on the other hand, her eyes will shine, as if she saw a baby.

The Money Leopard seemed to feel the difference between this human being and felt insulted. With a roar, it ran towards Han Yu at a faster speed.

“If you met me today, you are unlucky!”

“Fist in the shape of a tiger!”

Han Yu did not avoid him. Instead, he hit the head of the money-carrying leopard with a tiger’s roar in his fist. A dragon song came from the Dantian. The dragon spat out black energy and blessed Han Yu’s vitality, making Han Yu’s fist even more powerful.

If outsiders are present, they will definitely scold the lunatic Han Yu. The leopard that pays money is already infinitely powerful, but now with the help of the power of attack, it is enough to kill a Yuanwu Qizhong person alive.

A humanized look of contempt shone in the eyes of Hua Qian Leopard. In his eyes, Han Yu’s behavior undoubtedly sought death.


Han Yu struck the money leopard’s forehead, and the money leopard screamed and fell to the ground. Its head was already split. Han Yu put his fists away and the vitality in his fists quietly withdrew, revealing a slight touch on his face.

After Han Yu pulled out the core of the money leopard beast, in a cave, he found the elixir protected by the money leopard, which was actually a second grade elixir. Han Yu was sitting cross-legged in the cave, and it only took him two minutes to refine the second-degree elixir. The cyclone in the pubic area has grown a lot.

“As long as I have enough elixir, my strength will improve by leaps and bounds! A look of desire shone in Han Yu’s eyes.


“Han Qing, this stinking woman, I think is a blessing for me. She didn’t dare to appreciate it. It’s really annoying for me!” A young man with a dull complexion, his face almost dripping with a somber look, there is one on his left cheek. The bright red palm prints are striking.

“Master, I have a plan to show that stinking lady!” A cruel color shone in the eyes of the panda-eyed young man.

“What strategy? Come on!”

The panda eyes whispered in the ears of the young rose, and the face of the young rose gradually blossomed with a fierce color.

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