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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 6: Select martial arts

Chapter 6: Select martial arts

“Why is your hand okay?” Han Feng’s eyes opened. Just now, Han Yu hurt his calf with his right hand. Han Yu’s right hand should be missing!

Han Yu scoffed, Han Feng’s blow could destroy many people’s arms. However, the black qi exhaled by the black dragon not only improved Han Yu’s striking power, but also resisted most of Han Feng’s power, so his arm was not injured.

Han Yu did not give Han Feng a chance to breathe and rushed to him.

Han Feng tried to stand up with a tent, but his left foot hurt so much that he fell directly. Han Yu was kicking his left rib, and Han Feng’s body turned and hit the ground, his waist was broken.

The spectators had already seen, Han Yu hit Han Feng and this image was too shocking.

Han Yu abused Han Feng for another three or four minutes before Han Yu lifted his foot as if kicking a ball, kicking Han Feng out of the ring. Now Han Feng is completely injured and cannot stand up. Not only did he not succeed in challenging Han Yu, but he did not have the energy to challenge the others, and he lost the qualification to qualify for the ranking. It can be said that stealing a chicken is not a counterattack.

“Okay, I deserve to be the son of the Korean War!” The Korean War was so excited that it couldn’t help but praise Han Yu in front of the entire clan.

Han Qingyun’s face was so dark that it was almost dripping with water. So far, it has been impossible to prevent Han Yu from being promoted. But Han Qingyun was not too worried. Ten days later, not only will these ten people participate in the qualifying competition, but also the disciples who went to the Liuyun school to learn art will return. These people are the ultimate power of the younger generation of the Han family.

Han Yu wants to take first place in the qualifying competition, which is harder than reaching for heaven.

In the study of the Korean War, there are now only his father and son, and the Korean War laughed.

After a while, Han Zhan asked, “Xiaoyu, when did you cultivate your vitality? You didn’t even hide it from me!”

Although the Korean War said it, but he didn’t want to blame, his eyes were full of love.

Han Yu did not hide it and said it. When asked if the Korean War knew who “Miss Mystery” was, the Korean War decided to remain silent. He couldn’t help but look at the portrait hanging behind the seat, revealing a deep sense of love and caring.

In this portrait is painted a woman dressed in white, incomparable and independent, like a fairy who doesn’t eat fireworks, but the superficial smile is endless tenderness. The eyebrows are like willow leaves, the eyes like water and the cinnabar between the eyebrows adds a little extravagance.

This person is Han Yu’s mother, but Han Yu has never seen her.

“Han Yu asked this question countless times, but Han Zhan was vague and did not respond directly on all occasions.

Han Zhan sighed secretly and waved his hand: “Xiaoyu, go back and practice hard, don’t disappoint your mother!

Many people say that Han Yu’s mother is dead, but Han Yu always feels that it is not so simple. From the heart, he does not want his mother to die.

After returning home, Han Yu did not rush to rest, but began to hit his boxing over and over again. Shenlong exhaled the blessing of the black air, which surprised him and made him happy, and he wanted to check if the black air was harmful to him.

After fighting for half an hour, Han Yu discovered that the black air was not harmful to him, and Han Yu felt relieved.

“A little blessing of black energy will increase my fighting power by more than 10%. If it’s more black energy, wouldn’t it be more powerful?

Han Yu tried to use more black qi, but unfortunately, the dragon spat out the black qi and Han Yu could not control it by himself.

When the genie arrived the next morning, Han Yu went directly to the martial arts pavilion. Now it is the fifth level of Yuan Wu’s cultivation base and he can practice martial arts.

There are three floors in the martial arts pavilion, the first and second floors are for stacking martial arts, and the third is for practicing martial arts.

As one of the three main families in Mangcheng, the Han family has a strong staff. There are hundreds of people in the immediate family alone. There are more than 300 people in addition to the side and family branches. At the moment, there are people from the Martial Arts Pavilion.

When everyone saw Han Yu enter, everyone walked away, and now no one dared to laugh at him like garbage.

Han Yu went directly to the second floor, because the second floor was full of first-rate martial arts, and now he couldn’t look at it anymore.

The highest martial skill of the Han family is a third order martial skill, called “Thousand Strikes of Thunder”, which is a set of control techniques. However, because of the high requirements for practitioners, and it is still an incomplete martial skill, no one has cultivated it for hundreds of years. After this set of palm techniques, the Longhuquan of second order martial arts was followed.

Han Yu found the Book of Tricks of Lei Thousand Strike that had been piled up with dust in the corner, then took a copy of the Dragon Tiger Fist and went downstairs.

The deacon in charge of the register was immediately astonished when he saw the two martial arts selected by Han Yu, and persuaded him: “Master Yu, if you want to practice martial arts, you can try the first order martial arts. He cannot practice these two martial arts”.

Han Yu asked: “Why can’t I practice?”

The deacon said: “Although Dragon Tiger Boxing is only a second order martial art, but it has not reached the seventh level of Yuan Wu, it is basically difficult to cultivate successfully; let alone the third order Thunder Thousand Strike martial arts, even the patriarch has not yet practiced successfully. So, you know why you cannot cultivate yourself?

Han Yu did not change his face: “I want these two books!”

The deacon choked and said impatiently, “All right, then these two books. But I must remind you that these two martial arts are known to be dominant. If the kingdom is not enough, you will be forced to practice and most likely suffer a violent reaction”. The lighter is seriously injured, but the most serious “.

Han Yu did not say a word, nor did the deacon say anything else, and he let Han Yu take it after he registered.

After Han Yu left the martial arts pavilion, after preparing dry food for three days, he left Han’s house and went to Qilin Mountain.

Qilin Mountain is very famous in the surrounding area. There are many elixirs in the mountain, and many farmers will go there to look for treasures, including those of the Han family. There are many monsters in the mountain, and wherever there is an elixir, there will be monsters guarding it. If you want to obtain the elixir, you will inevitably begin a bloody battle with monsters, which can be described as full of endless dangers.

However, this has also become a good place for young children from the three main families of Mangcheng to practice.

Han Yu can be considered a regular customer of Qilin Mountain, and walks in the forest with ease. After climbing the mountain for more than an hour, he found three first-grade elixirs.

The guardian of these three first-degree elixirs is a Level 4 Yuanwu Saber-tooth beast, whose realm is equivalent to that of a practitioner of Yuanwu’s Fourth Layer, because the Saber-tooth wolf is extremely fast, with thick skin and strong defense strength, and its teeth are as sharp as Knife, Yuanwu Five Layers cultivators usually have to retreat when they find it. But Han Yu killed him with one punch.

Han Yu packed three first-degree elixirs in the medicine basket and began dissecting the saber-toothed wolf.

Monstrous beasts, like humans, can also be cultivated. The levels from low to high are Yuan beasts, deep beasts, spiritual beasts, soul beasts, etc. The kingdom corresponds to the human cultivator one by one, and the primordial beast is equivalent to the cultivator in the Yuanwu kingdom. The Yuanwu kingdom is divided into nine levels, one by one corresponding to the nine layers of Yuanwu of the cultivator.

The humans form a cyclone in the Dantian, and the monsters form the core of the monsters in the Dantian, which is a treasure. The monstrous core of this saber-toothed wolf is worth three hundred taels of silver in the market. The ten taels of silver of an ordinary person are enough to live on for a year, and three hundred taels of silver are considered a great fortune, and it is naturally impossible for Han Yu to discard them.

At that time, there was an ironic voice: “Tsk fang, it’s really amazing, a person can kill a level 4 Yuan beast. Even though you’ve grown up like a snail in the last few years, you’ve also practiced a good one, bone!

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