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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 5: Shenlong cheer

Chapter 5: Shenlong cheer

The second round of the competition ended early, and the top ten have been temporarily established. The looks of the other nine people looking at Han Yu were quite complicated. Finally, Han Shuang smiled at Han Yu and congratulated Han Yu.

Next, there is the challenge. If someone thinks he can beat the person in the ring, he can challenge him, and if he wins, he can replace that person.

Everyone thought that Han Yu would have many people to challenge Han Yu, but for more than ten minutes after the start of the challenge, no one challenged Han Yu.

Three arenas were challenged and two of them ended in failure. But the surprising thing is that Han Feng, who was enough to qualify among the first five of the family, was defeated by a member of the fifth layer of Yuan Wu.

After the defeat, Han Feng immediately ran to ring number 7, pointed to Han Yu and said, “I want to challenge you!

After everyone was surprised, everyone reacted.

“I said, how could the Han Feng of Yuan Wu Qizhong be easily defeated? It turns out I wanted to take this opportunity to challenge Han Yu!”

“Someone does not want Han Yu to advance!”

Han Zhan looked at Han Qingyun and said angrily, “It is despicable and shameless to play a villain!

With Han Yu’s strength, no one in the audience can compare. Only a few people on the stage have the power to suppress Han Yu. It is just that people on stage cannot learn from each other, Han Qingyun actually devised a strategy that makes people lose first, then challenge, and it is not poisonous.

Han Qingyun scoffed: “That’s Han Feng’s choice. If Han Yu can beat Han Feng, why bother?”

Han Zhan took a deep breath and suppressed his inner anger.

Han Feng jumped up and landed softly on Ring No. 7. The unusually elegant body style immediately caused countless screams. Everyone’s eyes were projected, and this would be the most exciting competition of the entire campaign.

Han Yu frowned slightly. Han Feng is the master of Yuan Wu’s Seventh Layer, two levels higher than him. It’s really not easy to win. However, you must not lose.

“Now surrender, you still have a chance, otherwise I’ll start, you won’t even have a chance to surrender”. Han Feng held his back and didn’t even look at Han Yu.

“You have the ability to speak with your fist,” Han Yu replied coolly.

The corner of Han Feng’s mouth was slightly tilted, revealing a trace of contempt, and he said nothing.

“Although Han Feng’s actions are a little unorthodox, but if Han Yu cannot even pass the level of Han Feng, the clan association will not be able to get the first place, the final result will be the same!”

“It is rare that Han Yu cultivates vitality. With his talent, he should be able to catch up quickly with others. It’s a pity that he’ll be expelled from the family before he grows up. I wonder if it’s the loss of our Han family. ”

“Your talent? I laughed my head off. It took me three years to go from Triple Yuanwu to Fifth Yuanwu. This is the talent of waste!”


Han Feng suddenly started his hand. It was so fast that many people did not see what was happening, so he approached Han Yu.

Han Yu’s pupils shrank and decided to preemptively, moving his fists in turn, he struck nine blows in the blink of an eye. Every time Han Yu strikes a punch, the dragon in the Dantian roars, which invisibly adds a little momentum to Han Yu, but outsiders cannot hear it.

“Huaquan embroidered legs!”

Han Feng’s face was disdainful, he did not avoid it and confronted Han Yu with nine blows.

“Boom boom...”

Facing him, they both backed up and evenly matched.

“It’s me now!”

Han Feng jumped up and kicked three kicks one after the other. Before landing, he turned and cut with one leg. The impact caused Han Yu to take more than ten steps backwards.

After Han Feng landed, he immediately ran to Han Yu, and his shot was a palm escape. The strong wind sounds like a beast’s whistle, impacting some people’s eardrums for a while.

Han Feng is ten times better than Han Jian at using escape palms.

Han Yu did not hold it tightly and dodged it, but Han Feng palm after palm, and soon suppressed Han Yu in a very small space.

“Han Yu is proud to be able to fight Han Feng for so long even if he loses!

“How I feel that Han Feng has not used all his strength yet, like playing with Han Yu!”


Han Feng’s palm turned into countless shadows. Although it was a palm, it changed a lot, blocking Han Yu’s many vital points.

Han Yu squinted and suddenly took a half-step to the left, then used a right hook to hit Han Feng’s armpit. Forcing Han Feng to dodge and evade, his palms were left halfway.

“Han Yu really saw the flaws in Han Feng’s palm technique, his eyesight is so cruel,” sighed a middle-aged man.

After breaking Han Feng’s hand, Han Yu sought victory and performed a combination of violent wind sweeping leaves and volleying kicks again, forcing Han Feng to retreat.

Suddenly, he even prevailed.

Everyone opened their eyes wide, afraid to blink. Many people think that Han Yu is just a trick in the hands of Han Feng, but they didn’t expect to stick with him until now.

Han Yu forced Han Feng to the edge of the ring and finally burst.

“I don’t use all my strength, do you think you can really hold me back?”

Han Feng’s vitality boiled over, his body trembled and his breath suddenly rose to a new level.

“Tiger-shaped fist!”

Han Feng shouted, his body as if a tiger were throwing itself, and then it came out with a punch.

Tiger Boxing is the first form of second order dragon tiger boxing in the Han family, and it is the most powerful martial art in the Han family. Only masters above the Seventh Layer of Yuanwu can practice.

Although the tiger-shaped fist made by Han Feng is not yet successful, its power is unimaginable. At the moment of the shot, the roar of a tiger was heard.

Han Yu wanted to evade, but discovered that Han Feng’s blows were too fast to give him a chance. He clenched his teeth, mobilized all the vitality of his body and threw a punch.

“Roaring,” Shenlong roared, though outsiders could not hear him, but his impulse completely suppressed the roar of the tiger-shaped fist. Exhaling black energy and blessing Han Yu’s vitality greatly increased Han Yu’s fighting power.


Both their fists crashed and Han Yu’s body suddenly flew out like a sandbag and hit the ring. This time, Han Yu was at an absolute disadvantage.

In the Korean War in the stands, his fists were clenched and the tension was extreme. Han Qingyun scoffed. After this punch, Han Yu’s arm is probably useless now. Defeat is only a matter of time.

Han Feng withdrew his movements and drops of sweat burst on his forehead. With his strength, it was extremely difficult to make tiger-shaped fists, and one movement almost exhausted all his vitality.

After taking a deep breath, he walked towards Han Yu.

“You just stepped on Han Kun’s mouth, now I will give it back to you!”

Han Feng approached and stomped on Han Yu’s mouth, but took a step in the air. At the same time, a sharp, penetrating sound sound was heard, and Han Yu’s fist hit her calf. Suddenly, Han Feng’s calf was sore with broken bones and his body crashed to the ground.

Han Yu stood up with a tent and kicked Han Feng’s abdomen. Han Feng quickly extended his hands to resist, was kicked and slid seven or eight meters away.

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